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Comment Are you confusing languages with platforms? (Score 1) 331

Most programming languages are the same imperative/OO thing, and after 5 or 6 you just don't care any more. If the project allows, do choose the best one for the job, even if mixing, but don't get too held up on this. As a previous poster said, the main programming language is... English.

Now switching platforms is another problem, and that can hurt a bit. Still, after a while the pain dulls.

Comment Re:Last Ubuntu LTS without systemd was 12.04 right (Score 1) 207

It should be supported 1 more year, at least for servers. Then it's time to make a decision.

April 2014 was the time to make the decision. If you're not in the testing phase for systemd or an alternate distro at this point you're not doing your job.

I'm not a sysadmin any more, i just run my own toy servers. There ain't much to evaluate for those.

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