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Comment Re:Per-core licensing? (Score 2, Informative) 217

SQL Server is per server and CAL (that is, you license your server and then buy 50 CALs for the end users) or per socket/CPU. My advice is to always use the latter option because multiplexing doesn't count as one use, so if your website uses SQL Server, you better have CALs for everyone that visits... or just license it by socket.

The CAL model is probably on its way out, it just doesn't make sense that if you have a public facing website that hits the database for authentication, even if you only have 50 real users, you still have over three billion potential users that you need to license.

Comment Re:Security holes found... (Score 1) 224

Perchance could this congress and administrations approach, method, and ideology driving the drafting and passing of this particular bill be an utter disaster and for no reason what so ever related to any point brought up or repeated ad infinium via any commentator on Fox News? If thousands of pages of legislation could be summed up in one word being "good" or "bad", isn't it perfectly possible both "sides" could be right for all the wrong reasons? The mass majority of people I know are completely apathetic to this entire process, are not following the debate in any way, but generally trust the government at least in so far as they do not believe there is anything they can do even if they did care, and they hope that things get better.

And though it was a draft version of several iterations ago, I do not know a single person other than myself that has read in its entirety ANY version of the health care bill. I would be confounded to believe that anywhere near an upper limit of 10% of congress independently read the entire bill even once.

When I read it, I did not think it was a very good or very well thought out plan. Not fire and brimstone OH GOD WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!!! but just that it was so extreme disproportionately to how well it seemed to be thought out, I personally was not a fan of it. Well intended goals are not enough to make a good rule of law, and with all the games being played on both sides, this debate is too serious to enact major, sweeping legislation that will rule over people that actually do good things in this world like doctors, and people that build and manage hospitals, or medical equipment, or just about ANYBODY involved in the medical field in so far as they make decisions over what to do with their bodies as much as the patients do.

Yeah, so screw Ailes, screw Fox, screw Obama, and every corrupt member of Congress.

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