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Comment Why not magnetic? (TMS) (Score 1) 51

It's odd to see transcranial direct current stimulation instead of transcranial magnetic stimulation. Why would you rather have a current pass through your scalp instead of a magnetic field? It feels like the infomercial for the abdominal electrode belt that would give you a six-pack. This is a step backwards towards cheap electrodes that are easily marketed instead of forward toward TMS that can stimulate a wider variety of areas without mildly cooking your scalp.

Comment World's first? (Score 0) 102

I have seen a bounce house before. They're actually pretty common. Bounce houses have some rules about rough play, but can still be used by astronauts. So this is definitely not the world's first inflatable room, for astronauts or otherwise. Perhaps this is "Space's First Inflatable Room"? Or more accurately LEO's first.

Comment Re:BSD is looking better all the time (Score 0) 747

based on what I saw on my last job, competent Linux system admins run Linux and/or Windows

I kind of followed what you were attempting to get at, until you spewed this drivel.

No competent Linux SysAdmin will ever voluntarily run Windows. They would rather ask for a 3270 Session onto a damn Mainframe ^H LinuxOne server before considering Windows as a viable alternative...

And since I've been a Linux SE (amongst some other things) for 18 years and, am, apparently (according to your blather), a "Python-writing hipster trendroid" as well, I may know a thing or two of which I speak here.

PS. Yes, I do indeed program in Python. And Perl. And C. And Shell Script. And, for all my sins, in Javascript and PHP. But not Java. Or C-Hash. God, no, never Java or C#!

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