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Comment Re:How are they doing this? (Score 1) 57

That is not how they throttle youtube. That is how they zero-rate youtube traffic. They rate-limit everything.

Since everything is zero rated in the new plans, they dont have to do string matching on hosts SNI, etc. They just rate-limit everything. For 480p, the rate limit is around 1.5 mbps. For HD plans the rate limit is higher.

You cant workaround by using a VPN, because VPN would throttled to 1.5 mbps (and with VPN overhead you may end up with less than 480p).

Comment Re:WeChat = Tencent = Chinese Communist Party (Score 1) 236

Sure, he can try ridiculing his friends. I doubt he would be successfully, as he would be the weird one, when in many circles literally any person with a cell phone will use WeChat. Should he also try preaching to his acquaintances? Good luck, I say. What next? Ridiculing POTS, and make people convert because it is not secure?

Comment Re:WeChat = Tencent = Chinese Communist Party (Score 0) 236

That being the case, I have to seriously question the credibility of anybody suggesting WeChat in the context of basically anything.

Why? He uses WeChat because people he wants to talk to, use WeChat. Why is that not a valid context to suggest WeChat. Use whatever your friends, family, people you want to talk to, use, is the best damn suggestion in this thread.

Comment Re:How long does it take to actually die in Linked (Score 1) 109

Just like most sites, you would probably never die. You would just be marked as deleted, and the deleted flag will propogate to offline backups eventually.

But I've continued to get endless emails from people wanting to connect.

There is a link in those email you can use to stop those notifications. You get these emails even if you are not a member of linkedin, that is just linkedin being linkedin

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