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Comment Re:In the UK (Score 1) 286

Like this?


As the URL says, there is a method that has been developed by David Bismark to use paper, scanning, and also a secure database for the voter to be able to verify that their vote was properly tallied, and yet still kept anonymous.

It's brilliant, simple, economical, and secure, so naturally it will never be implemented in the US.

Comment Re:Trump vs Clinton -- Whats different for voters (Score 4, Funny) 102

Hang on, I think I'm getting it. Usually people use car analogies on /. but you're talking about the US and Denmark, right? So in this case, Denmark is 64-bit and the US is only 32-bit? Or are you talking about ARMs as in "the right to keep and bear ARM [chips]"?

Comment Re:How to safely shoot down (Score 1) 236

Good idea.

I've got an idea of who might best be able to help out. Lemme call him...



"Hello and thank you for calling the Fucking Batman. I kick the asses of miscreants everywhere as well as providing consultation services for security and anti-criminal measures. I also am available for bachelorette parties on Fridays and Saturdays with at least 72 hours' prior notice and a minimum of ten ladies. Tipping for excellent service is optional but appreciated. Please leave a message with your name and number and a good time to call you back or activate the Bat-signal anytime from dusk to dawn and I'll get right back with you as soon as my schedule permits."

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