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Comment No to Alcohol, but yes to Lens cleaning liquid (Score 1) 146

Pure ethanol spirit is the best optical equipment cleansing liquid.

Even in the Soviet Union, which was officially obsessed with anti-alcoholism campaign, this type of designation was both given and taken without questions.

Joking aside, Russian cosmonauts considered it a matter of principle to smuggle alcohol to the space. Another, equally important principle, is to deny the fact of contraband and consumption to it.

Comment Much more subject matter exists (Score 1, Interesting) 106

There are a lot of red brick houses in the world. If only the date of the building of the house is known and the bricks are not repurposed from other buildings, similar information can be derived.

If they can measure the magnetic properties of the mortar you can even get the direction.

Comment More things to consider (Score -1, Troll) 401

So you want to use wind energy to freeze portions of the ocean where it would not be freezing otherwise?

This is the stupidest idea I have heard after 2016 elections.

Wind power efficiency is really low. In addition to that that much energy WILL slow down the winds and will cause a different type of climate cataclysmic fuck up.

Further, if so much wind power is harnessed, then it is so much better to use this wind power to replace fossil fuel manufactured electricity.

Also, the number of birds killed by the wind power and the number of sea lives perished due to the changed natural ocean flows will be much greater than the biodiversity lost due to the climate change.

For the record, warmer earth means more habitable land on earth.

Finally, Earth is still in the ice age, according to the scientists. Climate change, meaning warming, is supposed to happen anyway.

Google it.

Comment The law (Score 2, Insightful) 267

Right.... AirBNB has some illegal unlicensed activity and NYC uses law to impose heavy fines.

At the left side of the argument, illegal unlicensed people in NYC get taxpayer subsidized healthcare and public services and, including cash benefits.

Can somebody explain to how to reconcile enforcement of one laws and ignoring the second laws, printed on the same paper with the same ink.

Submission + - Using VPn in China is now officialy a crime (

Trachman writes: The Chinese government has recently blocked access to sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, which are the “roots” of the internet. Then internet users in the country have started to use private networks and VPNs, as a solution to bypass the restriction.

According to the new regulations and rules announced by the China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the use of VPNs will be banned from March 2018 and the use will be criminalized to ensure that internet connection is ‘healthy’.

Comment I have never understood (Score 0, Troll) 139

Why is that a common criminal who swindles federal money, a total of $0.2 million, who, based on the description, was working in aviation industry, perhaps at Boeing or some other related company is so much more important than Boeing wasting billions and billions of dollars, doing it consistently, over a long period of time, and using nice euphemisms as budget overruns or increases in cost. Presidential plane $4 billion project has been called a wastefully excessive (in price) and nobody got interviewed by FBI. Last time I have checked the mugshots in the newspaper, a person has been arrested in my town for $100 shoplifting. Why so much publicity on individual cases of private individuals?

Comment No, they are not (Score 2) 564

Cassetes have died long time ago and were totally pushed out by CD's.

CD's, at the same time, have been conquered by mp3/digital audios.

Now if you are talking about a bunch of retro aficionados, who collect vinyl, collect tapes, collect 35mm cameras. I am glad I do not hear that VHS tapes provide a more reliable image and have a soul.

Realistically, 140% increase is not enough to sustain increased interest in retro technology.

Comment More prospective (Score 0) 111

Can we all agree that Comcast really sucks, because there is no real and adequate competition?

Comcast sucks. Just sucks big time. Sneaky price increases, connection issues. Where I live, in residential area, they just disconnect in the middle of the day regularly. When I work from home I no longer rely on comcast for the connection during working and conference calls.

As such, do we agree, that the service sucks?

If you do, I challenge now you to think how will Universal healthcare will suck in the USA.

I was born and grew in a country where there many things "universal". Including healthcare.

Reality is that "healthcare" is a commodity, not a right as some people are trying to portray. If you will call commodity a right few things will happen:
1. To keep the costs low the services will be consolidated in "big" healthcare centers. There will be no real competition.
2. Since healthcare will be "free", there will be excess demand and there will be rationing. Let's say your mother is 74, has chronic disease and needs hip joint replacement. Your family will be told that it is not practical for people who have remaining life expectancy of less than 5 years to get replacement because it will be considered as waste. You will be offered unlimited painkillers though.
3. There will be excessive demand for free services. In some countries with universal healhcare to get a dental service (non-emergecy), the wait time could be 1.5 years or more. You will be places in a que.

As much as people despise current US Healthcare system, there still are some elements of competition (not many though, as pricing levels do not support existence of meaningful competition). For believers in free healthcare, please consider what people are saying about other de facto competition - Comcast.

Comment Many are missing the point (Score 0) 211

This is the glimpse to the intelligence operations, basically a tiny tiny fraction of what NSAj, and many other agencies, do. Basic data trawling operations.

Yes, only selected torrent sited were melt into the honeypot, which means if you shared torrents of boxing matches of the racing hamsters, from specialized websites, your torrent is not included.

If somebody is using VPN, yes, IP will be shared by many users, however there are additional fingerprints left by facebook/cookies/instagram/email and you have a unique fingerprint.

Now those Russians. They are trawling all the data, and keep all the data, so that when they have target an intelligence object they would have some compromising data to be used. Ten years ago Russians filmed you in your hotel room with the prostitute and kept the footage for their private collection. Just in case.

They still film you in your hotel room. In addition to that they also keep your download history and they can customize for you next time for your taste (they will know that you like tall, brown eyed, blondes, for example).

Comment Double edged sword (Score 5, Interesting) 164

Could have stopped. Should have stopped.... Technology is evolving fast.

If this technologically non-savvy terrorist had no idea about automated braking, just think about technologically savvy terrorist who will be able to program automatic trucks to ignore collision by hacking certain sensors. We are talking about automatic road killing robot.

How would you stop such autonomous cargo truck with no driver to shoot at?

Comment One additional symptom (Score 5, Interesting) 297

That is denial.

Denial that social isolation is harming. Look, even in this thread there are so many people who are saying that they are happy alone.

More importantly, many magazines for women are pushing never ending message (never supported scientifically), that older women, after divorce are just better off.

Increase in mortality by an average of 30% would normally be declared an epidemic health hazard, on par with smoking and obesity.

Another fascinating fact is that probably a fifth of adults in USA are (or were) on antidepressants. Other studies have shown that having a partner, or a friend, to whom you can talk to, drastically reduces depression risk.

Finally, the ultimate statistical fact. In USA average life expectancy is 79.3 years (source: wiki). Costa Rica has life expectancy of 79.6 yrs, and Albania has 77.8, while Costa Rica spends one tenth of US healthcare spendings and Albania spends one thirtieth of US healthcare spendings?

Perhaps there is something wrong with US? Also, it is so difficult not to be suspicious that many purely american phenomena are known to the number crunchers, yet are allowed to stay the way the are intentionally.

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