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Comment Hilarity? I think not. (Score 1) 85

Interesting idea that could have been 1/4 the length. I still don't get the premise, faster and better quality than a dot matrix? Clearly. Wireless? Not new. The print head and speed was impressive. But knowing how printer manufacturers screw you on things like ink, I can only imagine how many different cartridges are in that behemoth. For me, printer manufacturers have a long long way to go to rebuild trust in them and their products.

Comment another view... (Score 1) 112

I am not really in favor of these cars, but consider this counter argument.

I have a 17 mile commute to work. The divided 2 and 3 lane highway is a mile from my house, and my office is right off the exit. So it is effectively all highway miles. I can usually make it in 20-23 minutes. Most of the trip is a 60MPH speed limit. Traffic is normally 70-75 MPH, with a few others on the margin of that. Pretty much what you stated.

But why does it take me 20+ minutes to get to work? Because when we aren't going 75, we are stopped. There are natural areas where it slows, like where it goes from 3 lanes to 2, or where onramps bring in more traffic. But there are other areas where we just come to a stop for no reason other than people jockeying for position, right-lane-passing, tailgating and braking.

One day it was snowing quite a lot, and mostly everyone was driving a bit more cautious. It was 60 MPH all the way to work. I didn't even need to touch my brakes until I exited for my office. People stayed in their lanes and it was so much less stressful. It took me 22 minutes door to door. So while the idea of self-driving cars still creeps me out, there is part of me that KNOWS it would be more efficient in some ways. It's a big leap to get to that point, and I personally don't see myself ever having a self-driving car... but who knows. I think it is worth testing it out.

Comment Re:There are less than 30 decent games... (Score 1) 142

Yeah, you look at current articles recommending VR games, the same 15-20 always come up. Other than those 15-20, most of the stuff on steam for VR is crap. Actually quite a lot of the stuff on steam is absolute crap anyway. There are a ton of games on there that appear to be written by some teenager who is in the process of teaching themselves how to program on unity, with stock purchased assets or stolen ones, and which will barely run at all. Valve doesn't seem to care about the quality of the product on their service, so it's up to you to develop a crap filter. So it should really come as no surprise at all that our crap filters filter out most of the VR offerings. We all own the good titles at the moment, and will no doubt buy new ones that prove to be good, as we learn about them.

Submission + - Java and Python FTP Attacks Can Punch Holes Through Firewalls (

itwbennett writes: Over the weekend, security researcher Alexander Klink disclosed an interesting attack where exploiting an XXE (XML External Entity) vulnerability in a Java application can be used to send emails. At the same time, he showed that this type of vulnerability can be used to trick the Java runtime to initiate FTP connections to remote servers. After seeing Klink's exploit, Timothy Morgan, a researcher with Blindspot Security, decided to disclose a similar attack that works against both Java's and Python's FTP implementations. 'But his attack is more serious because it can be used to punch holes through firewalls,' writes Lucian Constantin in CSO Online.

Comment My female colleagues and friends agree (Score 1) 895

I have heard this from so many women scientists, systems engineers, and other IT specialists who are female.

There is a problem.

My key ROI on this is:

1. Stop using the old boys network, your frat buddies, to find recruits. Set a goal of 50 percent promotions, 50 percent board position candidates, and 50 percent new hires being female.

2. If you think having one woman in the after hours drinking means you're diverse - you're wrong.

3. If you're female, stop undercutting other women when they have ideas. Most groups won't hear a woman's idea unless at least two women agree with the idea. If a male steals credit for the idea, call it out right there. Don't wait for a "good moment to bring it up". There is no good moment.

4. If you find 1-3 impossible, then you're just pretending you're a real business.

Submission + - Wyden to Introduce Bill to Prohibit Warrantless Phone Searches at Border

Trailrunner7 writes: A senator from Oregon who has a long track record of involvement on security and privacy issues says he plans to introduce a bill soon that would prevent border agents from forcing Americans returning to the country to unlock their phones without a warrant.

Sen. Ron Wyden said in a letter to the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security that he is concerned about reports that Customs and Border Patrol agents are pressuring returning Americans into handing over their phone PINs or using their fingerprints to unlock their phones. DHS Secretary John Kelly has said that he’s considering the idea of asking visitors for the login data for their various social media accounts, information that typically would require a warrant to obtain.

“Circumventing the normal protection for such private information is simply unacceptable,” Wyden said in the letter, sent Monday.

Submission + - SPAM: Gitlab post-mortem: Proper naming convention prevents mistakes

AmiMoJo writes: Gitlab's very public meltdown has been mostly recovered now. If there is one thing we can learn from this incident, it's the importance of proper naming conventions. The person responsible for the mistake intended to operate on "", but accidentally wiped "" instead.

What naming conventions do Slashdot readers use and have you experienced any similar failures?

Comment Good news everyone! Piracy is dead... (Score 2) 103

"If it is not on Bing or Google, then we have effectively eliminated piracy. Great job everyone."

Bonuses will be rewarded, a few more jobs at MS/Google to monitor piracy claims. Lawyers will creep away and chase something else.
But most of all - piracy will be dead!

OK, maybe not.
It could curtail the casual infringer. It will not deter true pirates, or those who may operate in the gray areas.

What is a gray area? I think there are many.
I once pre-ordered a CD from a band I really liked who had a new album coming out, two months ahead of the release. Release day came, and went. It was in stores, but I didn't have mine yet. After a week, I downloaded it. Another week passed, and my CD showed up.

I have purchased a DVD for my kids (many, actually) where I could not rip it to put on my media server. I was able to download it in less time that it would have taken to rip it.

I have a Roku, and I also have Charter cable. For a lot of the Roku channels I just have to log in with my Charter account to get access. Pretty painless process. However, for some of the channels (like Comedy Central) this doesn't work because they list multiple Charter providers, none of which are mine. So I am out of luck for those channels. It's not that big of a deal to me, so I don't download those shows. But I could see how that could piss some people off and why they might seek out to download them.

Comment Re:Windows (Score 1) 224

There are actually a decent number of titles on steam, although two or three that I very much like (Skyrim and Defense Grid come to mind) are not available. But I still haven't booted back to windows since early last year on my big fat desktop. And I have a Dell Precision that's going to end up being my main machine in the near future, that only has xubuntu on it. It works remarkably well and is nowhere near as obnoxious as Windows 10.

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