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Comment Re:Bourgeois like yourself *lead* to terrors (Score 1) 511

Had it dawn on you is that those who are considered living in the bubble and echo chambers are mostly coastal elites, living in their bubble, voting mostly democratic in blue states.

What you call "peasantry" has actually voted overwhelmingly against democrats in the United States, like they always had.

Also, you are absolutely horribly wrong on Russian revolution. Rich and upper class got quick death sentence or quick emigration, with the loss of status. However many many many more workers and peasants were killed, starved and worked to death, later were drowned in the never ending rivers of alcoholism, depression and other fun activities while building the communism. Interesting detail is that the elites (doctors, engineers) , those that did not emigrate, still did quite alright in soviet times: no luxury, but a relatively reasonable middle class life standard.

If you are that clueless and feel so passionate about Soviet revolution, please ask survivors of soviet regime and ask their opinion. One thing you can be sure, is that communism is not returning to Russia, to Poland, to Hungary, Chezh republic etc., guaranteed, 100%.

Comment Re:Article advocates red terror (Score 1) 511

Have a broader view.

I say that eating is just as important as medical services, much more important. I will also say that we all should be eating organic, fresh, custom made food with the strict supervision of qualified chiefs, who provide only the best food, and are always selected from top 5% of the class.

Or let people have a choice and eat whatever is that they want.

At least people have a real, legitimate and practical choice when it comes to catering decisions. In medical services your choices and competition are severely limited.

Comment Re:Which Article did you read? (Score 1) 511

Agree, Switzerland is far far from libertarian utopia. Quite contrary, there are so many rules and taxes, however it is all layered and the cantons and, eventually, local communities have a say on how to spend their money. Amending the social fabric for every individual is not practicable, however Switzerland has stricken a balance that ensured the wealth for their nation.

I do not get why having an influx of foreign wealth should be mentioned at all? Their economy got literally rewarded for doing what is right for the people, for their companies and their clients. Reasonable taxes are ok, however it should be up to the countries where the wealth is originating to deregulate their own countries, rather than going after the people who benefited from the complexity, corruption and stupid laws in their native countries.

Going after successful people, that do not belong to the ruling class, is one of the indicators of totalitarian regime.

Comment Re:Article advocates red terror (Score 1) 511

Give the consumers the choice whether to participate in malpractice protection scheme or not. Similar to the tire protection: when you visit car repair shop you have an option to buy "tire protection" as a premium, but nobody forces you to. Basically if you are visiting your doctor with a cold, you have an option to buy malpractice protection for, say $20, but if you don't you do not have a right to litigate the doctor if he misses that you have some other medical issue.

Reality is that only a small fraction of the premiums collected for malpractice, probably less than 10%, are actually paid to the malpractice claims. The rest of the money are paid towards litigation expenses (lawyers).

Comment Article advocates red terror (Score 3, Insightful) 511

I have read the original article at the Atlantic. This is a horrific horrific article, written by the sympathizers and apologists of the red terror in France, Soviet regimes (China and Soviet Union). Article also says that reduction of the number of the workers was a factor increasing the income the working class and decreased inequality.

First, it casually mentions Soviet and Chinese revolutions with their confiscation and redistribution. Article fails to mention, that such changes were followed by the civil wars against peasantry and the workers, the use of chemical weapons against insurgents, massive red terror, massive incarcerations, loss of the academic, scientific, professional, business and cultural elite by both troika death sentences and emigrations. Don't try to mention this "equality measure" in Russia, for you risk to be roughed up by those who hate communism. Also, article fails to mention, that these revolutions created a super-elite class which keeps most of the wealth in these countries, basically brainy yet criminally dishonest former communist party members who got filthy rich.

Secondly the article mentions confiscatory rate as the solution. Author simply fails to mention that if a marginal rate exceeds 50% people are less likely to try to make more money, and, most importantly, marginal income tax rate does not touch the principle, which is rarely if ever taxed.

