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Submission + - FBI warns of foreign hackers penertating state election sysems (yahoo.com)

mi writes: The low-information article, complete with the vague accusations against "Russians", claims, FBI is aware of foreign hackers' efforts to penetrate election systems of various states. In cases of two (unspecified) states, the hackers have, supposedly, already been successful.

The article's vagueness seems due to FBI being secretive about the highly-sensitive investigation.

"People, who vote, decide nothing. People counting votes decide everything."

— Joseph Stalin

Comment Re:Google's reply? (Score 1) 165

A search engine could provide links to a news item without showing any of the content. Of course, that will heavily devalue the news item in question, but if the EU insists on trying to destroy any notion of fair use, there will be inevitable casualties.

Maybe Google could just pay for the rights to access AP, Reuters and the other news wires, and then just say "Fuck it" to the news publishers, much of their content coming from exactly the same sources.

Comment Re:The whole idea is stupid (Score 2) 207

Three are actually some good reasons for providing a real ID and paper trail for hazmat truck drivers. Hamat disposal has often been simply _discarded_, dumped in open sewer drains or in inappropriate landfill, or dumped out at sea. The results have included medical refuse washing up on beaches and mercury in water supplies. Other hazmat materials have crashed and _leaked_ in residential areas where they were legally forbidden from travel. A basic ID and criminal check for handling such materials may exist for anti-terrorism reasons, but it has sensible use to prevent truck drivers who've been convicted of mishandling hazardous material in one state from being re-employed in another state.

Because of the money involved, and the opportunity to increase profits by cutting corners, hazmat _needs_ to be carefully regulated. Even if it's promoted for "security theater" reasons, it's a field where safety and verifying the source and delivery of material is important to commerce and safety.

Comment Re:Followed by: (Score 1) 445

I think scientists can make some larger statements on the impacts. No one can tell you what exactly it would be like at any particular location, But what you're doing is exaggerating the amount of uncertainty, and then trying to defend warming trends by invoking even less certain predictions. It's hard not to see how you aren't just being a contrarian simply because you don't like the answers science can provide.

When rain belts shift northward in North America, arid conditions will begin to become the norm in large parts of the American Midwest, and that will mean American food security will become, at some point over the next century so, one of the most serious issues the US has ever had to face. And this isn't a matter if whether it will happen or not, the debate is over WHEN it will happen.

Pumping vast amounts of formerly sequestered CO2 into the atmosphere is just plain bad. We should be moving at all speed to alternative energy sources, and either leaving the oil and coal in the ground, or finding some other use for it that doesn't involve releasing CO2 into the atmosphere.

Comment Re: Followed by: (Score 1) 445

You do understand, I trust, that different countries have different birth rates, right, so while one country may have a very high birth rate, another country may have a very low one. You know, how Japan's population is shrinking, and India's is growing?

It often makes me wonder if being a political partisan either causes stupidity, or political partisans are just inherently stupid people.

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