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Comment Solution for critical illness during pregnancy? (Score 1) 28

So lets say the Dr. finds something wrong with pregnant woman that requires treatment, but the treatment has to be completed before the baby is born because the stress of pregnancy along with her ailment might kill her. This might be just what they needed. Put the baby in a suspended state until the treatment has finished. Perhaps this could also be used in a situation where they baby might die as a result of its own body processing the treatment. If it could be suspended, it may survive.

Comment Related TEDx talk "The Ugly Indian" (Score 2) 137

The Ugly Indian The speaker makes the point of India can't expect to consider itself a world class country until it cleans itself up. He goes into the culture of "someone else will deal with it" so he organizes cleanup events that target the worst areas so that people see how nice an area can become and then start to take pride in keeping that way.

Comment It's just how easy you want to make it... (Score 1) 401

People who primarily program in C are probably not writing the same kinds of programs that people who program in PHP, Java or C# are making. C people are writing for performance, compactness, an embedded system or for an OS. PHP people are probably mostly web services type people. C# makes it very easy to put together something to stick in front of someone's face. For example I recently put together a GUI front end in C# that makes calls to a REST based API on a web based management tool, because it was hosted off site, slow and required a lot of navigation to get what you wanted. The clicking, and wait 10 to 15 seconds then click again was replaced by a series of combo boxes in a windows form so that you could select what you wanted to do, type in a parameter that gets input validated before the web call is made and hit submit. Things that were on separate web pages were all front and center. Of course Java is for portability, serverlets, and Android applications. If you know Java, you can pick up C# and vice versa. I've converted simple applications C# to Java and simple Java to C# by pasting the Java code into visual studio as-is (or the C# code into Netbeans as-is) and started doing find and replace for most of the obvious stuff. Hit compile and see what error came up, ok need to replace "string" with "String", Console.Write with System.Out.Print. Replace a TryParse with a parse and a Try/Catch. In the end they start to look more and more alike. If your IDE is a fairly helpful kind, it will auto-fix silly things like capitalization along the way. Heck I love how easy it is to decompile C# and Java so I can see how other people do stuff when it's a closed source application.

Comment Terrible idea (Score 1) 159

Terrestrial radio uses frequency division AND geographic separation in order to provide communications ability to the users on this planet. To tinker with the ionosphere would increase propagation even for those signals for which propagation beyond line of sight was not a significant concern. Not every user needs over-the-horizon signaling. To a very large degree, we use the horizon effect for useful things- for one, it allows us to have multiple 100KW television transmitters all using the same channel all on the same continent. Ionospheric changes will have negligible effect on the power needed to adequately cover a metropolitan area with signal, and may actually INCREASE the power needed to swamp a distant signal that's intruding spatially into another market.

Comment The real problem (Score 1) 1145

I think the real problem is that there's a minimum required to not be homeless in most developed nations. There are ZERO apartments in most areas that would be described as "basic", having just a bedroom and a bathroom and a kitchenette. We are therefore burdened with having to have middle-class income to even live within the law. Nobody builds basic, poverty-level housing anywhere. This means that while you work in a gas station or restaurant, or wherever you're underpaid or not employed within your primary career, you're shit out of luck. This affects college students whose parents do not contribute, or can't, and disproportionately affects teens who grew up in state care as orphans or wards of the state. In those circumstances, when you turn 18, you're turned out onto the streets. If you make it, fine. If you don't, nobody cares. Having a brother in law who grew up in state care and who is currently homeless, I am always surprised at the sheer number of homeless people who have similar circumstances, and cannot get out of it because to maintain a job, you have to have a place to live, and to have a place to live, you have to have maintained a job long enough for first and last month's rent, a security deposit, and you have to miraculously have a decent credit rating, somehow, after being homeless. It's one of those things where there's a crack in society, and once you're in it, unless a miracle happens and someone offers you a place to stay for basically free, you'll never get out of it on your own.

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