This topic of inequality has been covered ad nauseum by Austrian economists, with the one and only conclusion: it is the excessive government regulation that is causing inequality. Here are some basic examples:... medical profession is completely regulated in the USA. The number of medical school graduates is strictly regulated in order not to produce surplus professionals. Many other factors, such as regulations and, for example, requirement to a have malpractice insurance, do add up to the medical practice costs and, subsequently, to the prices. As such, even now with Obamacare in effect, healthcare is un-affordable luxury for many, and some people are suffering from lack of it. If the profession is completely unregulated, and would allow unlimited immigration of medical specialists from anywhere in the world, combined with loosened importation of medications, malpractice reform, would seriously give death blow to the healthcare industry, which does not provide a meaningful increase in the longevity of lives of Americans compared to the countries such as Costa Rica or Albania.

Finally article fails to mention that there are countries where catastrophe was not required to have exceedingly high standard for their citizens. Switzerland. Super low federal taxes, most of the decisions are done locally by the cantons, historically libertarian governmental approach by the Government. There was never a catastrophe in Switzerland, but their living standard is one of the highest in the world. Also, inequality is not considered an issue, there are plenty of rich people, who live there with many regular Swiss minding their own business and not worrying about inequality: why would they?

Comment No to Alcohol, but yes to Lens cleaning liquid (Score 1) 154

Pure ethanol spirit is the best optical equipment cleansing liquid.

Even in the Soviet Union, which was officially obsessed with anti-alcoholism campaign, this type of designation was both given and taken without questions.

Joking aside, Russian cosmonauts considered it a matter of principle to smuggle alcohol to the space. Another, equally important principle, is to deny the fact of contraband and consumption to it.

Comment Much more subject matter exists (Score 1, Interesting) 118

There are a lot of red brick houses in the world. If only the date of the building of the house is known and the bricks are not repurposed from other buildings, similar information can be derived.

If they can measure the magnetic properties of the mortar you can even get the direction.

Comment More things to consider (Score -1, Troll) 401

So you want to use wind energy to freeze portions of the ocean where it would not be freezing otherwise?

This is the stupidest idea I have heard after 2016 elections.

Wind power efficiency is really low. In addition to that that much energy WILL slow down the winds and will cause a different type of climate cataclysmic fuck up.

Further, if so much wind power is harnessed, then it is so much better to use this wind power to replace fossil fuel manufactured electricity.

Also, the number of birds killed by the wind power and the number of sea lives perished due to the changed natural ocean flows will be much greater than the biodiversity lost due to the climate change.

For the record, warmer earth means more habitable land on earth.

Finally, Earth is still in the ice age, according to the scientists. Climate change, meaning warming, is supposed to happen anyway.

Google it.

Comment The law (Score 2, Insightful) 267

Right.... AirBNB has some illegal unlicensed activity and NYC uses law to impose heavy fines.

At the left side of the argument, illegal unlicensed people in NYC get taxpayer subsidized healthcare and public services and, including cash benefits.

Can somebody explain to how to reconcile enforcement of one laws and ignoring the second laws, printed on the same paper with the same ink.

Submission + - Using VPn in China is now officialy a crime (hardavenue.com)

Trachman writes: The Chinese government has recently blocked access to sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, which are the “roots” of the internet. Then internet users in the country have started to use private networks and VPNs, as a solution to bypass the restriction.

According to the new regulations and rules announced by the China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the use of VPNs will be banned from March 2018 and the use will be criminalized to ensure that internet connection is ‘healthy’.

Comment I have never understood (Score 0, Troll) 139

Why is that a common criminal who swindles federal money, a total of $0.2 million, who, based on the description, was working in aviation industry, perhaps at Boeing or some other related company is so much more important than Boeing wasting billions and billions of dollars, doing it consistently, over a long period of time, and using nice euphemisms as budget overruns or increases in cost. Presidential plane $4 billion project has been called a wastefully excessive (in price) and nobody got interviewed by FBI. Last time I have checked the mugshots in the newspaper, a person has been arrested in my town for $100 shoplifting. Why so much publicity on individual cases of private individuals?

Comment No, they are not (Score 2) 564

Cassetes have died long time ago and were totally pushed out by CD's.

CD's, at the same time, have been conquered by mp3/digital audios.

Now if you are talking about a bunch of retro aficionados, who collect vinyl, collect tapes, collect 35mm cameras. I am glad I do not hear that VHS tapes provide a more reliable image and have a soul.

Realistically, 140% increase is not enough to sustain increased interest in retro technology.

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