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Comment Re:A comment from outside the slashdot sewer: (Score 3, Interesting) 166

This marxist response to valid criticism of modern social justice shows why it's so hard to maximize organizational talent: These insecure losers have managed to make skin color and sex more relevant to worthiness than ability and accomplishment under the guise of fighting against such bigoted discrimination. There are, however, quite a few people who actually see this hypocrisy for what it is as the western world has starting moving away from such damaging ideology.

Comment Re:(sigh) You people still think you're engineers (Score 2) 724

Your entire post is argument from authority. Just because someone has the blessing of some shitty organization of gasbags doesn't say shit about his abilities. If what you said was true, there'd be absolutely no engineering catastrophes on record simply because no one without said blessing is allowed anywhere near anything critical. Of course, we know this is not true.

An engineer is someone who designs machines. If you design machines, you are, or at least have been, an engineer. Someone who's designed lots of high quality machines successfully is a good engineer. One with lots of fuck ups is a bad engineer.

While having a demonstrably good track record is important, paper-driven bureaucratic minds like yours are a plague on society.

Comment Re: Yes but (Score 0) 724

Sending an email to the engineering board is NOT practicing anything. They're free to ignore his email, take it under advisement, or act on it if they think it's prudent to do so. What the fuck? Take your totalitarian bullshit somewhere else.

If a 3rd week physics 101 student could've figured it out, then:
1. why didn't the (supposedly state licensed) civil engineers who set up the lights know about it?
2. are physics 101 students also in violation for 'practicing engineering' without a license?

Comment Re:Aka "The Trump Muzzle" (Score 1) 173

No, the whole 'fake news' thing was started by a mainstream media that couldn't reconcile reality with the heavy lensing effects of their ideological slant. So while it started with Trump's win, and he has done much to enhance it, the starting point is still the so-called 'journalists.'

Comment Re:There is no escape. (Score 1) 173

I agree it's impossible to eliminate it entirely, but the mainstream media doesn't even try. In fact, they go out of their way to be as biased as possible without stepping into blatant lie territory (most of the time). Then they cry about 'fake news' and 'alternative facts' from the liars on the other side.

Hypocrites all. Perhaps they should apply the scientific method to their 'journalism' to see just how hokey most of it probably is.

Comment Re:Poor life decisions (Score 1) 357

I have a better idea, instead of ballooning state governments well past their self sufficiency points with federal reserve funnymoney, how about they pay back what they owe and operate in the black like they should? I know, I know, balanced budgets are racist and sexist and colonialist and anti-science or something, but if we're expected to run our lives and businesses this way, so should governments.

Comment Re:yup, sounds fishy to me too (Score 2) 130

"why would the home invader shoot the wife dead but only tie the husband up"

Perhaps the first death was an accident. People don't exactly behave cool headed and rational in these sorts of situations. Anything could have happened. The wife stepped up and got killed, the husband cowered in a corner. The killer realized what he did and didn't want to be in jail for the rest of his life. The killer hated women, or recognized her and knew she could ID him. Who knows.
Thats why we have courts and rule of law. 'It wasn''t me, it was the one armed man' and all that.

Comment Re:Swap?? (Score 3, Insightful) 269

devils advocate: If you live in a paradise and have the option of going to the beach every day, i'm sure that eventually, you will get bored with that beach. If these people are bored, even for a few days a year, doesn't make them ungrateful for what they have.

These gamers could be going to the beach 200 days a year and still have the above problems with latency for the remaining 150. Sure its "paradise problems" for most of us, and easy to ridicule, but i'm sure that wherever you live has activities that you don't do every day (skiing, hiking, going to broadway shows, swimming, etc) that are great for a few days a year, or even a few months, but not all days and all months.

Everyone needs some downtime, even paradise dwellers.

Comment Re:Depends on the game (Score 1) 269

Latency hiding is an 'ok' compromise for two player p2p networked games like fighters (eg 'rollback'), but does not work well for games with multiple players each having different latencies. The best solution there has always been for each player to eat his latency to the server. There's no reason why the whole game should be dictated by the player with the highest latency. Some games dumb down the mechanics to hide it which is also a crappy trade off.

Overall, I think it's better for hpbs and lpbs to stick to separate matches, either by choice or via matchmaking. If the game engine's any good, a player won't be able to blame latency for his lack of skills if he's playing with people who ping roughly the same to the server. If he's got excessive jitter or pl, he should call his ISP.

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