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Comment Re:As transparent as their customers demand (Score 1) 91

Not necessarily. You *can* influence a large organization *if* they think they can make money off your idea. For example, I was at the NYC Auto Show with my GF -- and we were sitting in one of those giant Fiat-500 looking half-SUV things. And it had a glass roof which we liked.

But my GF complained that the vehicle was too tall, making it difficult for her to get snow off the roof (she prefers station wagons to SUVs, and very few manufacturers make wagons anymore).

So, we were talking with the booth rep, and when she brought up the snow situation, I threw out an idea:

"Why don't you guys run the heating wires through the glass roof, like you do with the back window? Then you can just heat up the glass and all the snow melts away."

I'm telling you now, the guy whipped out an iPad, and typed furiously "defroster for glass roof", and I'm sure in a few years, this feature will appear.

Comment normalization (Score 3, Insightful) 33

Once we have been desensitized to mass surveillance of this sort, it will become commonplace.

First they use it for sporting events, then all events with police presence,.then all the time because its cheaper to keep the system active than risk missing something and getting sued.

And thus continues the fall. However with the generations now who love to watch themselves on internet tv, I am not sure if anyone will be left who remembers a world where everything wasn't recorded and archived. If you haven't used an advanced camera system lately, they are approaching zoom, enhance, track, television style skills that was nothing but a CSI joke 10 years ago.

Comment Re:A wasted vote... (Score 5, Insightful) 456

I agree she can't win. I disagree that it's a wasted vote. Every vote for a third party is a threat to a major party's political power. If enough people do it the major parties will be forced to actually represent the people in order to obtain those "wasted" votes. We have some troubles but this is a relatively peaceful and stable time. Let's not focus on short term gains.

Comment A wasted vote... (Score 5, Insightful) 456

Voting strategy be damned, there's no difference between "extreme carelessness" and "gross negligence". Hillary Clinton is a felon. And at best Trump is a demagogue in the campaign and a wild card as president. (at worst he'll actually try to keep his campaign promises) I can't imagine a more wasted vote than voting for Trump or Hillary.

Comment Except the Blu Ray experience is better... (Score 1) 328

I have yet to see a recent release of a film on home video that didn't contain the phrase "Includes scenes not in the theatrical release!"

You know, if they'd release the movie without chopping it to death so they can hold back and then re-sell the movie with added scenes for the home video release, maybe the "theater expereince" would be better.

But I fail to see why I pay $12 per seat, followed by $30 for a water and popcorn, and then have three screaming kids in the dark, and some other jerkwad kicking my seat from behind, when I have a nice high-def TV at home, and can pause it at any time to go to the bathroom.

Comment Does MS have any idea what they are doing? (Score 1) 354

There are a lot of windows partners that sell hardware that BARELY runs Windows 10 as it is. In the race to make cheaper and cheaper hardware, there are products like the HP Stream notebook that comes with only 2GB of RAM and Windows 10 pre-installed. By the time you're done booting up, you have maybe 500mb of RAM available to run *A* application. (do not try and run multiple applications)...

And that's with most of the crap turned off. My guess is that people with minimal hardware who choose to update, won't even get to the desktop before running out of RAM.

Comment 80mph = 128.747km/h (Score 1) 601

"Freeway speed limits should be 80."

80mph = 128.747km/h. That's so bad for fuel efficiency, there should be no other reason as to make it illegal!

I agree what you say that everyone drives 10 km/h over the speed limit and that immediately jumped out at me as the most flimsy part of the obviously premature faulting of the driver.
However, as that holds true, many roads in the country are 100km/h, or 110, so if everyone drives 10km/h over that then we get to your number of 128 anyways. The point is people will just drive 140 in an elevated speed limit, because hey, 10km over.

(this also serves the police of course, they can pull over whomever they want if everyone is breaking the law)

If what people are saying, that the autopilot didnt "see" the car, is true, then they very well should disable that shit until they fix it!
That's a real issue, a bit of speeding is not.

Comment Re:But it's still Windows 10 (Score 1) 372

It is still very valid. They are in the middle of grafting the old interface onto the 'modernUI'. Why they considered the half assed completion of this as 'release ready' is beyond me. The modernUI replacements (start menu, control panels, utilities) are still inferior to the originals. The modernUI doesn't work as well for desktop (eg: start menu, multi-display management, calculator) and takes ridiculous amounts of screen real estate. The changes from xp to vista/7 were bad enough, but this is worse.

Submission + - SPAM: CamSoda invites users to have virtual sex with real performers 1

AmiMoJo writes: A popular cam site is hoping that our brave new world of high-tech lovin’ has plenty of people in it that want virtual ‘sex’ with cam models. Next month, CamSoda is launching a new virtual-reality (VR) platform that will allow patrons to physically ‘interact’ with performers (warning: Forbes link) via teledildonics, a.k.a. connected and coordinating sex toys–technology that’s long been bound by patent law, but which soon may finally be let loose. The service launches August 1, using hardware supplied by Kiiroo.

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