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Comment Re:EC will punish US Teachers (Score 0) 212

A big picture is that EC is targeting not just the Apple, but it is targeting the business model. The principle. It impacts many of Fortune 200 companies, including Facebook, Google and many many more entities. Apple is, by far the largest. If it works on Apple, all others will just fold.

It will move the stock market. By a lot. In the long term, of course, because the ruling will have an impact to the accounting provisions which are not necessarily instantly are disclosed, or, for proprietary reasons, recognized in the financial statements.

Comment EC will punish US Teachers (Score 0) 212

European Commission will punish California Teachers? You don't believe it?

If a tax ruling is made, irrespective of appellation process Apple stock will take a hit. A big hit. Huge bite to capitalization.

One of the largest Apple shareholders is Vanguard Funds, and Vanguard Funds are owned by multiple 401k and pension plans in USA. Bottom line is that not only teachers, but many in the middle class will lose a boatload of money because European Commission, directed by unelected president Junker TOLD Ireland to change treatment of Ireland's laws and to extort more money.

Every time those bureaucrats try fixing and every time there will be unintended consequences, they always fuck up.

If appeals are not successful and a precedent is formed, then expect Ireland to become much less desirable manufacturing location. There will major job and investment losses.

Expect eventually Ireland to leave EU

Comment If you swim, expect to get wet (Score 1, Interesting) 115

You would be pretty irresponsible to register at using your real identity.

If you do register, you should expect that one day you will end up in someone's shit list, according to the lessons of the history. That day has come.

That being said, if only email and login credentials have been hacked, then it is not a big issue. Website will ask users to update passwords.

What's the value of having the listing of 50,000 emails? Start marketing guns, gold, food ?

Comment Good example (Score 2, Interesting) 248

Your example is a perfect example for unintended consequences of each and every government's decision.

I can give one more example. There may be some bona-fide less desirable locations with low wages, that do have difficulty attracting qualified personel. This will be a burden for some organization in the midland of America trying to hire a skilled worker.

That being said, every law will have consequences, the outcomes that the politicians would not want to think about it. Here are the few: the limit of $100K does not appear to be indexed to inflation. Which means that in a decade the new limit of $100K will become what is now $50K.

As others already mentioned, some jobs a highly telecommutable. IT, accounting, calling centers are frequent examples, but there are many more. Because of never ending increases in taxes (local property taxes), workers demand 2-3% annual raise, annually compounding corporate costs. Basically, because of the increasing taxation and now mandatory health tax increase (wait for 2017 enrollment period), more companies will be looking for ways to cut the costs and will outsource the jobs.

Even president Trump with his promises will not be quick to help.

Finally, US will become less desirable destination to study. Which is a good thing, of course, because it will help to prick current US study cost bubble, as less foreigners (paying full price) will come to study to the USA.

All in all, increase is probably a good thing. However the blowback will be very different from what people expect.

Comment Limited demand (Score 1, Interesting) 67

They might have sold 50,000 units. It does not matter much.

The truth is that while there is a niche for product, the fact is that people will not be able to work on one screen for a long time. What this product is really a digital whiteboard (to produce corporate cave paintings) and high quality video teleconference device. That is about it.

If they think there will be other uses, then they need to get this: they might have resolved tons of technical challenges, kudos for that, but human psychology is far far more complicated. Unlike kids playing in a sandbox, people cannot work in a close contact with each other for a long time.

And for a whiteboard and videoconferencing device this thing is way too pricey.

Kudos MS for trying something that Apple decided not to.

Comment You can't ban the idea (Score 2, Interesting) 66

I have never heard of Kickass Torrent in the past. Ever. Now I will be very curious just to see on what have they got.

Now, this attempt to arrest an individual who is hosting a server which has url information reminds me very much of recent LEO work in Orlando Disney park, after a 2 year old was snatched by the alligators.

It was surprising to see when two days after the accident the local police reported that they, the police officers, have "identified" the "guilty" alligator and "put him down".

You can't make this shit up.

At some point then it dawns that all this fuss was about PD overtime.

Same principles apply in KickAssTorrent website: police force imitate investigative work, they convince the judge that "data is in the computer" (remember the scene from Zoolander - The files is in the computer ),they imitate the value delivered, eventually they identify the guilty server (alligator) and take him down.

The winners: police force getting a lot of overtime pay on a work which is not really dangerous nor this is a law enforcement.

Comment Re:My tax dude is more efficient than my doctor (Score 0) 326

We agree, and agree to agree.

Both professions, CPA and MD, are subject to "mandatory" annual "trainings"...

