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Comment Re:Skilled labor? (Score 4, Interesting) 268

I worked with someone from Bangladesh and he said "guys from India/Pakistan/Bangladesh are all mamma's boys who are served by their moms. They live in the house until they get married. Mom cooks and cleans for them. When you separate them from their mother, they become useless until they can figure out how to live on their own, which is why so many just get married as soon as they can." Those were his words.

Comment Solution for critical illness during pregnancy? (Score 1) 28

So lets say the Dr. finds something wrong with pregnant woman that requires treatment, but the treatment has to be completed before the baby is born because the stress of pregnancy along with her ailment might kill her. This might be just what they needed. Put the baby in a suspended state until the treatment has finished. Perhaps this could also be used in a situation where they baby might die as a result of its own body processing the treatment. If it could be suspended, it may survive.

Comment Related TEDx talk "The Ugly Indian" (Score 2) 137

The Ugly Indian The speaker makes the point of India can't expect to consider itself a world class country until it cleans itself up. He goes into the culture of "someone else will deal with it" so he organizes cleanup events that target the worst areas so that people see how nice an area can become and then start to take pride in keeping that way.

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