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Comment Re:East Texas patent troll capitol of america .. (Score 4, Informative) 134

Okay, serious now. Why this particular district is so popular for patent trolls? Easy to bought corrupt judges? Or too stupid judge to realize the malicious intent of the troll? Both?

I can answer this, having been through the wringer wrought by a patent troll.

  • It has the appropriate US district court presence. This is pretty important, as patent infringement cases are brought to a US district court.
  • It is an area that has a mediocre pool of jurors. Not highly educated, not too ignorant, but enough to be dangerous.
  • It is really really hard to get to. You fly into College Station and drive hours east, or into Louisiana and drive hours west. Yes, this is part of the patent troll modus operandi. Make it super inconvenient for the players to get to. Look it up in google maps, and see.
  • Back to the jurors, the pool is made of people who are at the bottom of the middle class or close to poverty. They view big companies as deceitful, and the bad guys. The patent trolls' lawyers play on this David vs. Goliath, and the jurors love having the power to put the hurt on.

Almost all the major patent toll companies have a small presence in the county, so as to be able to file and force the suit to go through Marshall Texas.

The 12 hours I was deposed was probably the worst 12 hours of my life, and the 30 days of rigorous prep I had to do beforehand was just awful.

Comment Re:Think? (Score 1) 522

I have comcast, in silicon valley, and compared to Cox where I lived in Phoenix until mid 2014, it licks donkey balls. About as reliable as a candle in a hurricane, and at times, Jesus Christ can't resurrect the link.

While when it is running, it is fine, and I get plenty of bandwidth, the several hours each week where the T3 uplink is just not responding (so sayeth the log on the cable modem), it might as well be dialup.

Cox in the 12 years I lived there had probably 12 hours total of down time. I probably have that much down time per week here. Of course, my only alternative is AT&T U-Verse which makes Comcast look golden.

Comment Re:Translation (Score 4, Interesting) 213

There is a really good use for it. I am a cyclist. I use Strava to track my rides and the minutia (heart rate, cadence, speed, distance). I can mount my iPhone on my bars (meh) or keep it in my shirt back pocket. But there I can't see my stats unless I pull it out. Risky while riding, as I am sweaty and fumble fingered.

There is a third party blue tooth computer display (Wahoo Fitness Reflekt), but I haven't bought one yet. The reviews on it are so so, thus I haven't dropped the $120 for it. However, the Apple watch will display all my stats on my wrist. It works with Strava, so I will be satisfied. So I am likely to buy it solely for bicycling. The problems the watch will solve are out there, but they will take time to mature.

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