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Comment test run (Score 1) 179

Which manufacturing capacity does ISIS have left? Which engineers have not yet run away from the sinking ship?

Someone is using ISIS as a test run for their latest toy, and it's not the Russians (they would test by themselves). Expect the US or some of its allies to use weaponized small drones in the next war against the next terrorists, the result of "years of military research".

Comment Re:It's about landmass (Score 1) 408

We used to use re-chargable vehicles all the time. They were called horses. After a certain distance, they needed quite a long time to re-fuel and rest.

The solution was to swap the discharged horses out for new ones. This would also work well for electric vehicles. If cars are very easy to rent, there's no need to own a specific one, so once it's flat, plug it in and pick another.

Car ownership is dropping in Europe as it becomes cheaper and more convenient to rent. Rent a big car for the family holiday, and then a small one for a day trip, and then a van for moving furniture. Much more convenient than having to use the same vehicle for everything. Getting a train 90% of the way and easily renting a car for the last 10 miles is a nicer journey than driving all the way. Now, an electric car is fine for ten miles, while it wouldn't have managed the whole journey.

It's not about making electric cars behave just like the petrol ones we are used to. It's about changing how we transport ourselves around.

Comment Re:Illegal product? (Score 1) 175

Well, you missed those key words from my previous post, so I had to try something more drastic if I was going to repeat them, and unfortunately the blink tag is no longer supported...

Plus, it seemed like you expected me to be impressed with the specific caps you used in your comment, so I figured you'd find them impressive! ;)

Comment Re:Shudder. (Score 4, Insightful) 183

Sounds horrible to me. Why bother?

Not sure what MS' motivation is, but it's good news for a lot of scientific software developers. Small teams or single researchers rarely have enough time to even keep the main development going, never mind keeping up with multiple OS targets. With this everybody can simply focus on Linux, and tell Windows users to just run it under the Linux layer and stop asking about a native port.

Comment Re:Potential use of CRISPR/CAS (Score 1) 292

The problem is while you might be able to edit the gene on a local culture/colony in a lab, there's no way to spread it. In the end it's spreading via natural selection because it selects bacteria that live (due to being antibiotic resistant).

Since bacteria reproduce through binary fission, the bacteria with the knocked out/altered gene won't have a good way of spreading the change. And even if they did, it probably wouldn't replace the active gene.

Comment Re:Illegal product? (Score 1) 175

Apply to the FBI, CIA, NSA

We are not talking about government agencies with security clearance. Did you where I said COMPANY?

Fifteen years later you're applying for a TSC or above, and they ask you the question, usually while hooked to a polygraph.

See above, plus, did you see where I said WRITTEN APPLICATION?

Sure, but that's not the point of the question; the point is to ask if you have knowingly broken the law, and most people know whether they have or not. That's what the question is designed to get at.

And hence, the WHOLE ORIGINAL POINT - you called him a crook who hadn't been caught, but you have no idea whether HE thought what he did was illegal, and neither does anyone else. Since what he thinks is entirely up to him, it would be totally unenforceable in a job application in his case.

Comment Re:Illegal product? (Score 1) 175

Yes, and for some jobs they ask things like, "Have you ever committed a crime for which you haven't been caught?"

And because you say so makes it true? No major company (read: one who had any lawyers review the application forms) would ask that on a written application (at least today) because it's not even legally enforceable. Pretty much everyone has broken the law at some point and not been caught - most people have broken the law at least once and never known it. In fact, in this very case it's entirely possible that the defendant didn't think he was breaking the law - many /. users here are arguing (probably incorrectly) that he in fact did not.

They may ask "have you ever been charged with a crime", but even that doesn't mean much since that has nothing to do with guilt or innocence.

Comment Inaccurate article details... (Score 4, Informative) 292

CDC testing subsequently revealed the germ was New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase -- a highly resistant form of CRE

It should at least read "revealed the germ CONTAINED New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase". NDM-1 is not a bacteria, it's an enzyme possessed by resistant bacteria that inactivates antibiotics.

What's really fun is that this gene can potentially be transferred to other types of bacteria laterally...

Comment Re:Well Trump has one thing right (Score 1) 529

Ok, forget it, I see no need to get into a childish argument based on baseless insults. Was there any particular reason you decided to start "abusing" someone you don't even know out of the blue? Having a bad day?

Come on, don't be a jerk, Andrew. The Valley is a small place, why go out of your way to make enemies online for no reason?

Comment Re:Well Trump has one thing right (Score 1) 529

If you want to argue for open borders, that's completely different.

No it's not completely different. And it's not the same as "open borders". There will always be classes of immigration. One class is "people who have a job in the US". You don't have to let everyone who wants stroll across the border to allow unlimited people who already have a job lined up into the country.

Again, I'm not saying I am advocating that policy, but that's what REMOVING ALL MARKET INTERFERENCE means. Limiting immigration of properly vetted people who are coming to the US to fill a job vacancy is obviously a form of free market interference.

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