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Comment Put the Kardashians into space for less than $1B (Score 1) 205

It's an election year, and I guess people are voting with their wallets, or voting against the lack of choices or against bundling up/overcharging or going with Netflix or Redbox.

Those billions are going to be spent elsewhere, maybe less on this luxury, and there isn't any person going to be affected by my lack of sympathy. Corporations are out there to make money; I'm here still waiting for my 24x7 cindy crawford channel (apologies to Denis Leary)

Comment The perks of being a Russian dictator (Score 1) 271

Hello, my name is Vladimir Putin. You may have seen my face, usually on the evening news, but not to worry; most of what you hear is true. Especially from that Snowden. I was shocked when I found out that your government does a lot of --how you say it, "dirty work" or "dirty laundry"? -- without asking for any of our help in these matters; your government firmly believes they are experts in these matters. Personally I have this to say: In Soviet Russia, Snowden is welcome to stay and ski. And here in Soviet Russia we tell Clippy to take a fucking hike, back to Redmond on that Microsoft horse it rode in on. Would you believe I asked to be their spokesman? Can you hear me now?

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