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Comment Re:Not quite... (Score 1) 219

Christ you've written a LOT of shit and now you have managed to trick me into wading through it despite both of us knowing what you are up to.
Since I'm going backwards - first the bit AFTER it was pointed out to you how ridiculous your bit about it liquids cars being a massive problem:

I stand by my overall point, the pros of flow batteries are not sufficient to outweigh the cons wrt powering cars, and there is lttle reason to think that will change.

So you stand by your attack despite having no evidence - attacking just for the sake of it because you don't like "green" stuff as if machines are people with politics. Blind luddite politics trumping reason.

So here are your quotes: https://slashdot.org/users2.pl...
Fuck you post a LOT of shit and just keep on attacking over and over and over almost as if you were paid for it - which makes people like me who do live off coal money look really bad when we get compared to utter pricks like you.

WTF is your problem?
You've won your stupid fucking game of making me jump to "prove" what you already know so fuck off and don't bother me again until you are prepared to act your age instead of like a stupid kid.

Comment Akron + Macon (Score 1) 77

more ability to anchor itself down with its fans

A quick wikipedia search show that the USS Akron had eight Maybach VL-II 560 hp (420 kW) engines while the Airlander 10 has four x 350 hp engines.
It's a step in front of some other current small blimps but has less ability to thrust itself down than airships of the past.

Comment Less power than a Zeppelin (Score 1) 77

Yes but still a step below the semi-rigid airships like the Italians had in the 1920s (Norge, Italia) or the rigid airships, both of which have smaller relative cross section again.
The bit about fans doesn't sound like anything new to be honest the engines are less powerful there are less of them so don't add up to the same thrust as was seen in airships which had engines that could pivot in a similar way to this. One airship of the 1920s had five engines - each 410 kW (550 hp). Airlander 10 apparently has four x 350 hp.

Comment Re:As did all the others. (Score 1) 77

Yes but in a lot of ways this is technologically inferior to what the Italians had in 1926.
It's more of a blimp than the Norge or Italia. The "hybrid" bit is hype because tiltable engines have been a feature of blimps and airships all along.
Shiny new materials and a different lifting gas but it's still an awkwardly shaped balloon with engines attached.

Comment Re:25 years, still garbage for the mainstream (Score 1) 301

Image editing is image editing even if it's a mass crop or resolution change done on a batch from the command line or a GUI application that can do batch processing.
So you've got a cute little personal definition - fine - but you don't get to call others morons just because they don't know your cute personal "that's not a knife, THIS is a knife" definition.

Comment Re:Death Rattle of an Industry (Score 1) 85

Time and again? That's a bit of an exaggeration there, don't you think? Are you referring to OtherOS, that was a single incident.

and AFAIK the only thing they consider a privilege is their network, not the console itself.

I did run OtherOS by the way, YDL, and moderated over on the YDL forums. Was a regular on the PS2 Linux forum as well. So I'm not unfamiliar with the issue you are probably referring to.

And as I've said many many times:

It is the users choice as to whether they keep OtherOS (and lose access to PSN because the PS3 isn't running the most recent firmware), or upgrade it and lose OtherOS. Now you may make the valid complaint that one shouldn't have had to make that choice, and I agree. But Sony felt that they had to do "something" about the vulnerabilities revealed and OtherOS users were just a rounding error against the horde of users who never used it.

Supporting OtherOS also cost Sony money, and there were compatibility issues in regards to firmware not long before OtherOS was removed.


Comment Re:Death Rattle of an Industry (Score 1) 85

Funny comment, but that's not likely to happen, the PS4 is more focused on gaming than the PS3 was. And it is less annoying in regards to background updates and the like than the PS3 is.

I've been enjoying mine, a launch model with the HD upgraded to 2TB, it has most of the features I wished the PS3 had. Though it is lacking a bit in certain specific ways compared to the PS3.

I recently took some No Man's Sky screenshots on it, and while I usually copy my shots to an external drive for later batch upload with tags/description via flickr_upload on the PC, I was wondering if I could do a quick upload of one or two to flickr via the PS4's web browser. However, unlike the PS3's browser, the PS4's browser doesn't support image uploads.

And the PS4 can't play/rip music CD's.

Comment Re:Stratfor is a bad example (Score 1) 97

That may be true but it's a bit disgusting how they opportunisticly stirred up so much hype and fear of crackers afterwards despite being involved themselves.
If nothing else it's making the tinfoil types think that the only thing powerful enough to mess about with "the establishment" is the government itself.

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