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Submission + - Pressure mounts on CloudFlare to handle Tor users better (

AmiMoJo writes: CloudFlare and other similar services that distribute content on behalf of other sites, preventing them being Slashdotted or slow for users around the world, are coming under fire from users of the Tor anonymizing network. Tor users face particular problems with CloudFlare's anti-DDOS technology that often malfunctions, requiring them to enter multiple captchas to access content. In addition, such networks represent Global Active Adversaries, able to monitor and track users across sites, adding tracking cookies and other nasties. The Tor Browser Bundle is considering add a "Warning this site is under surveillance by Cloudflare" message, similar to those seen with bad SSL certificates.

Submission + - 3,000 Vodafone Memory Cards Infected (

Trailrunner7 writes: The malware that was found on a pair of Vodafone memory cards installed in HTC Magic handsets recently has in fact affected an entire batch of 3,000 memory cards, the company said. Vodafone Spain said that the company's investigation into the incident found that a much larger number of cards was infected than just the two that had been brought to light by security researchers in the last two weeks. And the infected cards may have been installed in handsets other than the HTC Magic, a spokesman said.

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