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Comment Re:Do it, why not (Score 1) 138

I'd do it, but then I'd advise people who want to assist in such a way to unplug all their computers, including turning off wifi on smartphones etc., and disconnecting NAS storage in the forum of a USB drive attached to a router.
Although there's a concern for the security of the router itself.

Or have your AP publish a public SSID that only routes outside and a private one that routes inside. You then don't need to do anything special in the event of an earthquake other than avoiding falling rubble.

If your AP doesn't do that, you might want to consider a different vendor.

Comment Re:Yeah, I interpreted it wrong (Score 1) 107

You're right. I interpreted that "20 seconds" as meaning 20 seconds delay. That would indicate a distance about 12-13 times as far as the moon. As you mentioned, the craft is actually roughly on the opposite side of earth's orbit, near where the earth will be in 5-6 months. That's a much further distance, about 16 minutes at the speed of light.

So let's just wait 5-6 months, when we'll be right up next to the satellite.

Comment Re:So much for Apple's "better design" (Score 1) 222

I didn't say whether JTAG BS was good or bad. I said that's what it's for. It can perform continuity checks on otherwise inaccessible pins. Done right boundary scan can and is used for periodic self test, but no so much in consumer gear. It's widely supported in silicon.

BGAs can be fine if done properly, but 'done properly' can be hard to achieve when they keep shrinking the grid and ball sizes so no one knows what 'done properly' entails.

I agree, the flex cause seems unfounded. Poor solder joint integrity can happen various ways. It would manifest the same symptoms and the same fix would work.

Comment Re:The cost of fiber optics is growing? (Score 1) 31

The problem with the vision is that there are really good reasons to use separate transceivers. Is that a SX, LX or EX transceiver you have there? Or perhaps it is a BX one because you are sort of fibres and this allows you to effectively double the number without laying extra fibre. Perhaps I am really short of fibre and decide to replace all my SFP's with CWDM matched pairs and employ a passive multiplexer.

So unless silicon photonics is going to offer at least LX transceivers for SX prices it is not going to have the impact that Intel are hoping for.

What makes you think it's all about data centers?

Comment Re:Shows you can underdeliver and people still buy (Score 0) 72

FEZ just (couple days ago) released v1.12, which re-wrote a large part of the code. Lets not forget this is a 4 year old game

I got it off Steam a couple of years ago. It felt like the author ported it to a PC with some automatic tool, but didn't bother to test it. I haven't gone back.

Comment Re:Shows you can underdeliver and people still buy (Score 0) 72

> The industry is nothing but hype.

Bullshit. Not every developer is interested in form over function. While there certainly is drama such as This is Phil Fish, there are enough counter-examples:

* Braid
* Limbo
* Minecraft
* Path of Exile
* Terraria
* Trine

I don't remember seeing marketing for these games and yet they are some of the best around.

Great games focus on great gameplay. Shitty games focus more on marketing then development, which is ~95% of games and the games industry.

However Phil Fish's game FEZ sucked big donkey balls because it didn't work. 'Hit A to do X' meant hit the A button on a controller you don't have because your are on a PC. Shockingly bad.

Comment Re:The cost of fiber optics is growing? (Score 1) 31

So it's essentially a replacement for the HBA, the SFP, or both?

I don't know what the specific products are. I haven't looked. But the technology certainly could replace just the SFP or both, depending on how you partitioned the hardware network stack. FWIW, the picture on the low-information web page linked in TFS looks like an SFP to me.

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