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Comment Re:Only fatal if it kills someone (Score 3, Interesting) 38

Isn't this one of those false-equivalency things?

The point is that the software to run these medical devices is designed with model where everyone is good and no one wants to do anything nefarious. We've learned with basically every system that has ever existed that people will attempt to manipulate it if they can. That no one has done it yet just means that no one has bothered getting around to doing it yet.

Someone else in this discussion pointed out that Dick Cheney has a pacemaker and that it might have been accidentally shut off by his doctor at one point. If enemies of the United States figured out that he had this particular pacemaker then they could have looked for ways to intentionally make changes to it, either shutting it off or else attempting to change it to where it causes harm instead of helping. If it's wireless then those town halls, fundraising dinners, or any of a large number of other events where Cheney would routinely come into contact with the public would have offered an opportunity to attempt this, and it's very unlikely that medical professionals would have immediately leaped to the conclusion that the pacemaker was malfunctioning.

Carry this further. A lot of older people have pacemakers. Those who stand to inherit might want to tamper with said pacemaker in order to inherit.

The applications for this exploit already exist. I'm sure there are more than I've described. Right now this vulnerability remains unexploited (as far as we're aware) only through obscurity.

Comment Re:Another step toward tyeanny (Score 1) 250

Sadly, cash isn't all that anonymous these days, as the serial numbers are all scanned on any large deposit or withdrawal.

It depends on with whom one spends it.

I can think of a half-dozen kinds of businesses off the top of my head that will buy and sell in actual cash. Places like pawn shops, auto wrecking yards, and other businesses that often cater to poorer people or deal in particular kinds of transactions. If one deals with these kinds of businesses then it's unlikely that cash will be easily traced as it'll go through a lot of hands as those business owners also spend money.

Comment Re:Another step toward tyeanny (Score 1) 250

It's probably pretty accurate that US Dollars could find a market for quick, fairly anonymous exchange everywhere, and for this ability for rapid anonymous exchange, it's probably the most stable. It's also directly usable in a lot of countries right alongside that country's native fiat currency.

The Euro is probably readily exchanged but has not been quite as stable and is probably not usable as a local currency. Up until Brexit the British Pound was probably as stable if not more stable than the US dollar, was probably readily exchanged, but like the Euro, was not really used widely as a local currency outside of countries with strong British interest.

Comment Re:API startups (Score 1) 65

Anti-trust protection is only as good as the court decisions that challenge the perceived bad-apples.

I can see Facebook arguing that there are other social mediums out there. Hell, technically Myspace still even exists. As such they're not an actual monopoly even if they're by-far the largest player. This kind of logic is what continued to allow Microsoft to do ill, they were not the only company making an OS and software, so they were able to argue in some instances that they were not a true horizontal monopoly.

Comment Re:FU, we're Facebook (Score 1) 65

You can have friends without Facebook.

In fact, it's much more likely that your friends are actual friends if they're not based on a Facebook-enabled relationship.

I never bothered to get a Facebook account. Friendships that faded of their own accord are comfortably left faded. I make new friends with people that I actually have met. I don't worry about keeping tabs on what they're doing all of the time, that's what makes getting together with them actually fun; catching up over a beer or dinner or the like.

Comment Re:Bad guys (Score 1) 43

Well hopefully this will truly manage to save it. I've been avoiding projects hosted on it because of the problems that were reported. Maybe it's time to take a look again.

I'm just not a fan of github, seems like a lot more zeal relative to actual quality over there. And Freshmeat's dead too if I remember.

Comment Re:Bad guys (Score 1) 43

Eh. Honestly my return to Slashdot was mostly predicated by the cesspool that other general-purpose forums became after this election cycle got into swing.

I get the problem that specific-focus mediums have, there's a natural cap to growth based on the size of the market served plus the possible number of competing mediums. Unfortunately people seem to think that they can convert a medium from one subject-focus to another without understanding why the medium worked to begin with and how the attempts to change will harm the medium.

Take Slashdot, they attempted to do more than tech/geek-chic. Unfortunately all this did was to drive away a large part of the regular audience that came here specifically for the tech/geek-chic, and did not bring in fresh audience. The platform shrank rather than growing, and many of those who left probably are happy in their new mediums and won't return. The cat is out of the bag and there's no putting it back in.

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