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Comment Re:Never was a hosting solution (Score 1) 158

I use Cloudinary. Their "free" level is more than enough for me, and you can do some transformation of your images. They allow the hosting and streaming of video (I don't do that, but it would seem that you would quickly run out of "free" bandwidth). Seems rock solid, and for the 1K images or so that I host and link to from there, not one issue.

Comment Re:So let me get this straight.... (Score 1) 472

Actually, AMD spun out their fabs to create Global Foundries. Intel and GF may make wafers in their fabs in the US, but all the dicing, packaging, and final test happens in places like the Philippines and Malaysia.

However, just making the silicon isn't really a good guide as to whether the US can manufacture smartphones. You will note from the list of fabs that virtually all the memory (DRAM, and flash) is made in China, Korea, or Taiwan, and virtually all that remains in the US is high dollar/high value logic chips, there isn't that much infrastructure to source components here. Even the manufacture of the pick-and-place machines is all in Asia now. We would have to import the equipment to stuff the circuit boards even. At best, they might be able to do final assembly in the US.

Comment Re:Not just USB (Score 1) 299

And Apple computers are not, and never have been targeted there. An old instrument that a company I worked at required that, and we paid an insane amount for ISA slot, 486DX motherboards (like $2500 5 years ago), but this is niche, and it is supported by people who know how to do it. For a price.

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