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Comment Re:Reaction to recall: (Score 1) 202

Someone should *REALLY* call child protection service over this one. If the (grand-)parents are *THAT* stupid, chances are high that the kid is exposed to other risks due to the irresponsibility and stupidity of close family.

A lot of people don't watch or read the news -- and I don't blame them, as it's 99% hyped up garbage.

I can easily imagine a lot of affected Note 7 owners -- approximately 2.5 million of them -- weren't exposed to the recall message for some reason.

Sitting in such harsh judgment is pretty immature.

Comment Re:As an EE and amateur aircraft manufacturer (Score 1) 202

As an EE I would also try to point my finger at some firmware guys, at some semiconductor guys and some chemical engineers. There's a lot involved in these sorts of batteries in consumer devices, plenty of blame to share.

Samsung/Samsung SDI have already admitted it's a manufacturing defect.

Comment Re:Laughable (Score 1) 76

IRC had this 30 years ago.

I'm not sure if you're comparing IRC to Slack, or comparing IRC to Slack for Business. I'll assume you're comparing IRC to Slack.

As a very (very) long time IRC user, and before IRC was even invented, a multi-user BBS (with chat) user, I think I "know" online chat fairly well.

Slack offers some killer features IRC just plain lacks, like persistent chat (you can sign off for a few days, sign back in, and see all the messages you missed).

It also has "just works", and beautiful, web, iOS, and Android clients, and lots of really great features like uploading files to a channel that people can download anytime (even if they upload them while you're off-line).

Slack also supports images and plenty of other goodies IRC lacks.

IRC has tons of features, but most of those features aren't as important as the things Slack brings to the table, when it comes to wants and needs of most users. That's why Slack is so successful.

Comment Re:Where is Slack video? (Score 1, Insightful) 76

Slack is already pretty established and so I would think Microsoft would have a hard time here...

Microsoft won't have a hard time here.

Skype Teams will be part of Skype for Business, and Skype for Business is part of Office 365, and many/most companies buy their employees O365 subscriptions. Thus, Skype Teams will be "free". Companies will choose the "free" option because they're too stupid to realize that sometimes paying for something saves them money in the long run.

Microsoft is just leveraging their Office monopoly to crush a competitor. You know, business as usual.

It's unfortunate, because Slack is really nice, and Skype is a pile of crap.

Comment Re:Law of unintended consequences, also frosty (Score 0) 470

...and why is this an idea NOW. I mean, Zika's been out for a (kind of) long time in various parts of the world, and no one ever really thought about wiping them out totally. Hell, malaria and AIDS have been out for years, completely trashing a large number of people every year. But once zika hit the US, it's "KILL ALL OF'M!!!" Typical American way of thinking and it's never ended well.

Yeah! Fucking Americans! They should fix everything in the WHOLE WORLD! Too bad if they're already operating at a loss every year and $20 trillion in debt! A little more debt won't hurt!

Also, yeah! I took a poll, and every single American--EVERY SINGLE ONE!--is in favor of mosquito genocide due to Zika finally showing up in the U.S.! Fucking Americans! So stupid! So predictable! Ha Ha Ha!

By the way... you're an asshat.

Comment Re:Better Programs (Score 1) 630

Cheap and accessible? $80/month just for the cable is not cheap. That's a week's food for a family.

$80 per week is not nearly enough money for food for a four person family in the United States:

$80 / 7 days = $11.43 per day.

$11.43 / 4 people = $2.86 per person per day.

$2.86 / 3 meals = $0.95 per person per meal per day.

Sorry, but you can't eat for under a dollar per meal in the U.S. without starving to death.

I would say $3 per person per meal per day is reasonable, which works out to over $250 per week and over $1,000 per month. Yes, you could eat more cheaply if you only ate rice, beans, vitamins, and water; I'm just trying to be reasonable here.

Comment Re:Slashdot has popup ads with data:text/html;base (Score 2) 204

Third time this week. I'm reading through slashdot comments on my mobile and get a popup ad with a "data:text/html;base64" url. Here's a couple screen grabs:

first photo shows the URL. second photo shows that chrome thinks the page is still on slashdot's website. The ad pops up and fills the screen on it's own, without me clicking on anything (so it's on some sort of setTimeout or something). It won't let me use the back button either. This crap is very invasive. Slashdot should not be showing these sort of ads

Not only this, but fucking auto fucking refresh is still fucking annoying us, and if you click Older >> at the bottom of the page, it takes you to the older articles but very frequently puts you at the bottom of the page (wtf?), and the big ads at the top take so long to load that the comments I'm reading are often jumping around as the ad finally loads and adjusts the page height, etc. Ugh.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Comment Re:What's the big problem? (Score 4, Interesting) 675

What is needed is decent 2 factor authentication.

Isn't that what chip and PIN was supposed to bring us? Something you have (the card) and something you know (the PIN)?

Why the hell did the U.S. adopt chip and signature? I was excited for my new chip and PIN credit card until I realized it was chip and signature.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 126

Do average users want to, and are they capable of, properly administering an OS like Windows?

Yes. Turn it on. Done. Administered.

Microsoft has dumbed it down to that point for us. Updates? It'll work itself out. Viruses? Just hit the refresh button if it goes tits up and windows defender can't fix it. Backups? You mean your files weren't on Onedrive?

Seriously if you're "administering" a windows machine without being paid a salary to do so then you're doing it very wrong.

We'll have to agree with disagree. My non-technical Windows-using and macOS-using friends get themselves into trouble all the time because taking care of their Windows and macOS systems is far too hard for non-technical users.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 126

why does it have to be windows?

I didn't say it had to be Windows. That's why I said an OS like Windows. For what it's worth, I don't think your average user is even remotely capable of safely and effectively administering Windows, OS X, or desktop Linux.

what is wrong with Linux or chrome if you don't like windows?

I didn't say anything was wrong with ChromeOS. In fact, I think Chromebooks are probably the ideal solution for 95% of average users.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 126

I mean seriously at this point a laptop with similar levels of performance as your phone is a fraction of the price. If you are going to carry around a laptop shell you may as well make it a real laptop that won't have the shit ton of limitations that this is going to have.

Do average users want to, and are they capable of, properly administering an OS like Windows?

Comment Re:What do you gain from this? (Score 1) 126

The only problem with that is my laptop that is around 7 years old is still massively more powerful than the best modern smartphone, hell even my 10 year old one would be preferrable. why would I want such restrictive performance of a phone without the form factor benefits?

How much power does the average user need for their web browsing, email, music, and videos? Is your typical smartphone fast enough for that use case?

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