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Comment Re:Closed Captioning (Score 1) 293

Are you saying HDMI actively strips the closed captioning from the video feed? That is evil.

more like, passively strips. I guess. Somehow over the air HD channels can send captioning through a digital only signal, but HDMI cannot/doesn't. I've never been able to understand the distinction.

Comment Re:Closed Captioning (Score 1) 293

Yes it does. I suggest you learn something about HDMI and digital video in general.

And yet, for years I'm unable to get closed captioning to work across an HDMI cable between various tv's, cable boxes, and DVD players.

Submission + - India's first navigation satellite soars to success

An anonymous reader writes: India’s first dedicated navigation satellite, the IRNSS-1A, developed by the Indian Space Research Organisation, was successfully put in orbit on Monday night.

The launch vehicle, PSLV-C22, bearing the 1,425-kg navigation satellite, blasted off the launch pad at the Satish Dhawan Space Centre here at the scheduled lift-off time of 11.41 p.m. Read more here:

and here:

Submission + - Firefox takes the performance crown from Chrome

diegocg writes: Recent browser benchmarks are showing surprising results: in "a geometric mean of all four performance-based categories: Wait Times, JavaScript/DOM, HTML5/CSS3, and Hardware Acceleration", Firefox 22 "pulls off an upset, replacing the long-time performance champion Google Chrome 27 as the new speed king" (other browsers benchmarked were IE10, Opera 12, and Opera Next). With these results, and Firefox developers focusing in fixing the UI sluggishness, can this be the start of a Firefox comeback, after years of slow market share decline?.

Submission + - US Drone "Hijacked" By Iran Claims Engineer (

clm1970 writes: An Iranian engineer claims the recent drone that crashed in Iran was actually hijacked by the military exploiting a well known weakness in GPS technology. It was as simple as reprogramming the coordinates to think it was landing in Afghanistan and not Iran.

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