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Comment Re:Nice try... (Score 1) 44

Fine, you're more than free to do so.

The point of his reply is that before too long, and with continued moronic leadership, we will NOT be free to do so.

But in response to your claims, as you can see in the article: "The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that every 100-pound reduction in the weight of small cars increases annual traffic fatalities by as much as 715."

In your one article, "Is Bigger Safer? It Ain't Necessarily So", they don't come up with any real particular conclusion to WHY a vehicle that is heavier isn't safer. They have taken a bunch of data and said that it isn't the case to say 'heaver is safer.' I would assume that there are a lot more variables than mere weight.

As you claim, newer lighter cars are safer than older heavier. Does that have to do with weight? I think not. Does it have to do with the fact that a lot of the various other safety systems weren't in the older heavier vehicle? Absolutely.

If you took two vehicles with identical safety systems (air bags, side air bags, ABS, etc, etc) and one of them was built like a 1959 Lincoln and one was built like a 2005 Corolla, I can guarantee that the Lincoln built-alike would be safer. Give me real, heavy steel, give me the extra reinforcement, but include the latest in safety technology.

So, if all things were equal (except for the weight and composition of course) we'd be safer in heavier vehicles. Which IS the point of the JE and the new emissions standards.

Comment Re:The problem is when you supress tyranny (Score 1) 8

Then what you really need is to suppress the tyranny, and then have some more self-reliance. Too many people that want someone else to save them from people 'frauding' them, so they turn to the government. We just need a huge shot of personal responsibility.

If you don't like something, don't just call foul and expect Big Brother to come save you. Take care of the problem. You don't like a bank or it's methods? Don't keep your money there. Why is this so hard? Is it because the liberal mainstream has worked so hard to make the sheep think they can't survive without the government? That the government can do it better? Stupid sheep.

Comment Re:Change? (Score 1) 788

I don't know about you, but I live in the US. In Michigan no less! And I have awesome health care. Myself and my family are well taken care of, the doctor's are great, and although more expensive than I wish I had to pay, is still MUCH better than: a) nothing and b) government regulated medicine.

All of our children had to be delivered by c-section. So even tho I had to pay 400 bucks a month for my premiums, I'm still TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars ahead. And our doctors are damn good. Why do you think that Canadians with their socialized medicine want to come to American to have procedures done? Here's two of the answers: 1) Our doctors are better and 2) Our doctors will do it quickly, instead of the however many months or years it will take to get into a doc in Canada.

Comment Re:Cool beans... (Score 1) 12

I have a speed loader for my 10-22 mags. It is extremely old, my grandfather had it for years before he died and he's been gone 15 years. It actually works pretty well, a heck of a lot better than trying to reload those mags 9 or 10 times. You have to be careful, every once in a while one will get stuck and it's a pain to clear it. Also, for every time you turn the knob, it's supposed to put a round in, but if you don't hold it at the perfect angle, you'll only get one every 3 revolutions.

Definitely a must have. It isn't as efficient as you'd think it should be, but it is 10 times better than by hand.

Make sure to pick up some more of those 30 rounders while you still can!

Comment Nice, Solid, Dependable (Score 1) 9

I've got a 500 that I use for hunting. It's a great gun, you can beat the crap out of it and it still shoots. It kicks a HECK of a lot harder than my Browning Gold Hunter, but it's my go-to gun.

And that 54169 looks like you get the pistol grip kit with it.

The only thing I'd suggest for home defense is shortening that barrel. As great as it is for bird hunting, that thing is just ridiculously long to try and maneuver in an enclosed space.

Comment Re:Hmm. (Score 1) 8

Science doesn't exactly work like most 'scientists' want it to either.

The biggest point on that is that God created science. True science (not the mumbo jumbo voodoo stuff) absolutely points to a Creator.

Just because some folks like to claim that they are following the scientific method, doesn't mean that they really are.

Your cute little comment on 'faith based' aeronautical engineering is merely that, cute. There isn't any substance to it. An awful lot of men and women that work in ALL engineering and scientific fields are Born-Again Believers in Christ. (Wilbur and Orville were both Christians) Their designs aren't any less valid merely because they know that science and faith exist together.

Comment Congrats! (Score 1) 3

Congratulations on the new purchase. I have a Sig P229 in .40 S&W and I've been very happy with it. I would like to get a Glock at some point, but my next purchase I'm looking at is a nice small revolver for easier concealed carry.

Thanks for the sites, I'd seen the Civilian Gun Defense Blog before, but not the other two.

I don't know what difference there might be when having it shipped to the FFL (I purchased mine from a local private party). I went to the County Sheriff (I could have gone to the Portage Police, but didn't realize that until after I was at the Sheriff's, so I just continued it there), did the test (There are a couple of those strangely worded questions, just read them carefully a couple of times. It's an easy 100% test and mostly common sense), then I took the green sheet that they had partially filled out with me when I went to get the gun. The seller then filled in the various information and kept one, then I kept one for myself and took the last one back to the Sheriff with me for the 'Safety Inspection' (which you no longer need by the way). You still have to register it, but you can do it by mail now.

It is still a bunch of hoops to jump through in order to be allowed to exercise a Constitutional Right, but it goes pretty smoothly.

I'm hoping that our next house has enough land to be able to scoop out a nice range! I'm looking forward to that!

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