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Comment Re:Oh yawn... (Score 1) 236

How does GPL lock up the code when you can ACQUIRE THE CODE? The point of GPL over closed source is that you can't SEE the closed source. Don't equivocate between the two when there are CLEAR differences.

A BSD project can be turned into a GPL project. I think that is what is meant by "lock up". It's more an issue that you can lock up the license, but not the code, with GPL. With BSD/MIT, anyone with a copy has some flexibility in stacking other licenses on top of the extremely permissive license. That's a flexibility that GPL lacks (and intentionally).

Comment Re:25 to 30 feet above the trees? (Score 4, Interesting) 548

If it is the size of a car and makes helicopter noises, then I wouldn't recommend shooting it. Someone would make a federal case out of it, which is probably going to be split from the separate issue of the state's castle doctrine and stand your ground laws. You theoretically could be found justified in killing the helicopter pilot, but get 20 years for shooting down an aircraft.

Comment Re:FAA fines (Score 1) 548

I think there is still a bit of a grey area around model aircraft that are under 55 lbs and below 400 ft altitude. There are many FAA rules that apply for aircraft that do not apply to model aircraft.

PS - I do know the reverse is very illegal with the FAA (and BATF), having a model aircraft that fires a weapon is a serious crime.

Comment Re:the right to free everything and everyone (Score 1) 236

Failure to appease your sense of entitlement is not reducing your freedom.

Please explain. You may not value one or more freedoms, so when they are not granted to you it probably isn't a big deal to you. But logically you have less freedom over some other person's creation if they have licensed under GPL. But if I license my own creation under BSD, I have lost nothing, except my ability to dictate how others use my software.

Honestly, I don't really see the point in people thinking they have exclusive ownership of an idea. Ideas are intangible, and knowledge is easily transferable.

(I really wasn't looking for a license flamewar with my OP. I'm still aiming for some rational discourse on the subject. There are certainly good reasons to use GPL, but my core argument is that freedom cannot be a one of those reasons)

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