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Comment Misleading title, it is 1 of 4 proposals (Score 5, Informative) 84

Here is Norwegian Public Roads Administration video of the proposals. The underwater tunnel is one of the four proposals (great watch)

There is no decision on which of those will be implemented yet. Article is simply running with the fanciest option.

Comment Re:Netflix has a unique and obvious strategy. (Score 4, Interesting) 192

Netflix is the first media company with the business model of "Give the customers exactly what they want."

That is what I used to think, until I heard my friends across the ponds cant watch House of Cards, because of geoip restriction. Netflix blocked countries from watching their self produced TV series, because they wanted to make more money though licensing deals. Netflix is becoming yet another old school media company (and I use that phrase with contempt).

Comment Re:This pick is a big middle finger to Bernie vote (Score 1) 382

You seriously expected Hillary to pick a more progressive VP? Pandering to the progressive left wing will not work for Hillary. The ones that are still holding out, after $15 min wage (which as some one living in the midwest, I think is a huge mistake), and tuition-free education at state univ for those making under $125K, will never be satisfied by however far Hillary's pick is to the left. Also, a pro-establishment and part of the establishment candidate, will obviously pick a pro-establishment and part of the establishment running mate. That is the definition of establishment. Tell me you are not surprised by that.

DNC's program of sabotaging the Sanders campaign

Really? DNC worked with Hillary, and favored Hillary. Why should they not, when they dont decide the candidate, and the people do. Being part of the establishment does mean you get help from the establishment.

Comment Re:Unclear (Score 1) 237

And how would one does this?

You need complete control over all parts of the decoding. Which means it has to be part of the OS or connected to the OS.

Chrome has implemented Protected Media Path and PlayReady in ChromeOS, installed in Chromebooks. Netflix app in XBox also works fine.

I dont think there is any collusion here. Media companies, Netflix, Google, and Microsoft colluding and compromising? Doesnt sound likely.

Comment Re:Wonder how easy IRS would be on me if ... (Score 1) 135

IRS wouldnt have gone as easy as SEC, in case the tax citibank filled had a glitch. Whats your point anyway? IRS is tougher than SEC?

If you could prove your brain had a glitch for 15 years, I bet the SEC would have gone as easy on you as it had on citibank. Good luck proving it though.

Comment Re:Crooked Hillary (Score 1) 289

Care to share the nytimes hit piece? If that is all they said, I would criticize them too.

Charges of "racism" and "fascism" are entirely ridiculous...

Fascism, I agree, it is too early to make such an accusation. Racism? Why not? Trump is racist.

Mysterious FBI agents say mysterious things. Right.

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