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Traffic-Flow Algorithm Can Reduce Fuel Consumption 328

thecarchik writes "New projects from German automakers Audi and BMW promise to ease congestion simply by looking at traffic signals and driving style, in an effort to smooth the flow of traffic. Through a test course in Munich, vehicles were able to post phenomenal fuel efficiency gains simply by adjusting the timing of traffic lights depending on traffic volume — to whatever speed provides a so-called 'green wave' of four or more synchronized signals."

Feed Engadget: Acer: Eee PC killer on track for Q2/Q3 (

Filed under: Laptops

We had the chance to corner Acer at CeBIT to ask them about their plans for that Eee PC killer. We received confirmation from Stefan Engel, Managing Director and Country Manager for Acer Germany, that they were on target for a Q2/Q3 release. Incidentally, they will continue to offer the 7-inch Packard Bell EasyNote XS (aka, Everex CloudBook, NanoBook, FIC CD260) along side the Acer branded 7- to 9-incher even though Packard Bell is all but officially an Acer subsidiary.

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United States

Submission + - Warrants? We don't need no stinkin' warrants! 3

An anonymous reader writes: Attorneys on the staff at the Utah Attorney General's office received a few anonymous emails offering sexual favors. Instead of filing these, "Let's meet at a hotel." emails with the rest of the spam, they use all resources at their disposal to learn the real identity of the person behind these salacious offers. The AG's office invokes their power under the guise of "Homeland Security," but apparently, without getting any actual warrants. Regardless, MSN and Yahoo! comply and provide the identity of the emailer. In the end, instead of a tryst, the emailer finds herself facing charges in court. No one is asking why charges aren't being brought against the AG for obtaining information under false pretenses. IANAL, but if they avoid obtaining a warrant, they also avoid swearing under oath the actual purpose of their investigation.

Submission + - Microsoft Slashing Prices on Vista

thatskinnyguy writes: Reuters is reporting that Microsoft is intending to cut prices on its Windows Vista Operating System in an effort to encourage more people to upgrade.

"In the United States, Microsoft will reduce prices for Windows Vista Ultimate, the company's top-end operating system, to $319 from $399 for the full version and cut the price for an "upgrade" version to $219 from $259 for consumers who already run Windows XP or another edition of Vista."

Feed The Register: Nokia starts tagging photos (

I know where you were last summer

Nokia Beta labs has released an application for tagging photographs with GPS coordinates, with a view to embedding the technology into future versions of the S60 platform. However, few seem to realise that Nokia handsets are already tagging their pictures with a country of origin deduced from the cell location.


Submission + - EeePC "just a race to the bottom" says Son ( 4

Alex Dekker writes: ""If [Asus' Eee PC] starts to do well, we are all in trouble" says Sony's Mike Abary in this interview with CNet. Presumably by "all", he means all the hardware manufacturers who sell over-priced full-fat laptops. And he's not going to be too pleased when he sees the Linux-powered sub-£100 [$200] Elonex One. Looks like what's bad for Sony is good for the consumer."
The Internet

Submission + - Bush Desperate for Retroactive Telecom Immunity (

I Don't Believe in Imaginary Property writes: "President Bush recently held a news conference demanding that Congress hurry up and pass a FISA bill that gives telecoms retroactive immunity for their crimes, claiming that 'their assistance was legal and vital to national security'. Without legal authorization to continue, 'we cannot protect our country from terrorist attack'. He also vowed to continue speaking on the matter until the American people understand. Sen. Kennedy replied that 'Adhering to the rule of law would not "aid our enemies" — it would uphold the very principles we are fighting for.'"
Operating Systems

Submission + - Would open sourcing the OS/2 code benfit OSS? (

Jose R Rodriguez writes: "The OS/2 World Foundation is sponsoring a second request to IBM for the latter to consider open sourcing the OS/2 source code. The December 2007 signature list petitioning IBM to open source (at the very least) the unencumbered OS/2 source code is expected to surpass the 11,000+ signatures of the past 2006 petition. CIO's editor Esther Schindler has elaborated on the potential issues that IBM might come against in considering seriously that request. Do Slashdot think, as I Jose R Rodriguez from Metztli IT do, that open sourcing the OS/2 code might enrich any of the many current open source projects, including the successful creation and/or advancement of a hybrid components operating system project code named Voyager?"

Submission + - OS2 Open Source Petition (

Kim Haverblad writes: "More than two years ago on September 25, 2005, OS2 World.Com sent IBM a letter with a petition that contained 11,613 signatures requesting IBM to release the source code of Operating System 2 (OS/2 Warp) — or at least release the source code that IBM owns — to the public under an open source license. Sadly IBM was ignorant enough to not answer the first letter and this is why we sent a second letter to IBM.

On November 19, 2007, OS2 World.Com sent the second letter to IBM where we insisted on implementing the stipulations contained in this petition because we believe that OS/2 is an important part of the history of the Operating System, and furthermore, it still contains values that the computer science field considers unique.

The petition can be found at following url:"

Operating Systems

Submission + - Petition to open OS/2 source, round/2 ( 1

The_Wilschon writes: On September 25, 2005, sent a petition with 11,613 signatures to IBM, asking them to release some or all of the source code to OS/2. Oddly, given IBM's embrace of the Open Source movement, the letter was ignored. So, on November 19 of this year, sent a second letter. They have also opened up a second petition round in order to show even more support to IBM for their requests. In particular, the System Object Model (SOM), Workplace Shell (WPS), and OS/2 kernel could both spur new OS/2 development and provide some fresh ideas to the Free Software world.

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