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Journal Thwomp's Journal: BBC iPlayer Not Just For Windows! 2

It seems that on various sites (and petitions!) people are making a big issue about the BBC's iPlayer being restricted to Windows DRM only. While it's true that it only works on Windows at the moment the BBC Trust has asked the BBC to investigate a platform antagonistic solution so it can also work on Macs and Linux. You can even see this conclusion in their Public Value Test:

The BBC Executive proposes a digital rights management solution which would require consumers to be using Windows XP (or above) and Windows Media Player 10 (or above) to be able to access seven-day TV catch-up over the internet. The PVA noted that we would expect the BBC to adopt a platform-agnostic approach. The MIA also identified benefits to a platform-agnostic approach.

We propose to require the BBC Executive to adopt a platform-agnostic approach to rights management within a reasonable timeframe. The MIA notes an expectation that the BBC Executive plans to develop a Real Player alternative in the near future. Our understanding is that the BBC Executive aspires to offer an alternative DRM framework, which would enable Apple and Linux users to access the service, but has yet to identify a satisfactory solution. In either case, we will expect this to have been addressed within 24 months.

While it's clear they don't have a solution just yet I'm confident the BBC will come up with something that will include all operating systems. Presently the BBC Trust is holding a public consultation for on-demand services. I would strongly recommend giving feedback if you don't like what they're doing or have any other ideas.

I hate how stories like this just echo around the Internet. Doesn't anyone check anything these days!?

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BBC iPlayer Not Just For Windows!

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  • I think nobody's too fussed because they everyone knows the MS monopoly peaked a while back, it's all downhill from here. Mark my words, in a couple of years, "Agnosticism" will be the new Web 3.0 buzzword.

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