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Comment Re:More condoms less climate change (Score 3, Informative) 162


"lesser countries"?

Does the concept of ranking things bother you? Do you feel every country should be ranked the same, just to be more fair? Why, if I may ask? What is a country to you, other than just an administrative division of land with some local rules? Are you some kind of nationalist?

Countries like the US or most places in Europe are objectively better places to live than most countries in Africa. It's why so many people want to migrate there.

Comment Re:Touch Screen? (Score 1) 191

While I wouldn't go quite that far, I do keep a spray of screen cleaning fluid near my desk. At one point, a colleague famous for leaving fingerprints on screens around the office (some people can only read things they point at, apparently) touched my screen, and was mightily surprised when I immediately sprayed both the screen and his finger...

Comment Re:Not Unexpected (Score 1) 112

I'm not sure you are correct. The court itself said the term was ambiguous and undefined by the legislation. Claiming that a change from an earlier interpretation is "only strictly interpreting the text of the law as written" does not, therefore, seem a valid statement.

OTOH, it may well be easily within a reasonable interpretation of the law as written. But the summary didn't present an argument that the earlier interpretation isn't also within a reasonable interpretation of the law as just said the judges felt it was too lenient. Not the same thing at all.

This is, however, another good reason why the DMCA should be repealed. So should the previous copyright act (the Sony Bono copyright act). Actually, I think that should be repealed all the way back until the term of the copyright was 17 years, and even that had severe problems. Most copyrights should be valid for no longer than 5 years, though if there are excessive upfront costs a case could be made for extending the term to 10 years.

Comment Re:What kind of inhuman piece of shit (Score 2) 1003

Presumably anyone who lives in a country that is mentioned in sentences like "I think a preemptive nuclear strike against [countryname] would be a good idea."

The next question would of course be, "what kind of inhuman piece of shit would even consider a preemptive nuclear strike?"

Comment Re:Hmm (Score -1) 1003

You understand that Putin is trying to rebuild the Soviet Union in some form right?

Quotation needed. And no, Ukraine does not count. They had a vote and voted to be part of Russia; that's a far cry from rolling in the tanks and taking it by force.

All this fear mongering about Russia wanting to take other countries is just that. You are supposed to be afraid, so you'll vote for strong leaders and lots of money for defence.

You understand the loss of freedoms both in the former Soviet Union and in the USA / Europe was pretty extreme right?

The foreign boogieman has always been a great excuse to remove freedoms at home.

And I agree with the post below, how the hell is Sweden and Germany destroyed?

Comment Re:I own one... (Score 4, Informative) 116

Uh, what? That has to be a typo.

I have a 2013 with 95k miles on it. I still owe about $9,000. The deal will pay me about $18,000, so I'll walk away with $9,000 in cash after paying off the loan.

I'm headed over to my dealer this weekend to see what kind of incentive he'll give me on top of that for sticking with VW. Considering new Jettas start around $15,000, I could end up with a new car (2017 model year) for almost nothing.

Comment Re:poor vim users (Score 2) 520

It feels like Apple just missed being able to be the king of platforms for network admins too.

Just as they got their OS truly ready for Linux and UNIX users to jump-in, they removed some of the page navigation keys. Many users put up with it anyway. Then they started downsizing on the ports. Many users put up with that too even when they had to now use a dongle to connect to a friggin' Ethernet jack.

Now they're getting rid of the vast majority of physical ports, so no more console access, and they're now cutting-bone, not merely flesh, by removing the Escape key, a key used all the damn time by a lot of us.

Comment Re:Population control (Score 1) 354

And what happens when there is even a hint of a declining population? That's right: politicians have a major panic attack and open the flood gates to immigration from the poorest excuses for countries, bringing in tens of millions of illiterate savages "to keep our economies growing".

This is not some right-wing conspiracy theory, this is reality in Europe today. The EU plans to 'refresh' the population by inviting another 50-60 million African and Middle Eastern muslims. Instead of considering our shrinking population to be a blessing - less stress on the environment, our resources, the space around us, etc. - they are trying to fill the empty seats, as if someone who in almost half the cases hasn't even received enough education to be able to read or write, and who is a member of the most violent religious movement we know, could ever be a productive member of a modern Western society.

But hey, it's ok. We'll just leave our houses cold and dark to "save the planet" while they do it...

Comment Re:Sweet tears (Score 1) 113

A drone needs a camera to manually navigate the thing whilst out of line-of-sight.

And there is your problem. Operating it out of line-of-sight. Perhaps the Swedish ruling is based on the nature of constitutes acceptable use, and out of line-of-sight does not meet their criteria.

As to the argument about acceptable use versus unacceptable use, while the courts and legislatures often do side with if something has an acceptable use then it won't be banned for having an unacceptable use, there are exceptions, and those exceptions are often based on the nature of the unacceptable use, and how widespread that unacceptable use is compared to otherwise. Often that kind of consideration is based on how the unacceptable use affects other people.

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