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Comment Re:Where, IMO OLPC got lost... (Score 1) 160

You seem to be applying First World logic to a device meant for the Third World. The XO laptop was designed with a combination of ruggedness, repairability, low power, connectivity, low cost and of course educational value. No other device can claim that, and probably no other device will last five minutes in the developing world without failing for some reason.

With that said, the XO-1.5 models are much better than the XO-1.0 that you have.

Comment Re:Kindle? (Score 1) 160

Why do these kids need a full powered laptop and can't just have a Kindle with (or without) unlimited 3G.

Because a kindle is just an e-book reader, and an XO is so much more? You can't expect any kind of interactivity when it takes several seconds for a screen to refresh. Oh, and you can have 3G on an XO if you want - just plug in a USB modem.

Comment Re:It's about training teachers ... (Score 1) 160

Agreed! We (OLPC Australia) put a lot of effort into teacher enablement in Australia. The educationally-oriented design of the OLPC XO laptops and their Sugar UI often make things easier, especially for the children. I've been told stories of children in remote Australia teaching each other with their XOs, and even the teacher! It can change the classroom dynamic for the better.

Comment Re:OLPC revolutionized Laptops - time to do it aga (Score 1) 160

There is another interesting factor with social acceptance. Sitting at a desktop computer isolates you from the people nearby, but a laptop is less intrusive. For example, sitting on a couch with the laptop on your lap, there is nothing in the way of eye contact with others. Netbooks, tablets and cell phones are even less intrusive, and thus more socially accepted.

A key but very undersold benefit of the XO and it's Sugar UI is their focus on collaboration, by design. The activities (apps) let kids share and learn together, so they are encouraged to interact.

Comment Re:Decentralize the technology (Score 1) 160

Teaching them how to fish is an important philosophy underpinning OLPC, but the fact remains that great efficiencies can occur when manufacturing is done at scale. We are not yet at the point where whole computers can be fabricated at home. However, the XO is far more user-serviceable than another computer out there. In many places, repairs are even performed by children.

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