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Submission + - Microsoft SQL Server 2016 ... on Linux (microsoft.com)

BitZtream writes: Microsoft claims to love Linux, so much so that they seem to be bringing SQLServer to Linux in 2017. While the release mentions Linux in the title, iOS and Android for BI integrations appear to also be in the works. The announcement on the official Microsoft blog today is a surprising change from the Microsoft we knew only a few years ago. A preview is mentioned as available today though no link was found. With the recent purchase of Xamarin, as Microsoft finally decided there is more money to be made by not requiring vendor lock in?

Comment Re:As a current free DynDNS user... (Score 1) 125

EveryDNS is more like the "custom DNS" feature in DynDNS which uses their servers to provide nameservers for your own domain. DynDNS's custom DNS service is $30/year if you aren't hosting with them, while EveryDNS is/was free.

ThatIP only charges $10/year for the same "custom DNS", and now started doing dedicated ipv6 nameservers too!


Submission + - Craters, lava flows and tectonic features on Mars (spacefellowship.com)

xp65 writes: "The Mars Express High Resolution Stereo Camera imaged a region close to Ma'adim Vallis, one of the largest canyons on Mars. The images cover 138 x 70 km, roughly the size of Cyprus. A sharp boundary is visible in the centre, dividing dark material to the west and light material to the east. Scientists suspect that this feature is most likely the edge of a basaltic lava flow. The pictures are centred at about 29S and 182E and have a ground resolution of 15 m/pixel."

Comment Re:Look at the bright side -- ZFS for Linux! (Score 4, Informative) 205

I've long been immensely frustrated that you can't get kernel-space ZFS (sorry FUSE) compiled into a Linux kernel because of inane licensing issues*....

Well it is a good thing FreeBSD does not have a restrictive license like that. FreeBSD 8.0 will have ZFS with zpool 13, and here is how to use it.




CCC Create a Rogue CA Certificate 300

t3rmin4t0r writes "Just when you were breathing easy about Kaminsky, DNS and the word hijacking, by repeating the word SSL in your head, the hackers at CCC were busy at work making a hash of SSL certificate security. Here's the scoop on how they set up their own rogue CA, by (from what I can figure) reversing the hash and engineering a collision up in MD5 space. Until now, MD5 collisions have been ignored because nobody would put in that much effort to create a useful dummy file, but a CA certificate for phishing seems juicy enough to be fodder for the botnets now."

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