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Submission + - What Questions Should We Ask RIAA "Expert"

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: "In UMG v. Lindor, the RIAA has submitted an "expert" report (pdf) and 26-page curriculum vitae (pdf), prepared by Dr. Doug Jacobson of Iowa State University who is the RIAA's expert witness in all of its cases against consumers, relating to alleged copyright infringement by means of a shared files folder on Kazaa, and (b) supposed analysis of the hard drive of a computer in Ms. Lindor's apartment. The RIAA's "experts" have been shut down in the Netherlands and Canada, having been shown by Prof. Sips and Dr. Pouwelse of Delft University's Parallel and Distributed Systems research group (pdf) to have failed to do their homework, but are still operating in the USA. The materials were submitted in connection with a motion to compel Ms. Lindor's son, who lives 4 miles away from her, to turn over his computer and music listening devices to the RIAA. Both Ms. Lindor's attorney (pdf) and Ms. Lindor's son's attorney (pdf) have objected to the introduction of these materials, but Dr. Jacobson's document production and deposition are scheduled for January and February, and we would love to get the tech community's ideas for questions to ask, and in general your reactions, thoughts, opinions, information, and any other input you can share with us. (In case you haven't guessed, we are the attorneys for Ms. Lindor.)"

Submission + - Should we remove all MS ads here?

Invert314 writes: Is it time for Slashdot to ban all Microsoft ads for Ballmer's evil business ethics? Slashdot two weeks ago firmly established a consensus counter to Microsoft's behaviour. Each member of the Slashdot community asserted a unique swath of reasons to explain our love for FOSS and our hate for Microsoft. So now let's act accordingly. Perhaps Slashdot can consider permanently removing all Microsoft Office/Windows/Exchange Server ads on the grounds that we simply do not like the way Ballmer manages his company and treats competitors unfairly.

We can lead by example for other news networks to follow. Perhaps CNet, TheInquirer, OSNews and TomsHardware can also consider excluding propaganda from a corporation which has engaged itself in aggressive and perhaps secretive unjust anti-trust campaigns over the years.

Senior management at Microsoft should be extremely worried that educated Computer Science Majors and Engineers share the same sentiments as the Slashdot community.

Submission + - The trouble is with the music industry, not iTunes

dugn writes: " r/2006-12-22-apple-itunes_x.htm USA Today is running a story that indicates what we've known all along: It's not iTunes that's the problem with digital music, its the DRM stupid. One of the many good quotes from the article, "People want their music without restrictions, and too many legal downloads, like those from iTunes, come with restrictions," as well as "Some subscription services will delete the music from your player when you cancel your subscription.You'd almost be better off buying an LP.""

Journal Journal: Why your early adulthood music likely stays with you.

Unfortunately for my particular generation there may be a reason why songs like "Freebird" & "Fly Like An Eagle" stay with us.
Now if only someone can create a way to counter-act this phenomenon so one may actually enjoy hearing them again!

Link to Research.

Link to Graph.


Submission + - iTunes down ?

bjverzal writes: I got an iPod for Christmas. I tried to download some tunes and was prompted by "unable to download" error messages. Said I should check my network connection. Well, CNN, Yahoo and a host of other sites still worked fine. I tried probably 20 times and it failed. Finally I gave up when it said the iTunes store was unvailable. After returning from a family gathering, I tried again. It worked (albeit slowly). I would have thought that Apple would have sufficient CPU/Network for the Christmas season. Anyone else see this behaviour ?

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