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Comment Re:We tried to tell people (Score 4, Insightful) 205

The thing is you werent telling the right thing. IoT is not a bad idea at all (much less a horrible idea). You come off as a luddite when you say that. What you should have said is security is important IoT or no IoT. It seems obvious but apparently not to some people. May be if you had been pro-security rather than anti-IoT, you would have taken more seriously. Just my 2 cents.

Comment Re:Get out of your city more often (Score 1) 274

Metropolitan/urban areas house about 80% of america's population. So even if only metros adopt, I am sure he will be extremely happy. Whats wrong with solving problems that only affect 80% of Americans? Why do you want him to stop?

The other 20% may like car ownership, he doesnt care of course. I know I wouldnt.

Comment Re:Range not speed (Score 1) 73

I don't care. Probably like most people, I would much rather have more coverage/range than crazy speed. Their precious 700Mhz didn't come to my 1.5+ million person area, and my area is certainly not alone. That means mediocre building penetration with existing service and spotty coverage in other areas.

You probably live in a NIMBY area then. It is very expensive for them to provide coverage if no one wants to host at the ideal locations. Dont blame T-Mobile for being cost conscious, blame your neighbors.

Comment Re:BWAHAHAHAHAHA! (Score 1) 115

Startup is one of buzzwords GE thinks is fancy and likes using (lean and thinning down are similar in business speak). What GE is trying to become is a IoT Incubator and a VC (finance and investment is their bread and butter for past decade, it makes sense).

Working for GE, you should know how to read between the bullshit by now, mate.

Comment Re:How are they doing this? (Score 1) 57

That is not how they throttle youtube. That is how they zero-rate youtube traffic. They rate-limit everything.

Since everything is zero rated in the new plans, they dont have to do string matching on hosts SNI, etc. They just rate-limit everything. For 480p, the rate limit is around 1.5 mbps. For HD plans the rate limit is higher.

You cant workaround by using a VPN, because VPN would throttled to 1.5 mbps (and with VPN overhead you may end up with less than 480p).

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