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Comment Re:Why (Score 2) 612

Did this man claim to be a member of some political group?

He clearly considers himself to be part of the American political group that hates/fears Islam. (Also part of the group who confuses all brown people with Middle Easterners, too, but that's not a political group.)

Was there any implication that this kind of violence would be repeated unless some public policy changed?

You don't have to be seeking a policy change to be seeking a political aim. Wanting to eject Muslims from the US is a political aim, and doing it by making them afraid they'll be shot is just as good as governmental action.

Comment Re:History repeat itself. (Score 1) 132

Hmm, are you drunk or stoned. One hour of computer programming instruction in 9 years, what are they going to learn. This is a computer, this is how you turn it own, this is a programming language (what ever the language is), to put output on screen type this in - 'print(hello, world)', end of instruction. Seriously WHAT THE FUCK, the paper the legislation was written on was a fucking waste of paper. For fuck sake, want to teach computer programming then it has to be at minimum 2 hours a week for the full school year.

Comment Re:"Police found Purinton 80 miles away at Applebe (Score 2) 612

Getting drunk and doing stupid things is not racist, alchohol fucks everyone up, just in different ways, none good and many lethal. Now if only dude had been stoned, sure he could likely have shot himself whilst stoned trying to clean his second favourite toy but at least he would not have shot someone else. Guns and alchohol do not mix https://psychcentral.com/news/.... That is all that this story is about, once drunk, all logic and reason is gone to be replaced by alcohol fuelled depression and stupidity. Shooting people whilst drunk is either racist or xenophobic, it is simply alchohol fuelled stupidity. Would it have happened sober, no. Would it have happened stoned, no.

The reality is alcohol cost far more in losses to society than the profit it provides. Out suffering and wallets, are alchohol industry profits. For every dollar you spend buying alchohol, that alchohol will be spending another dollar in wasted taxes paying for the damage alchohol causes.

People are self medicating with all sorts of crap as a result of the stresses of psychopathic capitalism, it is time to ensure the mendicants do not cause more harm than good (people have a right to feel good, even if via intoxicants and fuck any sick fuck who demands people must fucking suffer, they must be fucking miserable, that they must slave and die on the inside every day, those people who demand it are disgusting).

Comment Re:Sounds too simple to be true (Score 1) 612

While more people find Trump credible than the old-school media, it still less than half the people who find him credible. The destruction of credibility of the old-school media was self-inflicted - Trump merely comments on the obvious fact. Have you never been directly involved in something that was reported by a journalist?

Comment Re:Using SHA-1 in this day and age is just lazy (Score 1) 129

You think hashes are unique. You're insane.

A 128-bit hash (from a common library or hardware implementation) is more likely to be unique than any code you write in the attempt to create a unique ID. Why? Because the risk of an accidental 128-bit hash collision within a pool of, say 1 billion items, is lower than the risk of a bug in your code.

If you doubt it, ask yourself this: what's the occurrence of bugs, per million lines of code, in high quality software? I bet there's a better than 1:1 million chance of a bug in any code you write to generate a unique ID. But even if you're the greatest coder ever, in all of time and space, I bet the risk of a bug is higher than 1:1 trillion.

Comment Re:Using SHA-1 in this day and age is just lazy (Score 3, Insightful) 129

Time for Torvalds to drop the attitude and fix this

As far as I can tell, this is a non-cryptographic use of hashing. I've used MD5 in plenty of places just to get a fast (hardware-accelerated) unique ID for a chunk of data, or as a checksum. No security purpose at all.

Comment Re:That will die down (Score 2) 612

Well-played, sir.

OP said:

when it has clearly devolved into one of the worst, most openly racist and least interesting communities on the internet

So he's clearly new here. We get far fewer GNAA posts here today than the early days. The political stories that don't belong here are, in fact, clickbait to broaden the appeal of /. beyond "news for nerds", since "news for nerds" is what's makes it the least interesting community for more people out there.

Comment Re:Obama is to blame (Score 1) 612

Ah yes, the old conservative party of self-responsibility.

Self-responsibility is a concept that applies to responsible adults, not to young children or the mentally ill. I'm not buying that this guy was crazy -- I think he was just drunk and angry -- but if he were crazy then, yeah, blame sticks to those with a duty to provide him care, that didn't.

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