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Comment Re:No jobs, sit in traffic all day (Score 1) 184

I'd rather stick my balls in a vise than live in most inner cities. I'd rather set myself on fire while sticking my balls in a vise than live in Seattle (or Portland, or San Francisco), how you people can stand the level of mental illness that pervades the cities, I'll never understand.

Whatever, grandpa. It's not the 1970s, you know.

Comment Many different things (Score 1) 114

We do studies which do measure self-reports of alcohol consumption over long duration periods (e.g. years).

In general, what most of these studies tend to say is:

A. Don't binge drink.

B. No, seriously, stop.

C. If female, there tend not to be positive effects of drinking more than one drink per day. No, don't add up all the alcohol from the week and drink it at one party.

D. If male, 2-3 drinks a day may have a positive effect. Some of that is because men tend to be bad at socializing. Some of the positive impact and lower stress is from the socializing. Drinking all this alcohol in one sitting by yourself in the dark is probably very bad for you. Get a drink or two with family or friends, especially at a meal. Drinking on an empty stomach tends to be bad for you.

E. Don't drive or operate machinery while drinking or shortly after that.

F. We told you to stop binge drinking. Seriously. Stop doing it. Especially in the basement and then passing out.

G. Stop writing code when you're drinking. No, it doesn't help.

Comment Where is the countersuit? (Score 1) 332

I would expect that RottenTomatoes has also *increased* the viewing of many movies as well. I know that I have often gone there and looked at the highest rated movies when looking for something to add to my Netflix DVD queue. I like looking at the critics vs reviewers rating as well. Many a good movie (to me) has been panned by critics. Likewise, many critically acclaimed movies don't always get good reviews.

It's just information though, the choice of what to watch is still mine.

And I knew Batman vs Superman was poorly rated.... and I still added it to my queue. I didn't make it through it though, shut it off after about 1/4 of the way in. Just terrible.

Comment Re:I don't have any you insensitive clod! (Score 1) 186

There is a list.

If you apply for a visa waiver, you will be asked for your social media accounts right now but it is listed as OPTIONAL. There is a list on the visa waiver sites they want you to give details on accounts on, the list has about 30 sites on it as well as an "Other" where you can disclose information about anything else.

It is currently optional, but the question is already there even for visa-waiver countries.

Comment Re:"vacation" (Score 1) 186

All foreign journalists need a visa to go to the US.

Journalists do not qualify for visa free travel, even if they are from a visa waiver country, if they are going to the US for the purpose of journalism. (All other professions can go on business trips to the US visa-free - but journalists have always been excluded from this since the visa waiver program began).

Comment Re:never understood removing features (Score -1) 258

They have to get Chrome's memory footprint down to the smallest possible quantity. Why? So it can run flawlessly on shitty underpowered Indian cell phones. True fact. You want Chrome to have features you like and can run on your powerful iPhone? Racist.

Comment Typical Google logic (Score -1) 258

I use these features. However I probably use them once a week, at most. I'm sure the spyware, I'm sorry, telemetry people at Google notice this and say, "well we need to eliminate this feature." Just because I use it once a week doesn't mean it's useless. BUT evidently Google has this big fetish for removing every feature to make their products run on shitty Indian underpowered cell phones, so it's all got to go.

Comment Re:Your post doesn't smell right... (Score 1) 299

I didn't even know what ORMs and URMs were, had to look it up.
He is a white male, and he still works there. So I am about 99.99867% sure you were exaggerating when you said "all".

I work with plenty of minorities, always have for 23 years at large and small companies. I have never ever seen preferential treatment towards or against minorities. I have always seen where we hire the best people we can given the constraints. Sometimes that was hiring a contract team instead of full-time employees, and sometimes they were offshore/nearshore, everyone from the US to Ukraine to Mexico to India. But the bottom line was that those teams were always temporary, and employees were protected when cuts were required.

That is the thing about technology, we always want the best people we can get to do the work - I really don't care where they are from or what they look like.

Comment Re:Walmart WAS a tech leader ... (Score 1) 65

You are confusing "technology" with "IT Sector". Those are two completely different things. Wal-Mart was innovating with technology a long time ago, increasing efficiency and automating a lot of information flow - for their own purposes. I thought all that was widely known. I think that they weren't quite as prepared for the web presence, and although they were in it early, they don't dominate like other players. I remember reading about how they deployed RFID to their warehouses to track trucks, and how they optimized shipping routes, etc. All high-tech, but not necessarily consumer facing.

Having said that, I don't shop there unless I absolutely need something quickly that nobody else around has... maybe 2 or 3 times a year. IT people or managers might be paid well, but my brother used to work for them and he absolutely hated it. As soon as he could find something else he left. They kept him at a certain number of hours to avoid having to offer insurance. If there is one thing I haven't heard about Wal-Mart, it's that they treat their employees well.

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