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Comment Re:About 20-30 years too late on this one (Score 1) 329

I recall at one place, teaching our principal software engineer about trigonometry, and transcendental functions. He could use the library functions, but he didn't understand how they applied to a problem we were having - instabilities in an x/y/theta stage control. Apparently he never learned them in his Russian "university" degree that he claimed he had. (He was a pretty good coder, but he really had no foundation in maths at all)

Comment Re:Never was a hosting solution (Score 1) 158

I use Cloudinary. Their "free" level is more than enough for me, and you can do some transformation of your images. They allow the hosting and streaming of video (I don't do that, but it would seem that you would quickly run out of "free" bandwidth). Seems rock solid, and for the 1K images or so that I host and link to from there, not one issue.

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