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Comment Not for backup, but yes for music and video (Score 1) 331

I don't use it for backup, I use two MyBooks that I rotate - one home, one off-site.

I still buy music in CD. I don't buy much music, I'd say 95% is classical. I also have ripped around 95% of all my music into 312lkbps MP3.

For video, I stream / netflix snailmail as a means to screen before i buy it. If I like it I buy it, and on Blu-Ray if possible.

I have a 7-foot screen on the horizontal and fairly decent projection, sound and room. I have a pretty good blu-ray player. It's still my primary source. (Oppo BD-103, for the curious). Presentation matters.

I like my shelves full of books, CDs and bluray/dvd. I also like the convenience of media-less formats. Why not have both?

Comment *thump*thump* "Is this thing on?" (Score 1) 105


"Feliz, feliz en tu dia,
Amiguito que dios te bendiga,
Que te pase un camion por encima,

It's Puerto Rican for Happy Birthday. We kinda have a gallows humor down there ;o)

But seriously, yes, Happy Birthday, Linux, it was you who sent me down the professional IT path. Before that, it was just tinkering. Oh who am I kidding I'm still tinkering XD

Comment Re:Democrats too (Score 1) 75

They're called "rigged elections". It's nothing new; during the 1968 presidential election, Hubert Humphrey's mic would randomly and abdruptly cut off in mid-sentence....

Puerto Rico, 1980: A vicious campaign season, which yielded much two great little campaign jingles...

Anyway, the night of the count, the incubment proclaims he's the winner, while the official count had the challenger way ahead.

Then, the power went out at the counting center. The computers crashed. When they came back online, the challenger was up by only 1000 votes, with the San Juan Metro area still to count - an area which favored the incumbent.

Roughly a month later, the results were certified. The incumbent had won by roughly 3000 votes. You shoulda heard the shouting and hand-wringing during that month. It was a comedy of epic proportions, at least for our little island. I was 10 then. Learned a lot about politics that year but especially with the election itself.

I'm not buying that power-out story.. although to be fair, late 70's power in PR sucked so bad my house in a nice 'hood had four kerosene cold-blast lanterns and they got used a lot. I loved the light they put out, I have two here myself even today. Blowing transmission-line towers with TNT was a tactic used by the linemen union. Lots of sags and outright outs.

Still.... I'm still not buying that power-out.

Couldn't find an English version of this farce.

Then again, USA claims a similar fiasco.. 2000.... x.x

We are doomed, aren't we..

Comment Re:Vote out the Republicans. (Score 2) 75

You do realize the problem is party-agnostic, right? It doesn't matter what party the congresscritters belong to -- they're bought and paid for. Been like this for ages, but it seems to have gotten real bad in the early 70's.

I wonder... perhaps as payback for the whole anti-war movement? That's part of the Powell memo... the schools are teaching anti-corporate sentiments.. therefore the scools must be silenced or "encouraged" -- via generous "donations" to change their teachings, and the Rabble (that's us) needs to be silenced and our vote diminished.

Go read it, AC. There's copies of it all over the 'net.

Comment Is there any doubt left that Commerece rules Gov't (Score 5, Interesting) 75

Is there even remotely a chance that this insidious cycle can be broken?

Voting party lines won't fix this. This is party-agnostic.

It's time we add something to the Constitution: The separation of Commerce and State. But this will never, everty-ever happen. That relationship predates the US, it predates most of the last 2000 years, and I bet such shenanigans went on before that, too.

Citizen's United made it bloody plain these grotesque hybrid corporation/person abominations have the right to Free Speech, and money is speech. This BS needs to be overturned, it's probably Step 1.

Step 2 may be the Lobbies must be busted. Commerce went on a union-busting binge, we need to go on a lobby-busting binge.

The Soap Box is drowned in a sea of noise, the Ballot Box is broken, the Jury Box is bought and paid for, maybe it's time for the Ammo Box?

Comment Re:Driving in reverse (Score 1) 152

Frankly, the thought of sitting on an assembly line mindlessly inserting tab A into slot B all day is horrifyingly dreary.

