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Comment Re:C is the best (Score 1) 16

>C and assembly are all you need to know.
Neither will do for designing digital logic.
We use HDLs to create the logic that makes the instructions. Instructions are way too high in the stack.

Verilog sucks and System Verilog makes amends, but neither is worthy of VHDL.
VHDL's syntax sucks because it's based on ADA. But the execution model makes sense, unlike Verilog.
C will fail to help you make a chip. System C exists, but seriously, don't go there.
MyHDL is a python HDL which should be awesome, but it isn't.

But C is most certainly not all I need to know.


> store your passwords locally and through an encrypted hash

I'm a cryptographer and I don't know what that means.
If I presented the encrypted hash of my password to a web site, it would tell me my password is wrong.
The storing of a hash of a password, encrypted or not is the business of the authenticator at other end.

Maybe you meant to say: A password manager should encrypt, integrity protect and store you passwords locally.

Comment Re:The Theater Experience (Score 2) 136

How will screaming kids, sticky floors and overpriced snacks help them stop piracy?

The theater/cinema experience is just too horrible. To make it less horrible they will have to:
Stop selling popcorn and pop at the theaters.
Use cellphone jammers.
Have people who talk forcibly silenced.
Refuse entry to children.

No, this is not going to work out. Cinemas are dead.

I know of three cinemas like this (except for the cell phone jamming, which is illegal) in the greater Portland area.
They can do this because they serve alcohol and real cooked food. Children aren't allowed. The movies are geared towards a mature audience. One has a mix of tables chairs and sofa to sit in. One has more traditional cinema seats, but spaced better with an integral fold out table for your food.

These are great. You can get dinner and watch a movie at the same time without kids, sticky soda or popcorn.

I assume it is financially viable with the lower room capacity, because they make it up on food and drink.

Comment Re:Nice! Or maybe not... (Score 1) 80

A 1080p screen and inexpensive? That's great! But the screen is too damn tiny, the company doesn't have a proven track record (I wouldn't be surprised if lots failed from the heat or mechanical issues). I guess we'll keep buying Dells and stuff for a while longer.

Dell's don't fall apart? I've seen a few that did.

1080p is 1920x1080. A 13" retina display is 2560x1600. I have both (a work laptop and a personal MBP). There is no comparison. The retina display is simply better to work on.

Comment Re:aka Macbook Pro? (Score 1) 80

This look extraordinarily similar to a Macbook Pro.

(And even more than the usual 'resemblance' that Xiaomi's products have for other manufacturer's products).

Yes. And that's a good thing. The basic shape of a continuous aluminium block is very effective. It doesn't break or fall apart. My MBP would be in the bin by now if it was from Lenovo or HP. It would have fallen apart.

If I wanted a Linux laptop, I suspect this would be it.

Comment Re:"What Difference Does It Make?!?!?!" (Score 1, Troll) 652

Who cares who hacked them. This is just a deflection.

It's what's IN THEM that is the story behind the curtain nobody wants you to see

The world is generally not completely simple. There can be more than one thing going on. In this instance it can both be true that the Russians want Trump to win so they hacked themselves a way to influence the outcome and members of the DNC were anti-Bernie. It can exist independently of being a deflection even though some people might be happy that it serves in that that capacity.

I'm not at all surprised about the Russians. Who wouldn't want an idiot for an adversary.
I'm not at all surprised about the DNC. Bernie did untold damage to the Democrats chances in this election. He wasn't even a Democrat, he just signed up at the last minute to ride on the Democratic party's coat tails. Did you expect them to be all bending over for Bernie?

Comment Re:Ok, so what? (Score 1) 268

They are a private company. They can filter, block, promote any speech that they want.

They are also private emails belonging to a private organization, many of which could have copyright belonging to the authors of the emails, that were stolen in by someone making unauthorized access to their computers.

I can imagine what a sane corporate lawyer would advise as a safe course of action.

Comment Re:That's Right (Score 1) 66

I hope you're not advocating censorship also.. When mass media becomes the emperor's lapdog we have a problem that needs a solution. If social media, even with all its blemishes, has to fill in, all the better. Now we just need a way to make the connection more robust, so that nobody can block anything.

I was not advocating anything. I was making an observation.

Comment Re:Mall shooting in Germany (Score 1) 190

> Suicides shouldn't be counted because banning guns would in no way diminish somebody's desire to kill themselves.
Guns make is vastly more likely they will succeed.

>Children accessing guns in the home would be an accident.
No, that would be criminal negligence, which seems to be all too common.

>All the other bad things that happen indicates that you can't actually think of anything else.

So your sentence is effectively,
No. The first two things were sufficient to make my point.

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