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Journal Journal: Wrong, wrong, wrong

It is just frustrating. This was moderated interesting and it is factually just plain wrong. But I am meta moderating the moderator. I think getting real factual about the content would be unfair unless there were a "real factual" moderation. So I really can't do anything except not moderate it even though I want to click unfair.

Anyway, the stated and restated objective of the entrance to WWII, from beginning to end, was "unconditional surrender" by the most expeditious means. WWI was ended conditionally and many objected at the time, expecting a WWII as a result. When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and we landed in a war that took everything we had, that sort of nixed it.

It is really something to live to see the history of a generation that suffered rewritten by the political passions of a generation 3 times removed.

Re:History Book

by - on Tuesday December 06, @04:03PM (#14198432) Parent is compeltely right.

The US also wanted to speed up Japan's surrender before they were forced to surrender to the Russians.

The idea that 100,000's of American's were set to invade Japan were the entire japanese population was willing to fight to the death, luckly days before they were scheduled to land, we A bombed them and only then did Japan see the light and surrendered is pure wishful thinking.

Japan was defeated, was looking for reasons to surrender to the Americans rather then the russians, but they didn't want to unconditionally do so. For whatever reason, Truman decided to still use the A Bombs, probably because we had them.

The difference between not using the A bombs and using them isn't 100,000s of US army men, or 100,000's of japanese dieing in carpet bombing, its only a matter of days/weeks of time and the fright of the Japanese surrendering to the Russians.

Original Discussion: You're In Stasis 100 Years. What's the First Tech You Look Into?

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Journal Journal: Flagrancy

Flagrant, yes. Weekly supported argument, yes. But it is not a "Troll," an attempt to mess with the readers. The author is trying to say something. Maybe "Flamebait" for not putting more work into reasoning.

Re:The mouse click heard 'round the world?

by - on Wednesday December 14, @05:22PM (#14260677)

The current administration is extremely militant, party with cause, and party without cause. Their ideology is based on 'first strike' principles - on elimiting potential threads as they surface. It is only logical to assume that this ideology extends to all possible fronts.

This administration is also profoundly corrupt and incompetent. Since 9/11 it has squandered world sympathy, bungled the war on terrorism, created the kind of havoc in the Middle East that can only be beneficial to terrorists, and leaked national security secrets in order to settle petty political squabbles. I certainly hope you are wrong that this administration's tunnel-vision ideology and thoroughgoing incompetence extends to cyberspace too, but if the past few years are any guide, we might as well give up the cyberwar now.

Original Discussion: Cyber Attacks on US Linked to Chinese Military?

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Journal Journal: Hitler Invocation

This is not a troll. Yes he invokes hitler. But he does so accurately and in a justified comparison. It may be insulting. He may be wrong. But he is making a documented and honest attempt to state his point of view.

Re:No particular, but any?

by - on Friday January 27, @04:29PM (#14584921)

I hate to say it, but this is what happened in Nazi Germany before World War II and just like in Nazi Germany, the people went along with it rather than putting a stop to it immediately. Just like we didn't stop Hitler from invading other countries because, as Hitler said, Germany could run the country better and make things better for everyone who lived there. It wasn't a good thing then - it's not a good thing now.

Amendment IV:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

On people having the right to move freely between the various states in the United States of America:

The better to secure and perpetuate mutual friendship and intercourse among the people of the different States in this Union, the free inhabitants of each of these States . . . shall be entitled to all privileges and immunities of free citizens in the several States, and the people of each State shall have free ingress and regress to and from any other State, and shall enjoy therein all the privileges of trade and commerce, subject to the same duties, impositions and restrictions as the inhabitants thereof respectively. . . [p764]

What (to me) is being done is called Divide and Conquer. Where you continue to split up something that is unified until it is in small enough parts to destroy it. In this case - it is your rights they are chiselling away at. "United we stand, divided we fall" is not just a saying. It has real meaning in today's world. If our government is allowed to continue to attack its own people we will become a military state or states run by an emperor or dictator. The stops in our laws were put in to prevent such a thing from happening. But if we just allow it to happen - it will. You want this nonsense to stop? You want it to go back to like it was before 9/11? Then you have to write your congressional person(s) and senators and tell them you want the government to stop trying to protect you from yourself. There are certain problems that go along with having as much freedom as we do and one of those is the fact that someone could decide to do something nasty to us. But the only way to be perfectly safe is to lock yourself in a steel vault situated on some remote planet in the universe. Since you can't do that you have to decide whether or not you are willing to give up all of your rights and live life as a slave or keep your freedoms and do the reasonable and sensible things to keep you and yours safe. This is not to say there should be NO security at airports but people moving between states should not be searched unless there is some kind of suspicious activity going on. --

We praised Atlantis and it sank, Babylon and we babbled, Rome and it burned, maybe we are praising the wrong thing?

