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Comment Re:Theory too (Score 1) 135

What changes? Change for change's sake is rarely beneficial. Which political actions? Who requires them? Who really benefits? Education that makes people learn and 'internalize' ideas? Which ideas would that be? Internalize is the key word there, isn't it? Sounds more like propaganda to me. Propagandizing is not education of any kind.

I really hope your post is just a really good trolling.

Comment Re: I'm not surprised. (Score 1) 876

It indicates no such thing. Basically, use of institutional bias to fight institutional bias is blatantly hypocritical and it reenforces boundaries instead of melting them. Conveniently, this obvious criticism is labeled politically incorrect so that it is socially unacceptable to state it publicly. It's really not hard to understand why people chafe under this 'affirmative action' bullshit.

And that indicates the person is likely white and male, because white males are still dominant in society.

This is exactly the same kind of gross generalization that you would not tolerate if the target wasn't white and/or straight and/or male. It is no different than "There is more crime in detroit because blacks and criminality correlate." which I am sure you would consider racist. Since caucasian is a race and you are using race as the delineator, you are a racist.

I have to say I do find it amusing how quickly some white people will complain of racism, like they have any idea what actual racism is like to live with. The defensiveness is telling.

mmhmm.. So we should feel sorry for the nazis because those jews just couldn't understand what they were doing to german society? I suggest you reevaluate your position and your politics.

Comment Re:If you're sending something "worth $5000"... (Score 1) 169

I work in the logistics industry

In all seriousness, what company do you work at where it is at all reasonable for somebody to tip over a 700 pound crate that is clearly marked with "fragile" and "this side up" on every surface just because they are in a "tremendous hurry"? I will make sure to not use them.


Microsoft Has Cancelled the Second-Gen HoloLens, Working on Third-Gen For 2019 Launch ( 106

Citing several unnamed sources, long-time blogger Brad Sams is reporting that Microsoft has canceled the second iteration of the HoloLens in an attempt to focus on even more advanced HoloLens. The company, he says, now plans to launch that third iteration of HoloLens in 2019. From the report: Back when the first version of HoloLens came out, Microsoft created a roadmap that highlighted several release points for the product. This isn't unusual, you start with the first device, second generation devices are typically smaller and more affordable and then with version three you introduce new technology that upgrades the experience; this is a standard process path in the technology sector. Microsoft, based on my sources, is sidelining what was going to be version two of HoloLens and is going straight to version three. By skipping what was version two on their roadmap, the company can accelerate version three which will be closer to a generational leap and help keep Microsoft ahead of the competition. My sources are telling me that this version of HoloLens will not arrive until 2019.

Comment Re:I don't like the higan dev. (Score 1) 169

Let me make sure I have this straight. You think it's "karma" that, in exchange for engaging in bad practices in an open source project (that anybody else could have come along and fixed if they cared so much), he's lost thousands of dollars of potentially irreplaceable hardware. Yeah, that sure sounds fair to me...

Comment Re:Fundamental problem with this project... (Score 1) 169

How is he supposed to KNOW that the bits in the cartridge are correct?

Well, most of the time it's obvious by just playing through the game. Corrupted bits usually cause serious glitches if they don't render the ROM completely inoperable. A single pixel change in a sprite would be relatively rare.

The easier way to know is to dump from multiple different cartridges and then compare the results. It's astronomically unlikely that random corruption would occur in the exact same way on two different cartridges.

And if you've only got a single cartridge and it somehow has a bad pixel, that sucks, but it's better than having nothing at all.

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