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Journal TheSandBox's Journal: VOTING: Prop #00: The Rules 55

EDIT: Voting will remain open until more member nations have cast their vote. Currently only 33 votes have been cast out of 81 member nations.

According to the provisions of the proposed rules, voting shall remain open for a period of no less than 3 days and require 3/4 of votes from all members of The Back Yard and approval by The Empress to be The Rules of The Back Yard.

I will perform the Roll Call for this initial vote. I realize several people have already voted in the discussion JE, sorry for the confusion. I felt obligated to allow for debate, seperate from voting, in case there were objections to any of the previsions in the proposal.

Since no objects were raised, regarding the amended version of The Rules...

Voting will proceed according to Section 2 Articles 1, 9 & 13 which can be generalized as the following:

  • One vote per person using logged in slashdot user accounts. Please only one post per person in this journal.
  • Vote with "yes" or "no" or any variation that adhears to your local customs.
  • Insert a link to your nation on to aid in verifying membership in The Back Yard
  • 3/4 of all members of the region must vote in favor of the proposal for The Rules to be ratified.
  • Voting will end when a) all votes are cast, b) voting time expires c) 3/4 of the members in The Back Yard have voted for the proposal d) Jan 27th ~ 17:15 Pacific / 1:15 (Jan28) GMT
  • El Jefe de Caffeinastan

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VOTING: Prop #00: The Rules

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