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Comment Re:Your bad thinking is showing. (Score 1) 693

303 references and 1 reference disagreeing with the other, yeah I am not exactly going to side with 303 references until I know more. 303 references vs 0 references disagreeing, unless you are writing a seminal paper, damn right I am going to agree with the 303 references.

Comment Re:I forget, why is this relevant? (Score 2) 418

1) You seem confused. Democrats are not anti-big business. What do you think, that breaking up big businesses into medium and small business is part of democrat's agenda? There are big corporations that support democrats, and heads of big corporations too (Buffett is one of the prominents, Schmidt too), and it is not because they hate themselves. They are just fine with nullifying Citizens United and measures that seem anti-corporation to republicans, because it is the sane thing to do and it wouldnt hurt them a lot. Big corporations do support that, as much as you cant believe it. Schmidt likes the Democratic platform.

2) He does support raising minimum wage. He wants low wages, but liveable wages. Buffett is more open about this, than Schmidt. Lot of "big business"-es have come in favor of it. Sorry if this broke your perception of democratic agenda.

Comment Re:Interesting, but not suprising. Identity politi (Score 1) 171

It doesnt. Those are obviously candidates that would target specific demographics. VP doesnt have to go after women votes (Clinton has that covered), looks like they decided on a VP that would most appeal to white population.

Isnt it obvious with Bernie being in a category of his own?

Comment Re:One HUNDRED Dollars?! (Score 2) 123

If you were burnt by the phone, Samsung will obviously pay more (if you negotiate through a lawyer). You can be pretty sure it will pay for more than a bandaid. This is for unburnt users, that want to upgrade their phone. Verizon waves your contract, and allows you renew your contract with a $25 credit (along with a $100 samsung credit, if you move to a samsung device). I think it is quite reasonable, even if wouldnt cover your burn ward fees, unrelated to samsung phones.

Comment Re:We tried to tell people (Score 4, Insightful) 207

The thing is you werent telling the right thing. IoT is not a bad idea at all (much less a horrible idea). You come off as a luddite when you say that. What you should have said is security is important IoT or no IoT. It seems obvious but apparently not to some people. May be if you had been pro-security rather than anti-IoT, you would have taken more seriously. Just my 2 cents.

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