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Comment Re:Dear politicians (Score 1) 41

If he's being shot down left and right by everyone from the "established" media as well as bloggers, and ridiculed on Twitter and Facebook, they'll at best become the next Cameron, who had an SI unit named after himself: 1 Cameron being the minimum distance between two blunders.

Comment Dear politicians (Score 4, Insightful) 41

If you plan to propose a law concerning the internet and telecommunication:

1) Find out how the internet and telecommunication infrastructure works.
2) Ponder how to enforce the law.
3) Ponder who gets to set the required rules and regulations to enforce the law.
4) Propose it.

Jumping straight to 4, as you usually do, leads to ridicule and only accomplishes that you're showing off your ignorance to a more and more computer- and internet-savvy population. In other words: Don't do it if you value your career.

Comment Only took 55 years or so... (Score 1) 298

The Soviets have been fomenting internal strife in the US since, at least, 1961. But that was Ok, because their propaganda was helping the Leftist causes.

Now that the Russians — in the mistaken belief, that Trump will be nicer to them than the alternative (of "Reset" fame) — chose to root for him, it is, suddenly, something, a government needs to fight. First Amendment be damned.

Comment Re:Meanwhile the REAL hate... (Score 1) 1042

Oh, wow, you are still moving? I may need a new broomstick...

Given that Ukraine was freed in 1944

My grandfather was working the long-range bombers, which bombed Berlin in 1941. His brother finished officers-school in 1943 and commanded an artillery battery with sufficient distinction to get join the "Red Banner" order. In Ukraine.

And given your general attitude your grandfather was probably a Hiwi so he was doing what he was told by Germans.

There there. Straight from Putin TV — whoever wishes for independent Ukraine, must have been a German collaborator. Sorry to disappoint, but they weren't taking Jews into Hilfswilliger. You probably have heard of it — it was quiet a controversy for a while.

Well, except when they have brown skin or arab sounding names

More of the KGB-sponsored talking points — whoever is for strong America, must be a racist.

then they'll get beaten up by the likes of you

Baseless and totally false accusations — slander, actually.

Immigrants stay immigrants in Germany, but if they integrate themselves into the society, they are perfectly accepted

Separate but equal, right? Thank you for confirming my point — and accepting my accusation. Like I said, a German has no right to lecture Americans on the treatment of immigrants.

don't confuse my strong dislike of you personally and nationalists generally

Its been less than 100 years since a German led my great-grandmother to Babiy Yar. Today, his asshole descendant is telling me of the evils of "nationalism"? Wow... Had you been trolling, this would've been a good one, but you are on defensive and thus obviously sincere. Sincerely stupid...

respected by the German colleagues (also except the Ukrainian)

He-he... You are doing the lecturing wrong too...

my attitude to immigrants

I neither know nor care for your attitude towards immigrants. The entire nation of Germany has a long way to go, before it has the moral standing to lecture Americans on the subject of interracial relations and nationalism.

Comment Re:Copy machine at stores (Score 1) 163

The main use I can see for such a machine is printing replacement parts for the cheap bit of plastic that breaks in a load of consumer equipment, but where the replacements are too difficult or expensive to buy. Unfortunately, doing that well will also need some kind of 3D scanner so that you can put in the broken bit and modify it (e.g. put in two parts and then drag them around until you have a single object).

Comment Re:The problems are many (Score 1) 163

No doubt about it, but look at it: Frankly, it looks like something you'd expect in some cheesy 60s scifi movie. People are used to appliances that are closed black boxes that just spew out what they're supposed to produce, they don't want to see the wiring under the board.

Yes, I do and yes, I agree, the Prusa is a great design and I love it every time I use it, but the topic here is the question why this didn't get mass appeal. And mass appeal is something gained and won by the way it looks. And this looks intimidating to the average Joe out there. It looks like something he won't get under control, and he's not going to shell out 740 bucks to find out whether he does.

Comment The problems are many (Score 2) 163

And one of the key ones is that there are too many out there. With heatpads and without, with this or that plastic, and let's not get started on the various designs on how to get the filament on the ground. Many different designs, some looking rather ridiculous like something Dr. Strangelove would have invented. Yes, it still is a rather experimental thing, and it looks the part, too.

And people don't want that. Especially with something they're supposed to pay a thousand bucks for or even more. What people want is something that "just works". And "just works", it sure doesn't. It needs tweaking and a lot of try and error to get it right.

And in the end, what do you get out of it? You can print plastic parts. Provided you have the design files for them. Umm... yeah, that's ... well, ... why sugar coat it, it's bullshit. Unless there is something you can print that you can't buy MUCH cheaper, there is exactly no point to drop a thousand bucks and go through all the hassle on top of it.

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