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Journal Journal: MMORGPS

oh boy...MMORPGS....I am thinking about buying WoW. I have played almost all of them. Why do I want to play them? The most important reason is to play with friends. This IS the reason ON LINE exists. If I want to fight, I will just go outside and slap someone. If I want to argue, I will just go to a bar. However, for me to PAY for a negative experience is futile, ignorant, and stupid, unless it gives you some sexual stimulation, or is a fetish to you. For me? No, I like positive experiences.

Whenever I go to the Tokyo Game Show, which is almost every year, I get several Lineage free play game disks. This gives rise to many possibilities since I have several computers 'connected' in this room. I can have support, either a healer, tank, etc. Many people do this. What is better is that I now just increased the count of the player base by X. Look at those number rise!!!

I will buy WoW. When my friends become board or broak, I will quit. I will have paid $50 for the game and $15 for every month I played. And yes, I will also be playing MP and other shooting games for free. The thing is, those FREE games will not change every time I play. Those free games rely on other vidiots running their servers.

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