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Comment Re:Not sure but (Score 1) 78

The common name is "Tasmanian Tiger" and you can have it in Queensland just like you can have "Texas Chilli" in Castle Rock Maine :)

in one, and only one, location

Things have been seen in a lot of places in Australia. They are probably just large dogs but get mistaken for other stuff up to and including panthers (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phantom_cat).

I heard about this project a few days ago. It's a camera trap survey to see what is out there and someone half-jokingly mentioned a thylacine since people claim to have seen them in the area.
It's nice to dream and think that maybe some thylacines survived because dingoes generally don't live in rainforest but if they had it's almost certain that someone would have noticed them by now (probably a hungry dingo).

Comment Nice strawman you've got there (Score 1) 634

Liberals/Progressives have always been "Your ALL in or you're OUT". Either you accept the whole ideology or you're not true to the cause

Nice strawman you've got there kid. Shame that it doesn't exist.

WTF did you people do in school? Ever thought to crack open a book?

Comment Re: While its not my cup of tea (Score 1) 634

You are also conflating 'conservative' with 'religious'

There are a lot of God-botherers (they don't act in a Christian way, the "Jesus hates poor people that's why they are poor" bunch) who are in it for the politics and power and just put on the badge of religion for convenience. Take note of all the "evangelicals" who tried to pretend that Church-going Hillary was not religious, but somehow Trump was. So they do it themselves. Also the badge of 'conservative' is a fiction - they are fucking reactionaries.

Comment Re:Puritan orthodoxy (Score 1) 634

You're agreeing with the far left histrionics that lead to this guy getting fired

Massive reading comprehension failure - or did you reply to the wrong post - or are you just pretending to be stupid for the sake of having someone to attack? I agree with YOU that the action of kicking the guy off the project for what he does in his off hours is ideological bullshit - puritan bullshit in this case of fuckwits who think they should enforce what is done in bedrooms and right wing bullshit in the case of bosses thinking they own employees outside of work hours. Far side of crazy - not conservative, middle or left.

This asshole shares your ideology

Bzzt - wrong. You not only have no idea of my ideology (since I was talking about others) but you've got the tiny little bits I've written about ideology utterly backwards. I agree with you about the action, I'm only pointing out that you are trying to blame it on the sort of people that would also agree with you about this action.
It appears that in your anger you've decided that there are only two ideologies, right and wrong, so you are blaming everything you see as wrong on the same bunch of people whether they also see it as wrong on not. I don't think you are really that dumb when you are not angry.

Comment Because it's far right histrionics (Score 1) 634

You're agreeing with the far left histrionics that lead to this guy getting fired, but blaming it on the far right.

No, you've got it utterly backwards. I'm pointing out that this is puritan bedroom enforcement shit from the far side of crazy but people are blaming this on the left who do not care what you get up to in your bedrooms.

It's this sort of puritan fsr right shit that makes people shake their heads and say "only in America".

Comment Re:I'll never forget it... (Score 1) 114

So why not just buy a ps1? or even 2?

Try finding a working PSone that isn't overpriced. Early model PS2's also tend to have dvd drive issues. 50001's and later tend to be okay though.

The PS3 is more convenient, especially if you can find a CECHA/CECHB/CECHE PS3 which can run PS2 games. (ALL PS3's can run PSone games) The virtual memory card thing alone is nice. The only issue that bugs me is that if you use the PS3 you lose non-USB PS2 and PSone peripheral support, so no using the PSone mouse or the giant dual analog stick with the PSone port of Mechwarrior 2.

Most of the later PS2 peripherals were USB, thank goodness.

Isn't back compat on a subscription model from sony these days?

On the PS4, mostly, yes. There are a few HD remasters and PS4 re-releases though.

Comment Re:Mint (Score 1) 499

I'm a little late with my response.


Edit>Preferences>Advanced, then choose the General tab. Then uncheck Use hardware acceleration when available. You might also want or need to uncheck "use smooth scrolling" Then it should be back to normal.


Tools>Options>Libreoffice>View: Uncheck use hardware acceleration. Normally that works better than it does on Firefox so I leave that one checked.


Settings, scoll to the bottom and click advanced settings, then under System there should be "Use hardware acceleration when available" Again, this usually works fine enabled, it is Firefox that's given me trouble with it enabled.

Comment Re:Yeah, well (Score 1) 499

You don't use the dropdown to select which will be the default, you use the "set as fallback" button in the "Output Devices" tab of pavucontrol.

Also check the Configuration tab and make sure that a proper output has been selected for the "fancy" audio card. For example, my video card's HDMI audio shows 6 selectable outputs but only 3 work. Digital stereo HDMI (2), Digital Surround HDMI 5.1 (2) and Off. The others show as "unplugged"

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