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Comment If you're a rabid gamer... (Score 1) 64

... you're running Windows.
But if you're running OS X or Linux for other purposes, you play games but you won't go out of the way to access them, this is a "very nice that it's available" option.

What this announcement mainly shows is that Valve is still looking for options to not be so dependent on Microsoft.

Comment I'm a bit ambivalent about this one... (Score 1) 467

... because if you bought it without going through the reviews first, and that includes not preordering and waiting for the reviews to show up, I have a bridge I'd like to sell you.
This title had Molyneux or Spore levels of hype, it was 99.5% guaranteed to disappoint.
Right now the only company I'd preorder from is CD Projekt Red. For the others, I'll wait for the reviews thank you very much.

Comment Sounds like good bye Apple (Score 1) 304

Item 1: Most Apple laptops with discrete graphics chips have problems. If they give up on the Iris Pro models, I don't want to know what happens.
Item 2: Pretty OLED touch bands are for content consumers (remember that part of the world who is calling Apple users "sheep"? Maybe they were right.). Content producers (programmers, designers, whatever) need physical keys with tactile feedback because they don't look at the fucking keyboard when working.

I switched to Macs from WinTel boxes with Linux on them like 5 years ago. It sounds like it's time to switch back...

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