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Comment But without GIGO capability. (Score 1) 36

The problem with this computer that you wear on your wrist is that it doesn't do most things that I expect my computer to be able to do, is even worse for input than a phone, and the couple of things that it does do very well (tell time, show notifications, fitness tracking) are better done on a watch, a phone, and a fitness tracker.

My analog wristwatch is very highly legible, silent, accurate, and can withstand the elements and dives up to 300m. It is always visible, can be easily glanced at by someone across the table if they need to tell the time, and it rarely, if ever needs any kind of attention.

When I get a notification on my phone, I look at it, tap the notification, and can act immediately.

Get a notification on a smart watch and you have to look at it, then take out your phone, tap the notification, and act on it. The smart watch adds an unneeded extra step.

Fitness tracking was supposed to be the "killer app," but fitness activities are often both rough-n-tumble and happen outside in the elements. For that you want the cheapest, simplest device possible so that when you inevitably have to replace your destroyed one, you're not paying through the nose again (not to mention also losing your timekeeping for the period during which you are replacing it).

All this plus they are very high maintenance, needing to be charged all the time, limited in life span, and needing software updates from time to time, as well as the often finicky pairing with a phone—and the fact that there's not a single thing that I regularly do with my computer (or even phone) that I'd like to try doing on that tiny screen—and the fact that you can't even hack it to be used for low-input/low-output situations (say, embedded applications—not to mention the ridiculous cost)—and it's just not much of a wrist computer either.

Nope, I'm just gonna stick to my regular wristwatch, phone, fitness tracker, and computing devices. If I need mobile computing, a 5" Android display, octo-core CPU, and 32GB storage are already more than cramped enough.

Comment Re:eating less (Score 1) 253

Sure walk-in centers exist in the US if you have spare no expense attitude. Just getting in to my doctor for any appointment can take 6-8 weeks and arguing it requires getting in faster often means being directed to an ER. You can't "walk-in" to get an MRI without a doctor referral if you want there to be any chance of it being covered by your insurance and even so using that clinic will likely leave you with a series of bills amounting to $1000+ when all is said and done. Remember when a doctor or hospital visit resulted in a single bill from a single entity? Unless of course you haven't met your several thousand dollar deductible in which case it will be much much more.

That is of course assuming you are allowed to get an MRI in the first place. 99% of the time a doctor is ordering an x-ray or a CT an MRI would have been a better test but your insurance refuses or he knows it won't cover an MRI.

Comment Re: Long range space probes? (Score 1) 154

"The nuclear diamond battery is based on the fact that when a man-made diamond is exposed to radiation, it produces a small electric current."

A diamond is needed to convert the radiation into current, there is no clear indication the radiation source itself needs to be a diamond vs lining a shielded rtg with vapor deposited diamond.

Comment Re:eating less (Score 1) 253

I wouldn't dispute that at all you need all three. Like I said in another thread, keep that hamburger, drop the bun and the ketchup, but keep the thin slice of tomato.

You also never want to combine high carb and high fat in an 8 hour period. Go ahead, have that pasta, just don't have butter/cream/meatballs/cheese. Have your sausage and bacon, do not eat toast or jelly or a muffin alongside it... you could always have whole grain toast tomorrow.

Unfortunately cuisine is pretty much universally designed around combining these elements. As hunter gathers this was easy, you kill a boar you ate boar that night, you forage berries you ate berries that night, food was too scarce to render those berries into a nice glaze carbing up a ham.

Comment Re:"Science" (Score 1) 253

Eating dietary fat is not eating badly, we've known this for decades but there are even some doctors telling you to eat skinless chicken, turkey, and complex carbs. Dietary fat is important, is a better source of calories than carbs for many reasons, and it should not be excluded from your diet! Some plant based oils lead to heart disease so moderate your intake of those... amusingly most people consume them because they were taught the healthy fats cause heart disease.

Comment Re:Whatever (Score 1) 253

Watching TV and spending time on the computer are actually both more productive than spending time at the gym. They both engage the mind to a greater degree and potentially contain new information. There are even things to be learned from fiction. Building the brain at least carries the potential for improving how you do something useful.

I will agree that spending a few minutes heavy lifting a few times a week improves even mental function. Increasing the activity level beyond this actually just causes your brain to waste more and more of it's limited capacity on sensing/controlling increasingly large and fast nervous system required to have that level of physical function while that level of physical function has no practical use.

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