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Submission + - Using AI to identify opportunities for innuendo (

angry tapir writes: ""Well that was hard!" "That's what she said" Turning seemingly normal comments into sexual innuendo by adding the words "That's what she said" is a cultural phenomenon. This has led some to wonder whether it is possible to determine when it is appropriate to add those magic four words to a sentence. As it turns out, identifying humour through software is hard. Two researchers at the University of Washington, however, were willing to give it their best shot. In a recently released paper entitled "That's What She Said: Double Entendre Identification", the researchers describe what they've found and introduce their new approach to the problem: "Double Entendre via Noun Transfer" or DEviaNT for short."

Submission + - The complete history of the Game Boy (

nadiskafadi writes: This slideshow steps through the various iterations of one of the most popular handhled gaming devices of the past 20 years. The original Game Boy was first released in 1989, and quickly became the dominant handheld console, despite being extremely limited in terms of tech specs. After an initial Black and White stint, users progressed to the coloured Game Boy, then the Game Boy Advance, before moving into the noughties and host of new devices. There's some great pics in this slideshow showcasing the development of this consumer device.

Comment Re:Game over Michael (Score 1) 104

Conroy is a senator. His electorate is the whole of Victoria.

Since almost everyone votes for the party (above the line) there are two possibilities that will result in him loosing his seat: a) he's moved from his current top position in the labor list to #3 or #4. It's still possible for him to get elected again if he's at #3 but unlikely. He's currently one of the leaders of the Labor Right faction in the Labor party, so even going from #1 to #2 position is unlikely.

b) is for Labor to get less than 1/6 of the vote in Victoria and then still not get anywhere with preferences which is quite unlikely.


Submission + - Spider-email joker web site suspended (

mask.of.sanity writes: The Web site of infamous Australian Internet prankster David Thorne — who once tried to pay a bill with a picture of a spiderhas been suspended. Thorne is famous for publishing satirical email exchanges and heckling individuals on his Web site, 27b/6.

It was unknown why his web account was taken down at the time of publication, but the irreverent blogger has a history of provoking law suits and tricking the media. Thorne claimed his account was suspended on March 3 after South Australia Police took action against a blog proposing an investment opportunity in a drug-dealing business. But it might just be another hoax.

He also masterminded an alleged scam by McDonalds proprietor Robert Trugabe (signed by Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe) that detailed a plan to scrounge cash by leaving out items from customer orders. Several media publications took the bait.

But unlike the alleged suspension earlier this month in which some 27b/6 could be viewed, this time the site is completely inaccessible.

Social Networks

Submission + - Social networking for the dead ( 2

swandives writes: "It had to happen. A social media site for the deceased. From Beyond 2u lets people communicate with their loved ones from beyond the grave. When people join, they get a unique login code which must be put in a will. Once you're dead, the code is activated to send the stored messages, videos and photos to requested loved ones. You can even use templates for special events such as wedding anniversaries which are stored until the milestone event in case you pass away beforehand. The Tribute2u feature lets people create their own personal online tribute, on which grieving loved ones can comment, Facebook-style, after the member's death."

Submission + - Rich Hickey on Clojure: bringing lisp to the JVM (

Tri writes: "Clojure is one of the those programming languages that lets you write lisp-style code and then run it on the JVM. Great for those times where you want a dynamic functional language in your projects. In this Interview Rich Hickey tells us all about his programming language.

Clojure was on slashdot last year as "one of 6 scripting language you wish the boss let you use"."


Submission + - The A-Z of Programming Languages: Clojure (

cole writes: Computerworld's series on the popular programming languages takes a look into the up and coming Clojure language. Creator Rich Hickey explains how he wanted a dynamic, functional language native on the JVM/CLR, and argues his cse for creating another Lisp dialect instead of extending an existing one. Hickey says Clojure is designed to support writing robust programs that are simple and fast and he wanted a solid concurrency story and great interoperability with existing Java libraries. The interview is accompanied by a handy tutorial.
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Journal Journal: Slashdot Comments 2

This is going to be a short entry (even though that's probably bad form for my first). A friend of mine and I were talking about Slashdot and the number of comments. We've noticed that lately there seems to be more comments than there have been in a while, and those comments seem to come a lot more quickly than they have in the past. We could be wrong about it, but that's certainly the way both of us perceive it. So here's the hypothesis: The unemployment rate is up, which gives nerds time
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - America's Army 3 developer team canned

incognito84 writes: "The development team responsible for the developing of the freeware game, "America's Army 3" has been canned, days after the launch of the highly flawed game which was distributed mostly via Steam.

The anonymous America's Army 3 developers in touch with Kotaku unsurprisingly didn't sound too pleased with the current situation, venting that "a lot of good people [worked] insanely long hours on this game that was butchered by outside sources."

The game's launch was plagued by massive server authentication issues which are inhibiting most players from playing it two days after the game's official launch."

Submission + - Aussie scientists build a cluster to map the sky

Tri writes: "Scientists at the Siding Spring Observatory have built a new system that maps and records over 1 billion objects in the southern hemisphere sky. They collect 700 GB of data every night which they then crunch down using some perl scripts and make available to other scientists through a web interface backed on Postgresql. They've also got a system with over 12,000 cores which they use to process the data."
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Copyright Decision In Australia Vindicates 3d-Party EPG Provider 66

angry tapir writes "In a landmark decision, the High Court of Australia has ruled that Electronic Program Guide (EPG) vendor IceTV has not violated the copyright of Channel 9 by reproducing programming information in its third-party EPG. This case has been running since May 2006, when the Nine Network alleged that IceTV's electronic program guide infringed the copyright of Channel 9's television schedule."

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