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Comment Re: Wow, open source is a disaster (Score 1) 109

Yep and even half of the text editors out there will need 750MB of dependencies and install 90% of the crap you installed slackware to get away from anyway. An application shouldn't require installing most of a bloated desktop environment just to function. At most they should require a small GUI widget library and do everything else with standard OS functions and functionality provided by standard X11 libraries/extensions.

Unless you just want to run 20 year old software written in proper UNIX fashion, there's no realistic way to avoid the insanity. The shitshow has also made portability between mainstream Linux distros to different UNIX variants a complete nightmare.

Comment Re: Wow, open source is a disaster (Score 4, Insightful) 109

Bullshit, Linux 1.2 ran quite well on my 486DX4/100 and supported all hardware. FreeBSD 2.2.8 ran nice on my K6/233. Even with basic 3D support. FreeBSD 4 ran great on my Athlon/600 with Adaptec 2940 (with a even bigger pile of SCSI drives, a Bernoulli and an Exabyte tape drive), Radeon 9200, 3COM PCI NIC and various other goodies.

It really wasn't until purposely locked down 802.11 and mutant locked down 3D accelerators that we even NEEDED commercial backing. And it wasn't until commercial backing that people felt the need that a timesharing/server/developer/power-user OS needed to be palatable for millennial retards thus killing the appeal for most people who made it awesome to begin with. GNOME3, KDE4, SystemD..... all abominations and very un-unix-like. And..... it's still not the year of the linux desktop for grandma no matter how much you try to integrate the worst of Windows and MacOS into a bloated buggy shitshow.

All this work over decades to replicate what UNIX users didn't want.... and then Google slaps a Java stack with a crippled poke-and-drool UI on top of the Linux kernel over a few years and it's in everyone's pocket. And desktop Linux sucks more than it ever did. Even MS wanted a piece of the Android pie, their piece just capitulated however.

Comment Re:Tired of it (Score 1) 256

Sadly, expensive ways of killing each other get us very cool tech and achieve things that otherwise we'd never spend the money on. Like going to the moon. Or advances in modern computing.

So no, I'm not tired of it. Nobody has the balls to push the button anyway.

Comment Re:The DNC overlords always get their way (Score 1) 644

2.) Not clamping down enough on abuse of H1B visas when plenty of Americans were qualified for those jobs.

3.) Not doing anything to stop rabid outsourcing of both white and blue collar jobs to third world shitholes with no employee protections or decent standard of living. And when those countries start benefiting and wanting a bigger piece of the pie, they pack up and find another shithole.

The lower-middle and middle class cannot survive as a "services" economy or one based on Imaginary Property holdings. I shouldn't be stuck in a tail-spin race to the bottom with $10/hr Indians on another continent. While this isn't directly because of his policies he should have worked toward fixing these issues. Globalization is destructive. It makes a few at the top richer but screws people with marketable job skills in various trades the most.

I shouldn't be punished and driven toward minimum wage because I chose an ethical tech career over becoming a sleazy MBA.

Comment Re:The DNC overlords always get their way (Score 2) 644

This is certainly a good election to vote Libertarian as well. They are polling in the double digits. Personally, I feel that seeing a third party rise to be a major party is more important than choosing between two obvious tyrants.

And this time, the Libertarians have 2 popular two-term governors on the ticket. Both with more experience actually governing than either Trump or Hillary. And both are far more likely to leave you the hell alone.

Comment Re:pen and paper (Score 1) 286

Touchscreens suck but with a decent stylus you can make do for very simple things. It's like having a pen that's always low on ink and only one page visible at a time.

Onenote on a tablet with an active stylus like a Wacom w/ an erase function is actually quite powerful once you get used to it. You can also mix photos of the whiteboard in with your scribbles, throw in some audio or video, links, etc. Multitouch gestures take care of the one page visible at a time issue. In a classroom or a meeting I rarely have the space to spread out multiple pages anyway. And syncing it to the network makes it damn near impossible for me to lose my notes. And since I have decent handwriting, HWR lets me import it into Word fairly painlessly.

It's not for everyone but it works damn well for me. I still don't think the OneNote interface is stellar, I actually preferred the way the old Newton MessagePad 2000 Notes app worked a bit more. The drawing cleanup functions were pretty slick too.

Comment Re: Pencil and Paper (Score 1) 286

Being able to take notes with a Wacom on my tablet during meetings or class IS a game changer. Especially when I can mix my scribbles with drawings, photos of the whiteboard, change colors on a whim, draw diagrams, throw in some audio.... AND NOT LOSE THE NOTEBOOK. You can also e-mail your scribbles to others, access them from anywhere. Use HWR to import chunks of them into word. Study them on your phone while taking a shit, etc.

Taking notes on a post-it sized phone screen is useless but good note-taking apps on a tablet with an active stylus really are a game changer. Hell, I figured this out in 1994 on my Newton. Why are you reading Slashdot if you're that much of a luddite? Why not trade your PC in for a typewriter?

Comment Re:Apple (Score 1) 595

Nah, some of us actually made the mistake of buying one.... once. Never again. Accessories shouldn't have to be blessed by Apple and cost twice as much. And I like things like USB OTG and Bluetooth that is actually usable. And being able to interact with the world outside of the Apple ecosystem. Being able to run things like emulators without relying on jailbreaking and flaky Cydia crap is nice as well. And real access to the filesystem.

I want a handheld computing platform not a locked-down, shiny, overpriced, boutique appliance for rich kids and hipsters. Unfortunately I have to support a lot of people sucked into that ecosystem and this type of crap makes my life more difficult.

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