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Comment Re:But Dissent is Now HATE (Score 1) 244

Anyone who talks about subjects the MSM wants to suppress is now a troll.

Hey, Kunedog, if by MSM you mean folks like CNN and the NYT, please stop describing them that way. They've fallen out of the mainstream - they're the old-school media now. Top-tier YouTubers and bloggers have more sibscribers and more views than the biggest newspapers or CNN. MSNBC and most newspapers have less reach than hundreds of second-tier bloggers and YouTubers.

Newspapers and Cable news channels are quickly becoming "something old people pay attention to", and the balance of power has already shifted to new media. In a generation the old-school media will be a quaint curiosity, like printed books.

Comment Re:Facts discount your opinion (Score 1) 244

While the first part is true what you omit is that if people can not monetize videos they won't make them

Not true, but it does create a barrier to entry. Two of my favorite YouTube channels are Patreon-funded, because they don't shy away from offending people. One is a political commenter, one is Jim Fucking Sterling, son (if you're going to make a game review video while waving a 3-foot long dildo sword, you're under no illusions about YouTube monetization). I have no idea how Red Letter Media wins vs the copyright trolls, but I have a feeling they'd be just fine if they lost their YT ad revenue.

But those are established names. Especially in political commentary, it would be very hard to "break out" if YouTube were demonetizing you from the start.

Comment Re:20 years (Score 1) 90

To see the difference between 4K and 8K, you have to have a screen so large or close that it exceeds your field of view, leaving you craning your neck around to see things, and with a flat screen getting a foreshortened picture anyhow.

Heck, to see the difference between 4K and 1080p requires you sit closer than most people do when watching TV - it's much more interesting for gaming than "lean back" TV watching. (You'll find TV showrooms set up where you stand very close to the TV when you evaluate 4K vs 1080p - it's a sales gimmick - but for gaming we sit much closer).

Comment Saudi Arabia (Score 2) 244

Everything quoted is true with one exception.

But one must also recognize that there is a weighty tradition to the contrary and that a large number of Muslims, possibly the majority, does not favor these reformulations."

Jihad is something that Islam can't really live down, but most people of any stripe are not interested in engaging in holy war. The problem is Wahhabism, which was originated by the House of Saud. It is still actively promoted by them and they want it to be the default sect of Islam. Wahhabism teaches that jihad is a duty of all Muslims in the same sense that praying five times a day and making a pilgrimage to Mecca is a duty. That would be the reason why 15/19 of the September 11th attackers were from Saudi Arabia. Al Queda is Wahhabist, and so is the Islamic State.

I hear Trump went to Saudi Arabia to kiss ass a couple weeks ago. Isn't interesting that at this height of anti-Islamic sentiment, our leaders are embracing the Saudis? Funny how this idea of Wahhabism has had zero press since 9/11 too.

By the way, if you want a real introduction to Islamic history, pick up a book called 'Destiny Disrupted'. I am the mushy liberal who welcomes all -law abiding- muslims, but I recommend the book in the sense of 'know your enemy'. It's not a book to change anyone's opinions. It may give you some perspective on exactly how far the Islamic world has fallen. It will refine your priorities of what sects to keep an eye on.

Honestly, Islam is a hell of a lot more problematic for its practitioners than to anyone else. The religion is fucked, and more or less incompatible with either the modern concept of the nation-state and generally prohibitive of democracy. But western civilizations beat the Islamic world so badly in the 18th and 19th centuries that we don't even bother to teach that part of history. The entire history of the Islamic world does not even merit a footnote in most western histories. And if you'll take a look at (e.g.) the civil war going on in Afghanistan, it will hopefully become clear that these people are mostly dangerous to themselves (especially in the sense that sharia law does not apply to non-Muslims). However, to the degree that there is a threat, let's do be specific about which country is exporting terrorism and terrorist ideas.

Comment Re: Uhm... (Score 1) 488

Do you believe that H1-B workers are the best talent?

I don't believe that the United States has a monopoly on talent. There are talented people all over the world, indeed the vast majority of highly-talented people are born outside of the US, because the vast majority of people are born outside the US. Whatever the immigration mechanism, it's in the United States' best interest to draw the most talented people from the whole world to work and live here.

Comment Re:Rear-view mirror. (Score 1) 215

Steam powered road tractors. Brings to mind a new idea, camper railroad cars. Not conversions but actually light weight train wagons and railroad camper parks attached to major train stations as well as regional and tourist based train stations or city outskirts train stations. Rather than loading a caravan onto a train, simply use a tow vehicle to pull it on tracks to the station to hook up with railroad caravan trains. This for a more transient population. So normal location close to work but come holidays easily relocate your railroad home to a tourist location and load you compact car on the train. Travel in your home to the next location. Could be fun for retirees and better for transient workers. Filling empty train tracks and empty train yards, would be of a similar price to regular caravans, no registration required.

To move just check route and timetables, disconnect power, water and sewer and a remote control tow unit drags your home to a siding ready to hook up to the next scheduled run. They drag you about and then drop you off.

Automation similar to Uber taken from the roads and put on railroads. Book in and away you go, never ever leaving your own home and not having to drive it or tow it or do weird awkward crap to load it.

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