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Comment Re: It's just a tool I guess (Score 1) 294

The Phase III study "Study 801" of the compound under discussion did have an open-label run-in period, *and* was placebo controlled.

I believe the link below is the study under consideration. Regardless, the press release mentions the placebo control.

From the last link:

Zohydro ER was studied in over 1,100 people living with chronic pain who participated in the pivotal Phase 3 efficacy study or an open-label Phase 3 long-term safety study. The efficacy study that enrolled over 500 subjects with chronic low back pain met the primary endpoint in demonstrating that treatment with Zohydro ER resulted in significantly improved chronic pain relief compared to placebo.

Comment Re:Margin of Error? (Score 1) 470

Well, I am a statistician, too.

I hesitate to say too much about a poll where I am not privy to its final aims, but it seems quite plausible that the point of this poll was to decide who Americans admire the *most*. It looks like they got a pretty clear answer to that question. It would be very hard (i.e., require so many respondents) to design a poll powered to differentiate between each possible candidate at some alpha level.

So, I don't share your criticism of this poll as much as the summary in this article.

Comment sports... (Score 2) 385

I've been able to stop watching almost all television, save live sports. One American football game or baseball game is about 3 hours including the breaks, so it's easy for the TV time to start adding up. I usually don't even care which team wins, I just enjoy the contest.

Living alone, I often just have the TV on while I do other things, like clean or cook.

Comment Re:Emacs org-mode (Score 1) 366

Cool, I actually used TiddlyWiki before I found org-mode :). It wasn't at all bad, but since I do everything else in Emacs, org-mode makes sense.

Plus, I use it for more than just organizing information. Like writing reports and authoring HTML and PDF content with embedded R code for example, which obviously is not the point of TW.

Org-mode is essentially to organizers as Emacs is to text editors, i.e., slowly becoming a platform of its own.

Comment Re:OrgMode (Score 2, Informative) 366

Two org-mode posts at the exact same minute :). The uses of org-mode are too numerous to mention in one post, but just to give a little more context... Org is essentially an outliner, event planner, calendar, PDF and HTML authoring system, multi-language code-authoring environment (babel), time tracker, shopping list maintainer, contact database, ...

All this and it's Free Software, too. The mailing list and community is one of the most responsive out there. I've heard many people say that learning emacs is worth it just for org-mode alone.

Check out for more use cases and tutorials/talks. Incredible piece of software, cannot recommend it enough.

Comment Re:Whatever Works For You (Score 1) 391

You sound like you'd benefit highly from Emacs org-mode (, which functions not only as a day planner and TODO manager, but a plain text authoring system. You can export to many targets, including both LaTeX and HTML. If you haven't seen it yet, definitely check it out, the community is great and the project is growing daily. The latest big inclusion is the ability to embed executable source code for literate programming.

Comment teachers (Score 3, Insightful) 1268

Well, no one was born knowing what the equals sign represents. In fact, it's been around only for 500 years. My personal opinion is that until we start forcing graduates of US Education programs to take at least a little math beyond passing out of algebra, the cycle is doomed to repeat.

FTFA, 'Parents and teachers can help the students. The two researchers suggest using mathematics manipulatives and encourage teachers "to read professional journals, become informed about the problem and modify their instruction."'

Uh huh, see point 1 = 1 + 0 above.

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