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Comment Re:Propaganda (Score 1) 26

There is nothing new about YouTube paying $1B to media companies. Literally nothing, and it has been reported here before. So not intending any personal reflection, but you're not going to piss on me and tell me it's raining. I also note a coincidence in that the articles were posted by the same person, although I tend to doubt there is any significance to that. So if it's not new, informative, or current, what is it doing here?

Comment Propaganda (Score 1) 26

So YouTube vs the music industry is an odd fight for public opinion. The music industry is hoping that public pressure will get them a bigger cut of whatever profits are to be had (not that YouTube is profitable, but it could potentially be). However, the media companies are not campaigning for a change in law (this time), they just want a bigger cut. So the question is, why does this article exist? I am fairly certain that Google has made this point before, and that it was posted on Slashdot. Are we concerned that the new administration will be more favorable somehow? Is this just a random dupe?

I am on Google's side here -- legally their position is very clear -- but this is propaganda, not news. Yes, YouTube pays out lots of money, but it's not like they just started doing that today. What's the real story? Why are we seeing this?

Comment Why do people patronize the major labels? (Score 1) 26

I assume that people watch videos containing major label music instead of Creative Commons music because major label music is more familiar to them. Then the question becomes how major label music became more familiar to them in the first place, despite Creative Commons music being readily available for both download and streaming. Is it that people without a big cellular data plan still listen to FM radio, which plays almost entirely major label music?

Comment Re:Wider range of professions for women? (Score 1) 60

Disney fans may need emojis.

Considering how many stories we get about Marvel this, Star Wars that, Pixar the other, and people holding onto cable because ESPN owns exclusive broadcast rights to professional and collegiate sport matches, there are probably a lot of fans of Disney products and services who read Slashdot.

Comment Re:Hosts speed up the web 2 ways (Score 1) 194

[Kernel-level DNS blocking uses] Less power/cpu/ram + IO use vs. DNS/routers [...] + less security issues/complexity.

Eh, pihole is faster.

You still need to provide power to that Raspberry Pi. And you didn't address "complexity", as you also need to build your Pi (or do they come in cases yet?), install Pi-Hole, configure Pi-Hole, and keep Pi-Hole updated.

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