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Comment Re:Competition is heating up (Score 1) 44

All it takes in one self driving car to cause a jam, likewise all it takes is one over confident idiot to cause a jam. I dont think it would be that different to be honest.

And no, there wont be a minimum speed limit. If a bunch of people (or even a single person) decides 5 miles per hour is the speed for the conditions, 5 mph it will be.

You have too much faith in the present. I am as pessimistic about the present and the future.

Comment Re:Competition is heating up (Score 1) 44

No, that is not what I said. The car will decide when you give it the destination (so presumably your drive way or parking lot or whatever). In rare cases if it notices something only when driving, it will do whatever a human will do when they notice black ice when driving (drive slowly, safely, or if that is impossible, yeah just block all cars in the road, which is safer for everyone right? If you think the machine is malfunctioning, you call a tow, just like you would when your car is malfunctioning). Yeah, I do say that if the machine says so or the human in front of you says so, you deal with it.

Of course this only applies for fully self driving vehicles, with no option to manual drive. Presumably you know how to drive, and can handle a hybrid. It wont apply to you, right?

You always deal with decisions of other humans (some of them not with a sound mind), and to an extend machines already. Why is purely machine decisions any more depressing?

Comment Re:Dolls houses (Score 1) 63

No, it wouldnt ask for any of the Amazon Choice items. It is a preselected item, so you dont have to listen to a list of matches and choose one just by the name. The point is to "make it easy to order", right? That is exactly what they are doing. They may have removed doll house, temporarily from the list, because of news going around, but it will work for the rest of items on Amazon Choice.

And PIN not being compulsory is certainly Amazon's fault. Even if you know how to set a pin, it will affect many other users. Not a good idea to ship with a phone.

Comment Re:Competition is heating up (Score 1) 44

Probably nothing makes him think self driving car would do better in that scenario. Not sure where you got that from. His point is self driving cars would be no worse than humans in bad weather conditions. It may be better in some cases (it may refuse to start driving in such bad weather, avoiding routes with bad weather for long distance trips), worse in some cases too, overall I dont think it would be a lot better.

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