Both professions provide as much challenge as one desires. Retail, mainstream tax return filings do not change at all, or all of the changes are understood by tax professional in 5 minutes (change in standard deduction, change in 401k contribution limit, basically, some of the variables change) and can be presented on one sheet of paper.

Same with medical profession: PCP's do get buzzed annually and individually within trainings and by the sales reps by new diabetes, allergy, blood pressure etc. medication.

My PCP is using paper. No time spent by the doctor filling checklist and facing his tablet/laptop. My PCP does not order unnecessary tests. When I forgot to pay $10 copay for 90 days and I moved, I was not sent to collections. Well, she is 5th generation doctor, is disgusted by Obamacare (and democrat party for that matter), and is computer literate. The only difference is that she stuck with paper records. This doctor, old school - no nonsense practice, is a rather pleasant exception.

Problem is, she works and she does not write the laws.

Comment Re:My tax dude is more efficient than my doctor (Score 0) 326

If they were more efficient it would be difficult to collect $20K per family.

That IS the point, on spending money on unnecessary IT, consultants, malpractice, lawyers, school loans. Put it another way, inefficiency is a systemic way for a significant part of the economy to make a living.

I am paying for everything out of pocket (high deductible plan). Recently at the doctor's office person in white coat told me: your child has strep, clearly visible. We will still swab you, to make the test (test alone cost me $100).

I am sure somewhere there is an internal office policy to "consider" doing the test, even all the symptoms are obvious.

Mandatory insurance (thx Obama), makes it easier for people to justify parting with the money, which becomes OPM, which then becomes medical industry revenue. There is an old saying: the fool and they money do not stick together for long. I hate to be made a fool and have no say in it.

Comment Re:My tax dude is more efficient than my doctor (Score 0) 326

There is a good chance,your tax accountant spent more than 22 minutes for you. In addition to compiling your tax return, what you do not see is scheduling, archiving work.

Also, you need your tax prepare only once a year, while doctors get a steady stream of patients. In reality you pay to the healthcare industry probably approximately $20,000 in the form of your family insurance premiums and copays.

Tax accountant can only get from you your $300 per year.

You are right and Yes, your tax accountant is more efficient. You also forget to compare $20,000 your family's healthcare premiums versus $300 tax preparer's fee. He has to be efficient since average solo practictioner cannot afford secretary, billers, office managers and entire lobying industry that would force you to pay tax preparation insurance fees.

Comment Why don't you volunteer and pay additional taxes? (Score -1, Troll) 85

Your post is a political flame-bait. Why don't you volunteer and pay additional taxes, let's say double of what you are paying now.

Lead by example. And encourage others to pay up.

But you won't. Because, most likely, even if you double your taxes you will not be paying the average.

But most importantly, because you want OTHERS to pay, but you want to keep your own privileges.

Comment This policy is a bit premature (Score -1, Troll) 284

Because of the Trump. With all his flaws and imperfections, I am sure he will opine and will call out this newly invented health hazard as bullshit. Keep in mind Starbucks and McDonalds, as officially nonpolitical they are, are clearly favoring democractic/so called liberal values.

I would love mrs Clinton to opine on the subject:

Bill: "Hillary, is porn a health hazard or no"?
Hillary:"Once I am in the White House, you will be under house arrest. Porn will be the only thing that you will have. Now shut up, switch your hands from your d**k to the phone, and make 25 more calls today to our donors".

Comment Re:I believe this violates the Outer Space Treaty (Score 1) 256

Your legal interpretation is, without any doubt, correct. That being said, Russia is well known for breaking international treaties when it is strategically or opportunistically convenient for them. And we are not trying to single out Russia by the way, there is plenty of other, "nations, that are too large or too powerful to be punished", that are doing the same or worse.

There are two purposes:

first one is to replay "Star Wars" military program in reverse. Russians would salivate on the idea of causing economic cardiac arrest to the US economy because of unbearable military spending. Even now, US debt ratios are far worse than Greek. If a reader is not a math challenged person, it is not difficult to predict the future when debt is poorly managed.

second purpose is actually to build that orbital bomber. It will not be carrying nukes though. In reality it will be called scientific weather satellite orbiting carrier carrying "weather probes". In the case of actual war all those treaties are no longer considered binding.

Comment Re:Putin's revenge (Score 0) 153

There is no proof yet, and probably it will never surface.

However undermining one of the largest NATO country is Putin's wet dream.

The theory will be confirmed, if after the coup the Kurds will announce their independence. If they will ... it will confirm Russia's recent promises to partition the Turkey.

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