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Comment Re: Stop it with the SJW crap!!! (Score 1) 677

Mostly by those that I tried to look after. I was actually trying to get people to understand that we're heading for disaster, only to notice that I'm wasting my resources doing so. Then I realized that I do not have kids and that I will not experience the worst effects of our ignorance in my lifetime and from there it was only a rather small step to not giving a fuck anymore.

Comment Marketing, not monopoly (Score 1) 156

There are other epinephrine auto-injectors on the market in the US, cleared by the FDA. A simple Google search will show Adrenaclick at the top of page 1 (FDA cleared, available, and cheaper than EpiPen). It's not hard to find.

The problem here is that people want an "EpiPen", which is a BRAND, not a drug. These guys do not have a monopoly on epinephrine auto-injectors (the thing people need), they have a trademark on "EpiPen" (their product name), which is totally reasonable.

This is not an FDA issue, a generic drug access issue, or an issue with the pharma industry's reduction of effective R&D everywhere but the US. This is about people being susceptible to marketing and branding.

Comment Re: Stop it with the SJW crap!!! (Score 1) 677

Yes, but clean energy is (at least now) more expensive than burning fossil fuel. I live in a country that made such a push and yes, you're right, my way of life changed not by one bit. Then again, I can afford the +20% energy bill due to subsidies for wind and solar power.

So, in a way, you're right: You needn't change your way of life. If you can afford it.

Comment Re:Feminist/SJW Echo Chamber Circling The Bowl (Score 1) 129

Considering that SJWs consider everything that disagrees with them as "harassment", you lose a lot more. You lose the main function of Twitter: The exchange of expressions of opinions.

Twitter could have been the proverbial "marketplace of ideas", where people can offer their point of view and by approval and disapproval we could have seen the true opinions of people visiting, unblemished and unencumbered by peer pressure, due to the general anonymity of the medium. Yes, that does mean that you get to see the radical and even the mean side of society, but if that is what you see, this is what we are.

We might not want to see that, but if this is what such a place ends up to be, it does mean that we are down in our core radical assholes, moderated by a society.

Comment Re: it'll still be political (Score 1) 129

If you filter out crap you do not want to hear from things you read, be my guest. It's your prerogative to keep yourself sheltered from reality (but please don't complain to me should reality somehow enter your world regardless and hit you in the face unprepared).

If you filter out crap you don't want to hear from things I read, I have to leave, because that's not your prerogative. It's mine.

If they make it OPTIONAL, so people with fragile souls and special snowflakes can avoid facing opinions that don't match theirs and feel safe inside their echo chamber of friends who only parrot their own opinion, fine. If it is mandatory, why bother going on Twitter anymore? I already know my opinion, testing it for validity requires pitting it against opposing opinions, only that way I can actually find out whether it is valid.

Comment missing the point (Score 2) 251

Equal pay for equal work is a nice phrase, but this is not the way the world works. Forget gender for a minute, and think about whether this approach has a chance to work in any situation where we're trying to equalize economic outcomes.

You don't get paid just based on the work you do. The risks you take, your ability to negotiate, and your ability to leverage your existing finances can play a much bigger role in how much money you make than your actual work. This is why investors make more money than management, who make more money than the people doing the work.

This policy of focusing on salary, standardized benefits, and career development worked in the economy a generation or two removed from today. Now, wealth and advancement are generated through job-hopping or maintaining ownership of your work, not annualized salary. I think telling women they'll do well by sticking with one company and fighting for raises and career development is a recipe to create a gender wage gap.

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