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Comment Re:Reality.... (Score 1) 63

Considering the FBI still believes in and uses "lie detectors" invented by the guy who wrote "Wonder Woman" ( I am not shitting you, look it up) I wouldn't read too much into the FBI taking this stuff seriously.

Smart people know something is up

That's how they want you to think of them, especially around budget time. Being scammed by a comic book writer for decades points to them being something other than that.

Comment Re:Who's to say? (Score 1) 109

Just saying the US has not had to deal with autocratic kings

Indeed, because it was autocratic Governors answering to nobody other than the King that resulted in a revolt and let to the United State in the first place! So America has had plenty of it.

the colonial governors

Which is exactly what I meant FFS!

Comment Re:Who's to say? (Score 1) 109

That's a huge-ass assumption we've been living with for the last century

The assumption that increased chances of cancer sucks? Not so huge an assumption IMHO.

So we drew a straight line interpolating it down to zero

Now there is a "huge-ass assumption" that turns out to be totally wrong, especially with the "down to zero" bit. Below a certain level nobody really gives a shit other than people who want to start arguments. When dosage badges indicate something but a long way below a threshold nobody cares.

Comment Re:So sick of the Fusion Scams (Score 1) 341

It is a very new thing to many readers because so little investment has been put in that development has taken decades. We've heard of things ten years ago but they have not - it just hasn't made it into the press much lately.
It sounds dumbed down because even here it is difficult to underestimate the technical background of the readers - when a space story comes up most seem to think in terms or orbits as fixed one dimensional circles and anything about electricity generation degenerates into a grade school sandpit fight over "one true energy".

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