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Comment Re:No surprise... (Score 0, Flamebait) 223

Every company does this

If by 'everybody' you mean sociopathic and evil corporations then yes you are correct. Corporations should be abolished. Their behavior is indistinguishable from the worst sorts of human beings.

Price gouging is not necessary and what's to stop consumers from voting for laws that make it illegal? After all if there are no rules then why should the public not follow the same logic that the corporations do and follow their own self-interest? If their is no fairness and only self-interest and it is every man for himself then fuck the corporations. Am i right?

If they have shown that they cannot and will not behave in an honorable manner then why shouldn't society force them to do so? If they themselves do not believe in any sort of principle other than self-interest they certainly cannot complain about it when the rest of us do the same. How about a law making any profit margin greater than 5% illegal and punishable by prison time?

Comment wtf does it mean to turn off admin rights (Score 1) 236

Is there like a switch? An "Admin Rights" checkbox somewhere? Maybe not a bad idea but I haven't seen anything like that. Did I just miss it? I'm still using Windows 7 so maybe this switch is a new feature in Windows 10. If the author meant that a user should run as Standard (unprivileged) User and not as an Administrator then maybe he should have said that. It is not as simple as just turning something on or off. If you are running as an Administrator you would probably want to actually create a new standard user account and start using that and that may require reinstalling some of your applications.

I'm guessing the guy who wrote that article doesn't use Windows and so does not realize that it just doesn't work that way. One of the greatest advantages of Windows 7 over XP was the relative ease of running as non-admin and a lot of software had to be changed to allow for the possibility that a user might be running it without full admin rights. I'm sure there is still some older software (games for instance) that require full admin privileges to run, but you can just switch to an admin account to run those.

Unfortunately for me the VPN that I use has software that appears to run only from a full admin account. "Run As Admin" doesn't even work with it. So there is still some (bad) software out there that expects full admin rights unfortunately.

I guess it shouldn't need to be pointed out that Microsoft is one of the worst software companies out there and pretty much everything they do is wrong/stupid. Their attempt at getting Windows to work hassle free as a standard user was not a complete success. That people running as Admin is still a problem just highlights this.

Comment Re:No you dont (Score 1) 180

Where does the constitution specifically call out a right to breathe or to eat? The constitution is not a list of human rights. It's a list of things the government is allowed to do. If it isn't in the constitution it is the government and not the citizen that is prevented from acting.

In this case a police officer is the government. If the constitution does not specifically allow the police to confiscate cameras and harass citizens using them then they are not allowed to do so. But that is just theory. In practice they will often just beat you bloody, toss you in jail, and throw some false charges at you (cover charges). Or if you get particularly unlucky and the cop is having a bad day he might just shoot you or choke you to death or both.

American police are usually themselves dangerous criminals and fucking with them in any way is indistinguishable from doing the same to an armed and pissed off gang member except that the gang member knows he could end up going to jail if he kills you. The cop knows he will at worst get a short paid vacation. The police are basically a gang themselves but one that is immune to all prosecution.

Comment Re:Not that expensive (Score 1) 247

Yes I am sure they considered the expensive babysitter in their pricing discussions. It's people like you these guys were thinking of. I'm half surprised they didn't price it at $100. Or $500. I'll continue with just downloading the movie for free when available until I make my first billion and those rich studio execs can go fuck themselves.

Comment Re:Sterile and shattered. (Score 1) 273

Orion was actually designed to take off from the ground, so no, you don't need to build it in space unless you're worried about radioactive fallout, which could potentially kill a handful of people across the globe by ever so slightly increasing cancer rates.

Well why shouldn't we be worried about nuclear fallout? It is simply never going to happen and not just because of the nuclear test ban treaty. NASA can barely manage to launch RTGs into space without the public freaking out about it. It will be hard enough to get support for the billions or even trillions of dollars necessary for a pulsed nuke starship that launches outside the atmosphere.

Freeman Dyson was doing small scale engineering/testing for an interplanetary mission not an interstellar one. The size and mass of the craft would have to be scaled up significantly and even if it could be launched from the ground I don't think that would be a very efficient way to do it and would require a lot more nuclear bombs detonating in the atmosphere. We should be thinking in terms of permanent lunar and Lagrange point stations anyway.

Comment Re:What makes this special? (Score 1) 273

You did not even click on my links, did you? Damn Millennials. Why are you so lazy? You have a great Oracle that our generation never had. We had to go to a fucking library or call a university professor or something and all you have to do is type a keyword and hit enter but you cannot be bothered. Incidentally in this post you have made even more easily checkable errors. Slashdot has really gone to shit.

Comment 100% Microsoft (Score 1) 45

Fuck Microsoft. Fuck Skype. This is the sort of megacorp retardo-logic that is fucking over the world. We figured out how to make our app more data efficient, but our users don't care and don't want data efficiency. We cannot figure out a situation where it might be helpful because we are morons who only live in areas where LTE is ubiquitous and everyone has an LTE capable phone and everyone is so rich that they all have unlimited data plans. So lets release our more efficient app only for Indians and take precautions to be sure no one else in the entire world can use it instead of our slow, bloated data-hog. Got news for you guys. Most people in the world don't have or use LTE and are lucky if/when they have 3G. To be fair though most of those people don't seem to use Skype very much. Viber and Whatsapp and other more phone centric software seems to be more popular.

This sort of logic is what makes Windows 7+ bloat to 50 GB of hard drive space because Microsoft retards cannot even imagine a situation where someone is not using at least a 1 TB hard drive with a single partition to install Windows on and they hate hate hate having to consider the idea of efficiency in any way. I'm guessing that just bringing up the idea at Microsoft is enough to get you fired on the spot. Their view is that bandwidth is as infinite as hard drive space. No need to optimize or ever to consider the idea of efficiency.

Comment Re:Thrilling? (Score 1) 273

Finding that many Earth-sized rocky bodies orbiting a star just 39 lightyears away, with the possibility that some of them may be able to have liquid water on their surface doesn't excite you?

It seems that nearby rocky exoplanets are all over the place so no this doesn't get me all that excited except as more evidence that many or even most stars have them. Gliese 581 is half the distance and even our companion system Proxima Centauri probably has one or more of them.

This does not mean that it isn't worth sending them an RF or laser message though to see if we get a reply in 80 years because well you never know. Although there are certainly more compelling targets in a 40 ly radius.

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