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Comment Re:Welcome to the future of capitalism (Score 1) 522

So. Can you show me a nation system that has more wealth mobility than the one we have in the US now?

The USA of a couple of years back, more so a few years before that and so on.
It's about a decline due to crony capitalism instead of the sort of tempered capitalism we used to be proud of.

Comment Re: Why do people keep using Windows? (Score 1) 90

That's a good point. MS Windows for all it's shortcomings in a system like this (it's 2017 - just use a web server as your library database front end and then whatever you want on the desktops) can be kept running or restored to bare metal if it's treated seriously instead of as a magic thing that always keeps going.
However being prepared costs time and some resources so it looks like it was ignored.

Comment Re:All about the fight (Score 1) 476

Another poster, crashsomething, has been pointing out that I'm Australian as if that somehow makes my comments on engineering, IT and international affairs as if that somehow makes all my comments invalid so I was reluctant to answer, but yes, I am an Australian currently living in Australia and wishing it was not so fucking hot at the moment.
I've heard Americans use the term and we don't have a lot of turkeys (outside of politics anyway) so I think it's something we've picked up in only the last decade or so. I could be wrong about where it came from but it's definitely used in the US now.

Comment I tried to warn a friend (Score 3, Interesting) 522

A few years ago, a friend of mine who had been working in a full-time job in the hospitality industry, had signed up to be an Uber driver during his spare time. He claimed to be making an extra thousand dollars a month or so, which he used to finance a used vehicle.

I probed for more details. "What about insurance," I asked. "Have you accounted for wear and tear on the vehicle due to increased mileage? Is this a sustainable income model? What if the pool of drivers increases and you face increased competition for fares?" He was completely nonchalant: at the time, Uber was still growing, there weren't as many drivers as there are now, and since he was still receiving a salary, he had no concerns for wage instability.

Months later, he mentioned that he quit his full time job because he could make more money driving for Uber, and it was lower stress. He seemed happy. Well, we know how that turned out. He ended up essentially destitute, unable to afford food and rent; unable to fix his car when the inevitable breakdown occurred and would cost thousands to repair; and still had payments to make on the loan.

I'm not saying that these kinds of jobs cannot be sustainable as full-time employment, but it is a great deal more difficult to make it viable than the vast, vast majority of people enticed into the idea are led to believe. The fact that these companies make it sound like it's easy (for obvious reasons) is the modern-day equivalent of selling Amway.

Comment Re: News for Nazis (Score 1) 1541

With respect, I don't want to put a dampener on you telling people that they do not matter but it was from visitors from Israel so that would make it the " Israeli Israeli community". Perhaps they would know something of the topic Mr "just google it".

I am sure the world wants to know more about your scout master

From your childish behaviour I would guess that he died thirty years before you were born.

Since I have a modicum of politeness

From your spamming earlier full of utterly vile insults - no you clearly do not.

6th or 7th in a row

You did more than that in parallel when you decided to target me earlier.

Comment Re: News for Nazis (Score 1) 1541

Oh I see now, this you trying to get payback

So everything is about you spamboy? If was so shallow as to try payback would it have been a mild comment on the topic that did not put you in any sort of bad light or even disagree with you?

Tell me is all your expertise of this quality

Reality versus a google lookup? I prefer the former spamboy.

Comment Re:What is up with airlines IT structure (Score 1) 112

One amusing thing that happened near me was an airport IT failure not an airline one. Several airports under the same owner in different states ended up with all baggage handling operations run from one site. So when the obvious happened and two backhoe incidents took out both connections one airport had baggage conveyors that could not be operated either locally or manually.
If someone put all these recent airline/airport failures in a book and sent it back to 1970 they would think it was a satire.

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