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Journal TurdTapper's Journal: DVR radio commercial 2

I don't normally write in my journal here, but I had to ask about this. Has anyone else heard a radio commercial that starts with this line:

"Is juggling work, kids and your life taking the fun out of TV?"

Is anyone else amazed that our society has gotten to where this is a viable commercial?
I can't remember exactly who did it, it was promoting a DVR and I think it had to do with satellite TV, but I could be wrong on the satellite part.

I'm just baffled that anyone would actually say, "You know, I've not been getting as much fun out of my TV because I've had to spend time with my kids and living my life. If only I had a DVR to help with that."
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DVR radio commercial

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  • I've heard it in the last few weeks. It is quite disturbing that folks find life interrupting their TV watching. I guess TV rates pretty low on my priority list, granted I think I get all of two channels out here in the boonies. Most of the stuff I watch is from when we rent shows from netflix for our downtime.
  • To which I reply with glee: "that's why God invented bittorrent!"

    On a side note, this is one of the best parts of listening to talk radio stations - not only has radio advertising gotten real interesting, but you'll get anything from small and local ("Bob's gator BBQ - just 2 miles down the old Chincham trail!"), to worldwide brands.

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