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Comment Re:Dude (Score 2) 439

What he is saying is not really new, it's something many thinkers have considered through the 20th century. The Technocracy_movement predicts that a price system based society must eventually be replaced as the multiplier for work an individual can do increases to a point that only a few people are necessary to cover the production needs of the entire world population. That has deep cultural implications as to how we may change how we consider the value of an individual to society. And this particular example is about 70 years old, so not a new idea by a long shot.
What is new is that the change may happen within our life times, maybe not Hawkings. He's only 74, and maybe he'll be with us for another 25 years, but I think most of us can agree that this isn't going to directly affect him.

Comment Re:Isn't nuclear power a good thing? (Score 1) 248

Well technically you can make more Uranium, it's just not worth doing. Nuclear reactions are where we are able to convert one element to another. And that means both Fission and Fusion. It is my understanding that we're not in danger of running out of fissile materials any time soon (estimates range 200 to 10k years). Once we switch to fusion we'll be consuming hydrogen, helium or possibly lithium. The isotopes we would use in fusion reaction are rare in nature, so we synthesize them. (isn't it amazing we're able to do that?)

Wind farms are nice, but they an consume a lot of land area and harm bird and bat populations.
Hydroelectric is extremely effective at producing power, but the impact on the environment is huge. You must change a region's ecosystem in order to operate a hydroelectric dam.
Solar panel production can be environmentally dirty, and the rare earth elements for some of the new panels are currently not mined in a environmentally responsible way.
Nuclear power, fission specifically, is theoretically clean but in practice it is not. A infrastructure consistent of several different reactor types that can burn waste from other reactors is something we sorely need. Much of the waste we put under permanent storage is a potential energy source, but not always a very profitable source. Building reactors that can recycle more of this waste on site can eliminate the tremendous risk we take when we transport toxic and radioactive material.

Comment Overly broad terms (Score 1) 600

Terms like Progressive or Conservative are probably overly broad and too general to apply to a person. A policy or position might be Progressive, but a person is more nuanced than that.

Example: Liberal California voted to keep the death penalty this election. But Trump-voting Michigan has been against the death penalty for 150 years. You can find people who are Pro-Life on abortion, but may be for or against capital punishment. Human beings are complex and the moderately intelligent ones weigh their position on each issue using their own personal believes and experiences.

Comment Re:UCC (Score 1) 333

I couldn't find anything there that might apply. Most of the chapters on fraud seem to be about ripping off the government, the title doesn't seem to concerned about private entities ripping one another off. If I make false documents then a lot of things apply in title 18. But the printing on a package of hand soap is not a document in this context. And while the FDA nutritional information label might be considered a document or have some official regulated status, hand lotion doesn't require such a label.

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