I have done mindless tab A into slot B, and I've done careful hand-fitting of a board I just stuffed onto another board, on an assembly line. Tab A into slot B is indeed awful. But it paid better than washing dishes. Stuffing boards and mounting them to another board paid better and was more involved, and I enjoyed the precision aspect of it. Not what I would call bad or awful or boring. The stench of solder is something I miss, and reminisce about when I have to solder something these days.

I wasn't always an IT guy. Well, I was, but as a hobby. I had a day job with the gov't, and it paid shit, so I moonlighted at a local computer customization shop, where I was stuffing the aforementioned boards. This was in the early-mid 90's. Batches were typically around 2500 machines, all done to the same spec.

One morning they padlocked the gates, and bolted a sign to them: Closed with no notice. Call xxx-xxx-xxxx for your next instructions.

Yeah. Tossed out like so much garbage. One week's pay as severance. The work, we later heard, was sent to Malaysia.

Would I go back to factory work? Y'know, if I was making things I have an interest in, yeah, I'd do it. Watches. Cars. Yeah. Hand-made audio amps. Even if it *is* only bolting the hinges to the body, or only doing a few steps of a larger assembly.

But what do they make where I live? Hot air, bad music, awesome food. But manufacturing jobs? Heh... no. Perversely, a previous IT employer of mine just moved into what used to be a major Motorola factory. That IT employer has nothing do do with manufacturing of any kind.

What I'm trying to say, is that there can be pride in assembly work. I've felt it, and if you look at enough factories you'll see other people with that pride too. It's not all mindless tab A into slot B. Some people get to make something out of nothing more than sand, fire and molten metal. I would love to do that.

Comment Re:Driving in reverse (Score 1) 152

As long as that doesn't include off-sourcing jobs to China, and paying taxes to any country except the one that made Apple possible...

And if that's Apple, just imagine what others are doing.

Apple's not blameless and have plenty of business nastiness in them. No one gets as old as they are and remain idealists.

There's a lot worse out there.

Comment Re:Driving in reverse (Score 5, Insightful) 152

I thought Apple was first and foremost a technology company?

You can be a tech company and try to not be total douchebags.

Or, you can be a tech company with no conscience and burn and pillage your way to profit. Which btw, IS the norm. I'd rather deal with the less evil. Even if I had money invested in it.

Just my two cents.

Comment I can say this despite liking the iPhone (Score 1) 222

When they made the 6 and 6+, Apple broke one of the most critical tenets of engineering: Form Follows Function, not the other way 'round. Thinner isn't always better. They made the 6 and 6+ trendy, hip and skinny -- and that broke the Function part of engineering.

I'm glad I still have my 5S, and when the time comes that it goes to cellphone heaven, I'll replace it with a new small phone. I'm so glad Apple is making one again. Fatter, shorter phones don't bend as much as a thin huge phone.

Comment Re:Hackers stole a set of NSA cyberweapons (Score 1) 100

This thing of the government being inept, have you seen private bureaucracies at work?

After working for a decade and a half in the private sector, yes, I have seen private red tape and wonder just how exactly money is made, given the overall disjointedness of it all.

PFM, I suppose.

Comment Re:Hackers stole a set of NSA cyberweapons (Score 5, Insightful) 100

Does anyone here really believe this cyber bullshit?

Yes, yes I do.

Rationale being: "Government is inept at best and criminal at worst. A happy medium is they being criminally inept. NSA is a Government agency, ergo all the batshit insane ineptness that infects the Government also infects the NSA"

So yes, I believe the NSA got owned, and now begins the rearranging of deckchairs. A few people will be fired or otherwise disposed of, new techniques and tools will be developed, and life will be back to its nefarious normality again.

But for now, grab your bacon, popcorn and intoxicant of choice, sit back and watch! This may be the best damn show of our age!

(or it may be a brilliant piece of mis-direction, which would not make it any less real, just thornier and harder to decipher)

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