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Comment Vat stuff (Score 1) 162

Molly and Armitage ate in silence, while Case sawed shakily at his steak, reducing it to uneaten bite-sized fragments, which he pushed around in the rich sauce, finally abandoning the whole thing. `Jesus,' Molly said, her own plate empty, `gimme that. You know what this costs?' She took his plate. `They gotta raise a whole animal for years and then they kill it. This isn't vat stuff.' She forked a mouthful up and chewed.

Comment HA! (Score 1, Funny) 170

How ironic - everyone was so worried about anthropogenic climate change, and then the Earth's magnetic field disappeared for three years before reappearing with the poles swapped, and killed everyone in the process...a shame we never started Lunar or Martian colonies....

Comment Training that would help this old programmer..... (Score 2) 435

I'm an old programmer (first computer I ever wrote programs on used punched card decks), and ideally the best training for me would actually be training for the hordes of younger programmers who have no real interest in programming except as a paycheck, and who don't have any real deep understanding of how computers work - and who also write very bad code. There was a time, a golden age in computing, where almost all the programmers were college trained engineers, scientists and mathematicians who were really interested in working with computers, and brought all sorts of deep skills to the table. Today, not so much...

Comment Re:Oh, Darn (Score 1) 139

I like upsetting them too. One of them got so upset that he threatened that he was going to have Al Quaida come to my house and cut my head off with a sword. I just laughed and told him I live in Texas, and that if he was crazy enough to send someone armed with a knife to a gun fight, I was ready for them...

Comment Dealing with cops (Score 1) 204

OK, I think we've all seen the advice you should never talk to cops. Additionally, no matter what they tell you, never ever sing ANYTHING without your lawyer's advice. Signing the inventory sheet was an excellent admission of ownership of the illegally hacked cards. If the guy hadn't signed that, the cops would have had a tougher time proving who they belonged to.

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