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Comment Sounds like good bye Apple (Score 1) 304

Item 1: Most Apple laptops with discrete graphics chips have problems. If they give up on the Iris Pro models, I don't want to know what happens.
Item 2: Pretty OLED touch bands are for content consumers (remember that part of the world who is calling Apple users "sheep"? Maybe they were right.). Content producers (programmers, designers, whatever) need physical keys with tactile feedback because they don't look at the fucking keyboard when working.

I switched to Macs from WinTel boxes with Linux on them like 5 years ago. It sounds like it's time to switch back...

Comment Are you confusing languages with platforms? (Score 1) 331

Most programming languages are the same imperative/OO thing, and after 5 or 6 you just don't care any more. If the project allows, do choose the best one for the job, even if mixing, but don't get too held up on this. As a previous poster said, the main programming language is... English.

Now switching platforms is another problem, and that can hurt a bit. Still, after a while the pain dulls.

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