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Comment Re:Saving Money (Score 1) 203

Except: View everything on-demand. Have as many TV's as you like, no need for DVR's for time-shifting. No adverts.

In a home with 4 TV's we'd have needed to rent 4 cable boxes - we saved $120/month on cable fees (still paid for Internet)...added $10 for Netflix, $4 for Acorn, $10 for Amazon Prime. We probably spend another $20 on Amazon for movies and non-free TV shows. We have an antenna on each TV for local news and stuff like that.

We're saving a little money - but that's not the point. Watch what we want, when we want, no adverts. That's a game changer.

Better still, the quality of shows that you pay for directly is WAY higher than those that are paid for by some collection of advertisers. Netflix make shows that their customers want to watch - not shows that advertisers will pay to stuff adverts into. Binge watching is a great way to see long-running shows. Weird niche stuff is always available as well as the obvious content.

We cut the cord about 4 years ago - we tried going back to cable briefly - but cut the cord again after just a few months. Every year, the online streaming stuff gets better and better.

Comment Oversaturation (Score 1) 203

I like being able to pick what I want, rather than reality TV shows being on every channel and that's my only option. History Channel reality TV, discovery channel reality TV... ARGH!

Without a doubt, there's too many options and not enough variety in the content. The service is over-saturated. The market needs to contract, and now's a great time for that to happen. I hope we can get rid of all the bloat and wasted programming out there and concentrate it down to less channels with better programming.

Comment russian programmers (Score 1) 271

To be fair, in my 30 coding career, some of the top programmers I've ever studied and worked with were Russian. Their skill was just vastly, disproportionately better than any other peers and colleagues. No idea why. I'd actually look forward to Russian made software! Except for all the pesky back doors.

Comment Re:Test it with the following (Score 1) 87

Yes, they will. We used to do this for translating medical papers. The paper would go from English to Chinese and then that would be sent to a different translation company to be re-translated into English. The derived English would then be subject to the same level of clinical and copy editor review as the original. If it didn't pass the Chinese translation would be rejected.

It's extremely expensive, but it can be done. We did this with millions of words, and it cost millions of pounds. No automatic translation would have stood a chance, because those machines aren't trained on clinical text. Hell, there isn't even enough translated medical text like that too use as a training corpus yet!

Comment Oh my. (Score 1) 459

"helps government agencies track down terrorists and uncover financial fraud,"

Other ethnic backgrounds not hired Palantir:
- North Korean
- Russians
- Iranians
- Cubans
- Chechens
- Former/current ISIS members

"Asians" may be a tad too broad. Chinese nationals? Hell, yes. I know of quite a few places that do something similar. The problem is that the idiots doing the screening cannot differentiate between a 2nd generation US citizen from Vietnamese or Hong Kong families, and someone who only a little while ago carried a nice red book and quoted the chairman.

What are the other 17 non-Asians? White, black, hispanic, pakistani, japanese, egyptian, etc?

Comment Traffic logging (Score 1) 277

I think we will eventually need a better method to track TCP/IP traffic going into our routers and on to the internet. I have a WRT1900 and its default usage graph is pretty lame but I can see who's sucking down bandwidth when my response time dips.

I would love to have a 1Hz usage update log for every device on my router, because I've seen my thermostat thank my network during a software update.

This will be the only way we can tell if our IoT devices are being used as a botnet. The primary gateway for IoT is HTTP(S). I don't see that changing for at least a decade. The edge nodes will always talk to a local web gateway that connects to our routers.

Hence, we need better router statistics and possibly even usage warnings. This will at least detect suspicious behavior.

Comment Encryption was expensive (Score 1) 125

Computationally that is, I don't think it would have flown in the early 90s and the adoption rate would have been the same it was with SSL (and TLS). It wasn't not so long ago that I actually had to provide resource impact reports on servers where everything would be encrypted. Nowadays (unless you deal with extreme large volumes), encrypting (using an symmetric key that is) doesn't have a significant impact. Web servers, load-balancers, etc can support it without breaking a sweat.

Comment Self-righterous bullshit; the "company" is pissed (Score 1) 78

If I was that Ziegler fellow I'd be consulting a lawyer. Spouting that shit publicly, verges (ha!) on defamation.

I'm not saying what Ziegler was right, although in this day and age, one should show very little loyalty to any corporation because they basically claim "people are our most precious resource" but treat employees like shit.

I've seen staff where I worked, take a few weeks off or take a leave of absence. What they do, is try another job and see if it suits them. They quit the original job, or they quit the new job. I'm not going to judge people too much when they do this, hell, the company is always evaluating if they should terminate you.

At this moment I have two contracts. Place A does not know of place B, but place B knows of me working at place A and they don't care. The type of work is very different and they're not in the same sector. Sure place A could claim some crap, but if they do, I just have to walk and move on to the next gig. They can claim some BS excuse anyways, doesn't matter.

Comment Re: Echo chamber (Score 1) 852

Obama was hot stuff in 2008 and not so hot today

Seriously, what is your financial situation today vs 2008? I'm really interested in the details here. I'll provide mine in the same way Trump WILL NOT. Provide details of how you were so oppressed over the last 8 years or shut the fuck up.

In 2008 my gross income was maybe ~130K. Last year it was 450K+. What possible fucking reason do I have to regret the last 8 years? I should love Trump's positions, but I have the extra personal burden of social MORALITY. Gotta admit, Obama was a reasonably socially liberal and pitifully financially conservative President. Based on his own statements Trump would be a horribly socially AND financially REGRESSIVE President.

I probably could have dropped the mike there, but can't... I realize I have been extremely fortunate compared to the average in the last 8 years (I am not in the 1%, but definitely the 2-3%) and have donated significantly to various charities. Have you? We know Trump hasn't, outside of his charity that paid for various lawsuits...

Comment Re: Echo chamber (Score 1) 852

We were not discussing getting AWAY from politics, but discussing IT intelligently. To be honest /. is in the 90th percentile in that compared to most other social media sites.

If you want to get AWAY from that, I totally agree to play a game, have fun, and stay off the big boy discussions. Two different things.

Comment Re:So basically... (Score 1) 637

The reason it is so shocking that things are so polarized in this election, though, is not that it's the usual minor distinctions between white conservatism and white liberalism that was the last election - it's that the (so called) conservative candidate has dredged up divisive racial and religious issues most of the first world thought was dealt with - and HE GOT MASSIVE SUPPORT FOR IT.

And further, the Euro-literati who thought this was a local American affectation soon realized it is spreading. Why? Because the distribution of wealth today is moving away from the prosperous 50's-60's and back to where it was in the early 1900's. Why should it be any surprise that those affected are not reacting to that!?

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