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Comment Re:Boo Hoo (Score 1) 271

Lots of companies do that. Especially when it's IT workers, as the bean counters and pencil pushers have literally zero understand of what IT does. Everything "just works", and they have no clue how or why. And they don't care; when shit breaks because there's no long anyone there to keep it running, obviously the person they fired is to blame.

Comment Re:need more details (Score 1) 271

On my personal equipment? Outside the company? AFTER I no longer work there? ABSOLUTELY NOT

Once I'm no longer employed there, I should not have any of my former employers "important data." My passwords are my passwords; I will happily change them to whatever you want before I leave, or your admins can use their admin powers to reset them. (I'm not stupid enough to use my employee account for system/role processes. My personal account does NOT run the backups, builds, etc.) If you no longer have any other admins, well, that's a problem of your own making. (probably. unless you have a Terry Childs around)

Comment Re:From the point of view of a utilities company (Score 1) 163

You'd be amazed how much can go wrong there.

Customer self-reporting?!? No. Just no. The only amazing part is the stupidity of the entire idea. The only way to have a trustable number is to read it yourself. (even then, you're relying on humans to get it right, and they won't)

lower our prices to customers

HAH. No. That's not how it works. Any savings in operational costs will go in some executive's pocket.

Comment Re:What The Fuck?? (Score 1) 163

Both claims are totally bullshit. All you can tell is the total household power usage. So you can tell when loads change, but not what caused them. As for what's on my TV??? that's less than a watt difference full white vs. full black. That's undetectable noise on the scale of the entire house. A 300W load just came on. Is that a lamp, the microwave, the TV, or did I just fire up Fallout 4?

NOTHING IN YOUR FUCKING HOUSE TALKS TO THE POWER GRID. Any "load control" modules, if you have any, aren't "your devices". And they don't tell you anything about what they disconnect, beyond possibly generic "water heater" and "HVAC".

Comment Re:Exactly (Score 1) 163

At those power levels, you aren't talking about "relays", but "contactors". Look in any electric vehicle to find several. (I have a box of them out of chevy volt battery packs. ~400v/350A about the size of an apple. it takes a few watts to keep the contacts closed.)

In an electrical meter, however, there will simply be "knife switch" that requires no power to stay in either closed or open position. A motorized actuator moves it between states in almost the same manner as you pulling the handle on a fuse box. (not that residential installations have those) MOSFETs (IGBTs) are about the same cost, but they need continuous power and generate lots of heat at the 200A rating of most residential installations, plus they fail rather easily. (esp. when connected to the grid 24/7)

Comment Re:Automatic cut-off is a key feature, for some (Score 1) 163

Actually, it's single digit dollars... a motor, gear, and relay (times 100,000) -- the mechanical equivalent of pulling the breaker handle. Even commercially available (single count) marine grade DC disconnects are less than $40. (DC is harder to disconnect than AC)

Comment Re:It might be an issue in the future (Score 1) 304

Have you actually timed yourself? The whole process -- open the port, uncoil the cable, plug in, and the reverse when leaving -- takes 1-2min. Every. Time. You. Park. If you're doing that everywhere you go, that adds up quickly. Sure, it doesn't seem like much when you're doing it, but that ~90s 8-10-12 times a day, every day, is a great deal of time. Of course, your "fuel" is free, so there is that.

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