Original Discussion: Airport ID Checks Constitutional Rating: Flamebait. This rating is Unfair | See Context

Journal Journal: "greenies"--meta-moderation

I meta-moderated unfair on a moderation of interesting.

This article is interesting and it is flame bait, employing name calling and casting aspersions. So one cancels the other.

Regardless of moderation the author accomplishes the objective of mating flame with info and gaining notice on that point.

The name calling is accomplished by triangulation: "greenies" (classification), "doom-mongers" (characterization) and "pushing their own agenda" (accusation). Another agenda lies behind that triangulation--to paint a picture by negative space, by suggestion, about anyone taking a certain point of view. Two of those suggestions could have scrinched by as some combination of frustration and brevity. (Actually, accusation would have been implied effectively were only classification and characterization used. The two known points defining the third.)

But the author preferred the empahsis of stating the third point.

The fact is, we are all "somethings or others," "doom-mongers" and "pushing our own agenda," to those who believe us to be wrongly opposing what they believe to be right, and visa versa. Sadly, this aspect of the post really dulls otherwise interesting distinctions, causing one to wonder if those distinctions will remain clear upon investigation.

Re:Stop naming tropical storms...

by - on Saturday December 31, @03:05PM (#14372206) This is what the "greenies" forget. they get all up in arms about there being more storms in a hurricane season when we never used to record storms. we only used to record hurricanes.

If you only count hurricanes, you will see this is a milder season than any we've had in the last 25 years except for some late 1990s years.

It's called changing the definition, and it doesn't wash. A government might do the same when they say Unemployment has fallen from 10% to 2% in 5 years

Yet unemployment might have counted the entire pool of people who were capable of working 5 years ago, where the current unemployment figures might only count the people ACTIVELY LOOKING FOR WORK.

So the numbers are bogus. It's the same with this situation.

What will happen next I fear is they will start counting "tropical depressions" and name them too. Once they're named they'll contribute to the total, and we will have 40 or 50 in a year. What happens then is the doom-mongers will claim the world is quickly getting worse.

Pushing their own agenda.

Original Discussion: Tropical Storm Zeta Forms in Atlantic Rating: Insightful.

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Journal Journal: Arrival

Joined and subscribed and posted and was immediately assailed.

(I've even seen spell flames here, something I thought would have been ground out of the cyberculture by now. They are a little less pervasive on boards than 8 years ago, when they seemed to take precedence over content most of the time.

(Odd and telling to me they are, given the environment of the alleged transgression: an international forum, in one of the hardest languages to spell, where everyone is typing their correspondence madly between real world obligations.

(Obviously, spell flames in that environment constitute a competition to exclude whoever possible by contempt.

(Therein is the basis of all flames. I guess the evolution of each individual has to start somewhere, even in cyberspace.)

Cyberspace actually provides a bloodless arena, a generally accessible one that doesn't take second place to the bloody ones, a definite improvement in the history of humanity.

However, real wisdom and some outstading humor, lies beneath the data in cyberspace. It is the slow, spiralling crawl toward humanity's enlightenment that has been going on one way or another for millennia, all lit up in photons.

I like it.

Of course, much as I love science, I'll loose in competition on such a huge technical board. But I am applying a measure: the extent to which I need to hold my own in competition equals the extent to which I have fallen short of wisdom and understanding, aka humor and insight, and paused instead for debate and ignorance, aka frustration and insecurity.

(No judgements here. All are vital components of the birth-to-death ride.)

In search of cyber-community, I've come to what I believe will someday be a significant section of the cerebrum of humanity--the common think tank of the populace--Slashdot.

Wish Timothy Leary were here to see it! I think that it was just what he was thinking of toward the end and that it would have satisfied him enormously.

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