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Comment Re:This explains the meteor mystery (Score 2) 132

I am one who hears meteors tear through the sky.

It only happens when I actually see them, not for the vast majority of them that go unseen. And happens in both relatively bright ambient lighting (on a porch, in town, with the lights on) or relative darkness (out in the country somewhere).

But I've never noticed an auditory response to other other visual stimuli.

Comment Re:This is how all mobile software should work (Score 1) 35

We already are.

Google Maps can already navigate offline using explicitly cached data, as can Waze with incidentally cached data. Google Now is happy to show me headlines while offline, and will load a story that I've selected as soon as connectivity returns. Most of the apps that I use don't require connectivity. There are even web browsers that work offline.

"Doing things offline" is not a new feature in portable computing. It's just a new feature in this particular app from Google.

Comment Re:Totally false (Score 1) 252

There is bias voltage available on the second ring of a TRRS connector, as it is necessary for the condenser microphone used for wired headsets.

It's not much in terms of voltage or current availability, but it's plenty for numerous companies to have manufactured credit card readers with active electronics that are powered entirely by it.

Comment Re:Misleading Article, Basically Lies (Score 1) 209

What are you going on about?

You can stream Mozart in the Jungle for as little as $1.99 per episode, no Prime membership needed. Similarly with Game of Thrones and Orange is the New Black, though those cost a little more.

It seems very expensive to me, but if that's what you want to do, you can do it.

Comment Re:By commenting, I'm part of the problem (Score 1) 123

vaguest lying marketing bastard sense

This item was regurgitated by a bot, as a matter of fact, and the fact that you suspected a lying marketurd means our work needs a bit of polish, so wait for RC 1.01 to hit alpha.

Not to worry, though it will still need input/posts from us carbon units long before we even think about 2-point-oh.

So, no, you're NOT part of the problem.


Comment KVM (Score 1) 166

It appears plain that Red Hat has spent plenty of money on virtualization with KVM and friends.

It is plain to me that KVM and friends work fine on every other distribution.

If my goal is a KVM host, why should I buy RHEL instead of just using it on some other distribution?

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