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Comment Same Old (Score 0) 121

No need to dance around the question.

All those websites, until recently, have been called conspiracy theory websites, producing nothing else but conspiracy theories.

When those conspiracy theories generating websites ended up at the winning side of the elections, they needed to come up with the new name, for conspiracy theorists were, shall we say, mostly right.

Fake news are formerly conspiracy theories.

P.S. I think NYT and Washington Post, and many others, should look to see who predicted with 98.1% probability of certain recent events.

Comment That was not just a simple delivery (Score 0) 135

According to the internal sources, Russians forgot to unload nuclear warhead from this cargo rocket. When the rocket was on it's way and they realized that the payload will be available to the US astronauts, they just pulled the self destruction leveler.

According to different sources, the Russian Defense minister Shoygu, who is from Tuva, used this cargo rocket, basically a boondoggle, to deliver some Kremlin party food leftovers to his relatives in Tuva, common thing in Russia. Location (Tuva) and occasion (Trump victory party in Kremlin) appear to confirming the story.

Comment Non Issue (Score 3, Interesting) 203

If somebody had bitcoins, was smart to keep a blockchain in his own computer, and apply some common sense, this is not an issue.

If somebody opened account, provided name other information, then had to realize that their custodian is merely another type of bank, and all of the transactions will be subject to the scrutiny. Just like the regular old fashioned bank.

This is merely a way to scare bitcoin users.

Those who understand bitcoin have enough brain to maintain their anonymity.

Comment Battle complexity with simplicity (Score 0) 147

Those systems are fine and dandy, until the next generation of drones will be introduced which will be using inertial navigation systems.

Inertial navigation system is basically fast spinning ball - gyroscope, just like the ones that were used in V2.

Not that spinning gyroscope is immune - existence of gravitational waves have been proved, but anti-gravitational weapons are still in their infancy I suppose.

Comment Make it simple (Score 0) 400

1. Restrict changing jobs for the Indian style "consulting" companies.
2. Make job advertisement where american and non-american are applying something more than a formality. Right now public advertisement is merely a formality.
3. Many of the jobs do not deduct all taxes (such as SS tax). Fix that

That being said, H1B immigration is not the most pressing issue, in my view, while many people in IT industry are not about to agree.

The real issue are low skill workers across the industries, irrespective of their immigration status. H1B laws will do very little to change that.

Comment I have a feeling (Score 0) 434

That Breitbart will soon be a competing TV channel, next to Fox, MSNBC and others. Rather than selling cups, hats and t-shirts, they will start pulling serious dollars from serious advertisers.

Smart Executives of companies "saved" by Trump (e.g. Carrier, Ford) will find a way to advertise on those channels. At some point war hawks, such as Boeing, Lockheed, Northrop-Grumman will start advertising their strategic bombers and new generation fighters (as if those people who watch television are the target audience).

Fight for the presidency is also fight for the resources, including advertising dollars and I have a feeling that Breitbart, and their readers, will not give a dang about some pesky annoying ads that will disappear from their website. Truth is they are probably larger or at least equal to Fox now, if respective audiences are compared.

Comment Re:I am proud of this country (Score 0) 2837

Oh, so now you choose to elaborate about the majority as per electoral college versus the popular vote count. How sweet, selective and liberal.

Haven't you missed, that the issue is the super broad painting of the basket of deplorables, etc., irrespective if the basked was a majority or minority.

Comment Could have been relevant in a campaign vs Bernie (Score 1) 224

Buying domain names is a smart and preemptive move. Domains could have been relevant in a campaign versus Bernie.

With Clinton.... Trumpists are outnumbering most online polls and forums, such as Reddit.

Many of the Berners no longer give a s**t about Clinton, many of them even will not be voting for her.

Comment Re:UK is the land of law (Score 1) 143

Driving Uber isn't a job. Drivers set their own time. They can wait for profitable (peak) time, or can go where there is more business.

Uber does not expect drivers to be at Uber all the times. A driver can work with Lyft. They can also get business by working as a licensed taxi, also offering a ride by soliciting in person.

Uber is not meant to be employer, but some people chose to make money out of it.

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