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Comment The entire paradigm is backwards (Score 1) 66

I want a watch which is my phone and data connection. I want to see basic comm functionality I can use - bluetooth for audio if need be - all the time. I want a mini- or regular sized tablet I can carry with my when I think I'll need to interact with the data - but I want to be instant. When I pull up my tablet (whether it be a 5" Android or Apple handset, or a Surface Pro or iPad Pro), I want the low power BT to kickstart the connection and then ramp up to max LTE speeds (or at least hit the 25Mbps BT 4 spec) without me ever having to manually connect; and roll to wifi gracefully (where available) for data while maintaining the data link with the watch for notification and content sync.

Comment Re:You mentioned police, so... (Score 1) 624

Not just sarcasm, thinking and saying are two different things and saying and doing are also two very different things. I guarantee you've said something today you won't do and thought many things today you won't even say let alone do.

That is part of why speech is protected. I very much dislike both Trump and Hillary and I've said more than a few times that someone should just shoot them and the world would be a better place. That isn't sarcasm it is just exasperation, I would never REALLY condone violence and wouldn't support someone who did. Every day friends and colleagues say "I hate that x" and "I could kill x" and none of them actually mean it. It isn't that sometimes you don't mean extreme and inappropriate statements it's that 99.999% of the time an extreme statement is made the person doesn't mean it.

He doesn't need a defense. We are all two faced when it comes to work and home. He can be a racist bigoted prick in his head, if it doesn't translate into inappropriate comments and actions at work it is nobody's business. If he has complaints against him at work, his facebook could be brought out to corroborate and show consistency between the two for what that is worth but no, you don't initiate real action because of something someone said on facebook.

Comment Re:This is a terrible thing (Score 1) 624

"Is it THAT hard to understand?"

No but you are being very dense. An engineer can't become unqualified to be an engineer when he walks out of the office, nor can a doctor, nor can a lawyer, nor a plumber, nor a burger flipper. In fact, the professional bodies you refer to can take away their license but can not stop them from being qualified.

The woman IS a nurse, her education and experience doesn't disappear when she walks out of the office nor when she forms her opinion. Her legal obligation and liability for the consequences of sharing her opinion however should disappear insofar as it is no greater than anyone who could easily also have knowledge on a subject but doesn't get paid to employ that knowledge in their day job.

If I ask a doctor or lawyer friend their thoughts on something related to their profession at a party there is a very good chance I'll get a different answer than I would if I'd paid them for a consulation. I'm aware of their education yes, but they are not giving a professional response with all that entails, I'm a friend asking for their real opinion without the constraints of covering their ass professionally attached and also with the understanding they haven't had the opportunity to review the situation in full depth. Similarly, if I ask a friend who is a mechanic his thoughts on what I've seen happening with my car and a rough ballpark of what it would take to fix it, I don't expect that to carry the same weight as an actual inspection and quote. In a personal setting he might tell me the chances of something breaking are ridiculously low with very high costs and he wouldn't bother on his own vehicle, in a professional setting he might need to cover his rear and recommend fixing that same thing so he wouldn't be liable on the off chance this was the one time in a thousand something went wrong.

The personal opinion of someone who happens to be a professional is a different thing than the professional opinion of that same person.

Comment Re:You mentioned police, so... (Score 1) 624

Unless he is saying on the department page or some similar affiliated page, No, I don't. Trolling and talking shit on Facebook does not equate to really thinking or doing those things. Neither does doing the same in person when not at work.

You could just as easily be punishing the one guy who doesn't really feel that way and is saying what he thinks his co-workers will find funny to establish and maintain a work relationship. It could even be he and his co-workers all say such things not knowing the others secretly feel the same way and are afraid of breaking from the group.

Comment Re:This is a terrible thing (Score 1) 624

"They have to agree to follow the professional standards to be registered as nurses."

Refer to my comment about what someone says on Facebook. At work they acting as nurses, most importantly by being paid, outside of work they are just people expressing their personal opinions which are free to differ from those of established bodies. If they are forced to sign an agreement indicating otherwise that is something a governing body should put a stop to.

Comment Quite the insider job - just a setup? (Score 1) 105

So the person who hacked the email also knew this guys (nominally unpublished) cell phone number and went to the effort of calling Verizon in person to move his number to an entirely different SIM with apparently zero authorization? I mean - it could happen - but that's a shit-ton of human time to go after a single mark, with a pretty low likelihood of working. It just smells like a set up.

Comment This is a terrible thing (Score 1) 624

Of course the anti-vaccination thing is ridiculous but that is irrelevant. First of all nobody should face any repercussion for something they say on Facebook, at least not beyond more words from people who read it. Second, people are entitled to hold and share whatever misguided and incorrect view they please particularly when doing so as a private citizen speaking to their friends even when we apply that concept as loosely as in Facebook and no we don't have to pretend we aren't a nurse or doctor when doing so. Finally, they are going the final step and requesting everyone's neighbors inform on them. Terrible. You may not know your neighbor well, you may not like your neighbor, but neighbors should still be allies against common enemies like government and police. Police look for any and every excuse they can think of to ruin someone's life and livelihood when they get called unless something requires half-cocked and rabid armed wolves decending on your neighborhood because you lack the firepower to protect yourself, you shouldn't call them. Snitches are still bad m'kay.

Comment Re: Great way to kill the competition by making it (Score 1) 305

Onstar is a voluntary add on network service that is supposed to require your request to disable the vehicle. There is nothing happening in a Tesla beyond basic software updates that requires any interaction with Tesla servers at all, disabling that connectivity should not disable any features on the vehicle. Any sort of remote control feature would be a trojan horse on par with a malicious attack.

Comment I feel the same way. (Score 1) 269

And the question wasn't addressed in the video.

Can this function like a normal tablet? Will I be able to remove the controller modules and carry it around and read email, use Chrome and Google Now and Microsoft Office apps and snap photos? Or is this a dedicated gaming machine that's just modular?

If the latter, I wouldn't buy it. If the former, I'd buy it to replace my current 8" tablet, as a tablet PLUS gaming experience. But I need a tablet, and I don't want to have to have TWO tablets just to get slightly better gameplay on one of them.

If it's a one tablet concept (would have to be Android, I assume, to have the ecosystem) then great. If it's just a game console with fancy industrial design? Pass. I have good enough gaming on my current tablet.

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