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Comment Re:Relevant xkcd (Score 1) 190

Well, they did take customer surveys e.g. 'what else do you want on your smartphone?'

and there was a set of respondents that statedWhy does my I.E.D. get triggered by a cell phone that would have to be purchased separately? Don't they come in a bundle or all-rolled-into-one package?

Comment Re:Purism? (Score 1) 284

Neat. Expensive. Last-gen. Backordered until next year, next spring, or maybe-someday-we'll-built-some pre-order-only sleek tablet-convertible thing (depending on model).

Of the two models that actually will exist again, the smaller one has fewer USB ports and includes an Ethernet port, and the larger one has more ports (and no Ethernet).

Max RAM is 16GB and 32GB, respectively.

This is incongruous as all hell.

Is there an advantage to buying one of these over the cash I dumped on Black Friday at Nothing about them seems impressive, except for the high price and lack of availability.

Comment Re:Stay away from Skylake (Score 2) 284

Have new Skylake desktop, with persnickity Radeon RX 460 video card, with Ubuntu 16.04.

It is running drivers from both AMD and Intel's websites, and I'm using both the IGP and RX 460 to drive monitors. Works fine. I hotplug monitors with it, and they just work with the default Unity.

It was an unrepentant pain in the dick to actually download those drivers (since neither website is navigable using links or lynx): It is literally impossible to install AMD's drivers for this card on a new installation of Ubuntu without outside assistance. (I wound up using a thumb drive and another computer.)

But once the drivers were installed, I've had no problems. (OK, some problems: I get some video tearing on, but I don't find it distracting in that context. Youtube and other video sites work fine. Haven't done anything with local media and a real media player, but I expect it to be fine.)

Monitors sleep fine, everything runs cool and damn-near silent with no effort on my part -- power consumption must be low. Zero hangs, but it's only been a week of solid use. Who knows.

Anyhow, by all accounts I should have a ridiculously unstable, hard-to-configure system, and while the latter is true the former is not: Again, it's fine. I'm impressed by how well it works.

A laptop with Skylake's IGP should be exactly the same except perhaps for suspend/resume: After all, the functional difference (as software is concerned) between a laptop and a desktop, both with Skylake and IGP, is almost nil. This stuff is rather completely homogenized.

Comment Re:Stay away from Skylake (Score 2) 284

Go to their (any manufacturer's) website, look for laptops that are for business. And then look for the expensive lines to see what names they have in common.

For Dell, this is Latitude and Precision (and kinda XPS). For HP, it seems that Elitebook is the proper nomenclature.

HP's consumer notebooks are absolutely the worst I've ever had to fix. HP's good notebooks are fine.

My old, stripped-down Dell Precision has a magnesium bottom panel that comes off with one screw, and has been a joy to use: I wanted a budget computer with plenty of I/O for the work that I do, that was easy to work on, and I got it used for less than $200. (Runs Linux fine, of course, including bells and whistles. Slackware currently.)

A cheap consumerish Dell, though? I worked on one a couple of years ago that was unstable. Through troubleshooting, the next move was to simply re-seat the RAM.

The RAM was on the bottom of the motherboard as is commonly the case. But the chassis had no access panel there. The entire bloody thing had to be disassembled, and the motherboard removed, to re-seat the RAM. This did solve the problem, but holy fuck it was a PITA to fix this (amazingly common, anywhere) glitch.

Comment Nearly 1000 users? "NEARLY"?? (Score 1) 560

They could have left a voice mail message, at least I think I can get to my voice mail mailbox, before "thinning out" my blood to the brain.

What if the last three were enough to affect the results? I'm not saying that one like me could affect the outcome; I'm just sayin'

Well, I happen to think that studies like these involving recreational uses of substances are just as important as those demonstrating ill effects of habitual use.

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