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Comment Re:People need to remember that (Score 1) 469

it took 100% of my CPU time and the little the higher level OS took was too much. Likewise transferring them was really not feasible.

Fun times to be sure, I remember in '96 getting my hands on Telos's AudioActive software which ripped and encoded from a GUI. It was so streamlined that after seeing how productive it was, I ran out and got a brand-new P1 with 16 megs of RAM just to encode my library for months. Yeah it took a long time but no one else I knew even bothered with audio. Prior to that you were really limited doing WAVE files but on 4Gb drives what was the point? I would then archive all the files from the tiny 4Gb drive onto ZIP disks and thought that was cool.

I'll never forget going to get a new Maxtor 7200 RPM 20Gb hard-drive for over $300.00. Which naturally was filled up and ZIP drives were garbage. LaCie had a SCSI CD writer for like 500.00 and I blew through two of those in like 6 months. I stated running a website that had recorded shortwave radio shows encoded as mp3's with which I had an ISDN line(s) to support the upload (128kb up/down)... I look back and think about all the ca$h I spent just to be on the cutting edge, woulda made a great retirement account. I still have my early CD's from that period.


Windows Admins Need To Prepare For GUI-Less Server 780

msmoriarty writes "We knew Windows Server 8 was going to be a departure for Microsoft, including an 'optional' GUI, but in a blog post made earlier this week, the Windows Server team said that working without the GUI will be the 'recommended' method, and is telling developers not to assume a GUI will be present. According to Windows consultant and author Don Jones, this is a big hint to Windows admins that they better get used to not having a GUI in future releases. From the article: 'I'm well aware that many Windows admins out there aren't looking forward to a GUI-less server operating system from Microsoft. ... I'm sure Microsoft has, too.They're proceeding anyway. We have two choices: adapt or die.'"

Video Geek Tool: Slashdot Video of Award Winning 3D Printer From CES 137

The Makerbot Replicator is a personal 3D printer, which can create three-dimensional objects through connecting and layering successive cross sections of material. The new version is bigger, better, and easier to set up than earlier MakerBots. In this video Tim made at CES, MakerBot CEO Bre Pettis shows us how wonderful a device it is, and tells us why every child (and most adults) should have a MakerBot.

Who Goes To CES? 78

itwbennett writes "The Consumer Electronics Association stopped letting actual consumers attend the gadget extravaganza years ago, but even so, plenty of attendees can't exactly be described 'industry affiliates'. IDG News Service turned up a motorcycle stuntman, a restorer of 8-track tapes, and a lot of folks who were there just for fun."

Comment Inline Interactivity? DEAD,DEAD,DEAD (Score 1) 839

How lame was all that interactivity where viewers would chat about the show in real-time?
What a crappy experience that was.
It's not surprising that it went away after a few choice trials (I seem to remember it was a geeky show on FOX). Now it seems some shows (Dexter?) are using their website or dedicated app to do those things now. Think of it as opting-in for the interactivity, those who want that can still have it.
My point is why step on the product with crap that takes away from from all that passivity...

Comment Support is uncertain? (Score 1) 86

it's uncertain how much support and development HP will dedicate to webOS in the future.

Who says they're even supporting them now?
The web browser is seriously broken and I don't expect them to fix it.
Last I looked there aren't any viable replacements either.
You can't save a login and visited links do not work.
When you hit the back-button instead of going back to your place from memory, it renavigates back to the server.

Hey, for 149.00 that was what it was worth.

Comment Re:A new name divorced from their core? (Score 1) 481

Well they must've fixed it then because what was funny were all the reviews how the stream was broken. Just a sample:

08/16/11 This movie won't even load, when it comes up - it's already 5 mins in and just stalls out. I have 5mps service and never have connectivity speed issues, so something is definitely wrong with this file. 4 out of 11 members found this review helpful

Comment Re:Way to make the problem worse (Score 2) 481

I like having a one-stop place to look for all the rarer discs

Indeed, that is my feeling as well. They do have a lot of DVD's available which will never be on streaming AFAICT.
To get around that I have DirectTV with a bunch of DVR's and use their DirecTV2PC software to stream to any computer in the house.
If you spend like 20 minutes a week looking for things to watch/record it works well and I don't have to even deal with netflix's streaming.

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