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Comment Re:When? (Score 1) 173

Like that will stop anyone from "going there" to collect their idiotic pokemon. They'll just turn on mock locations and travel around the world while sitting on the sofa. (people are *ALREADY* doing that, btw.)

Plus, this is dumb way to select targets. You're going to be bombing lots of empty buildings, warehouses, entire ghost cities, etc.

Comment Re:Whut? (Score 1) 365

2) Lots of handbrakes are electronic nowadays.

ABSOLUTELY. 100%. INCORRECT. The park brake / e-brake is a physically cabled, manual auxiliary brake mechanism -- sometimes a completely independent brake. In every civilized part of the world, it's a safety device that MUST be 100% operable with zero power. An electronic mechanism cannot be engaged or disengaged without power. Yes, the gear box, including "park", are almost always electronic these days, but the "handbrake" is not.

Comment Re: Meh... (Score 1) 365

Most modern cars have electronic shifters, so it won't engage park while moving. Older cars had a centripetal mechanism that wouldn't engage the pawl while the shaft is spinning. (think old roll-up window shades.) Much older (70's and earlier) had no safeties at all; throwing it in park would, indeed, damage things.

Comment Re:Meh... (Score 1) 365

Actually, it IS also an emergency brake. It's an independent braking system (physical cables) that will continue to work when the normal hydraulic system fails. On some cars, it's also a completely independent brake drum. It's much less precise than the main brakes, so they won't apply the same stopping force, but they will generally slow the car to a stop, as well as hold the car at rest. (both are tested in the NC safety inspection procedures.)

Comment Re:Meh... (Score 1) 365

Except when the pawl and gear wear out and no longer completely latch. (I have a Ford bus (converted van) like that -- you have make damn sure the thing has engaged and locked before getting out of it.) Or when the pawl or gear teeth literally shear off; I've seen that happen many times, usually due to a parked car getting hit.

Comment Re:This seems dangerous (Score 1) 482

The ON SITE EMTs will deal with it. If a bear rampages through the crowd, THE STAFF will call whomever is needed. YOU don't need to be in constant 24/7 contact with Facebook, texts, and email. You don't burst into flames every time you pass into an area with no signal.

Why do people think the world will end if they don't have a cell phone bonding to their hand? We've managed to (over) populate the world without those things. I think you'll be ok in a place surrounded by a lot of other people.

Comment Re: So no more crappy cell phone videos (Score 1) 482

Good luck with that. I strongly suggest you actually read all that shit behind the checkbox signifying you've read it (but never do.) You will lose instantly in court (assuming any court will even bother with your BS) and you'll be out the tickets and 100x their cost in lawyers fees.

Comment Re:SMS was never true 2-factor (Score 1) 86

Actually, the pathetic thing is just how easy it is to do this. Verizon store minions don't do jack to verify anything. When I replaced my lost SIM (lost the whole tablet), it took all of 11s, "I lost the tablet that had the SIM in it. Here's the phone number." No name asked for, no ID asked for, NOTHING AT ALL. Drone walks off to get a new SIM.

Comment Parenting 101 (Score 1) 204

One of the responsibilities of parents is to teach your kids social graces

News flash. That's STILL your f'ing job. If your kids are being asshats, it's your job to smack the little tards. If your kids are assholes, it's because you taught them to be that way, either directly or by inaction.

Echo is not your babysitter. Echo is not your child rearing robot.

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