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Submission + - Allstate patents physiological data collection 1

TigerPlish writes: According to the Chicago Tribune, Allstate has been granted a patent — no. US 20140080100 A1 — that covers a "driving-behavior database that it said might be useful for health insurers, lenders, credit-rating agencies, marketers and potential employers."

The article continues, "...the invention has the potential to evaluate drivers' physiological data, including heart rate, blood pressure and electrocardiogram signals, which could be recorded from steering wheel sensors."

Imagine a world where you are denied employment or credit based on the information obtained from your car and sold by your insurer. Imagine a world where your insurer predicts how you may act or react in the future. Imagine your personal physiological information in Allstate's hands.

Good hands, indeed, right? What could possibly go wrong?

Submission + - AT&T rolls out iPhone Wireless Emergency Alerts 1

TigerPlish writes: AT&T has rolled out Wireless Emergency Alerts for iPhones, as this article explains.

The alerts are for huge catastrophes (a Presidential Alert), then for weather / natural calamities, and one for AMBER alerts. One can turn off the latter, but the Presidential alert cannot be turned off.

The article mentions only 4S and 5 get this update. That said, I have a 4 and it got the update this morning.

This was enacted in 2006, for those keeping track of such things.

I, for one, do not care for this any more than I like the idea of them reading my communications to begin with. Oh, I'm sorry, the "metadata" from my communications.

Submission + - TomTom LIVE devices useless during Rush Hours

TigerPlish writes: In certain high-density areas of the USA, such as Boston, New York City, South Florida (Broward and Dade Counties), TomTom LIVE traffic data fails to load in a reasonable time during the rush hours. Sometimes it loads in 10 minutes, sometimes in 20, and very often, never. This negates whatever benefits LIVE traffic data promised.

There's a long-running thread thread in the TomTom discussion forums dealing with the US LIVE issues.

The UK has its own set of issues, seen in this thread.

Given the goals stated in their Traffic Manifesto one would've expected a rapid fix to the problems. However, the issues persist.

Submission + - Romney exibited bullying / abusive behavior, WP article says (

TigerPlish writes: An investigative piece in the Washington Post brings forth that Mitt Romney once forcibly pinned a fellow male student and cut off his long bleached blonde hair simply because Romney thought it (the hair) wasn't right. Another incident involved deliberately holding a door closed on a blind teacher.

Pranks are pranks, but to this reader, these actions are those of an antisocial homophobic psycho.

Is this the type of person we want as President of the USA?


Submission + - Internet Pirates Useful, Funimation CEO finds.

TigerPlish writes: In this March 28 Variety aritcle, Funimation CEO Gen Fukunaga explains he finds pirates to provide useful data to assist him in selling to legit buyers.

"There are sites that'll rank the counts of downloads, and then we look at fan polls. So there's lots of data," said Mr. Fukunaga. Funimation has grown to take 27% of the US anime, making it number 1. By doing what others fear to do, Funimation's vaulted to the top, while older, bigger names fell flat on their faces. Folk in "traditional" media companies reading this must be going "Arr?"

Maybe they should be saying "Maybe there's something we can do with these pirates, other than try to hang them.. like maybe.. make money from them? Good heavens, we'd be treating them like our own customers! Brilliant! What punishment most fitting!"

But no. You know they'll try to hang 'em. It's okkay, companies fail, new ones are born. No biggie.

Submission + - MS will cripple 'non-genuine' copies of Vista

TigerPlish writes: Yahoo News reports Microsoft will cripple 'non-genuine' copies of Vista.

Crippling will be progressive, will start with disabling some features such as the Aero GUI and will apparently top out at limiting the nefarious user of a pirated Vista copy to using a web browser for one hour at a time. What's next? "This unauthorized computer will be summarily sublimated in seven seconds?" Frying hardware? Sky's the limit for the boys at Redmond, it'd seem.

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