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Comment Re:Subject to the whims and bugs of Microsoft.... (Score 1) 223

Hey, I knew people that, for reasons I never understood, got behind the .net reimplementation mono and really pushed to get everything working and to push for original development for it. Which of course made it easy to switch to a Windows platform when the new boss didn't understand Linux and demanded the change.

Comment Re:like driving a car when only the front brakes w (Score 1) 223

Hell, I've driven a car whose brake master cylinder was leaking and I had to go 30 miles with only one or two good pumps of the pedal left.

I also had a broken Windows 95 beta that required me to manually kill msgsrv32.exe as I logged-in otherwise the whole box would be inoperable in a few seconds.

Neither experience was especially pleasurable or calming.

Comment Re:Developers give great advice. (Score 1) 223

Coworkers still go on about using Putty for managing devices via SSH. I detest having to open application dialogue boxes just to type in IP addresses. If I'm chasing-down problems through multiple devices I don't want to have to break rhythm because of it.

Lately I've been playing with MobaXterm when I need to use Windows boxes. Seems pretty decent. Wish I had use of minicom so I'd have xmodem when I need to deal with devices at the console though.

Comment Re:To what end? (Score 2) 92

Yep. There are lots of ways of using data from the phones. Establish patterns of movement, and then be able to spot when movement patterns change. Spot when phones are turned of en-masse. Identify family members in order to kidnap or otherwise coerce the military person into changing behavior for one's benefit. Possibly even get lucky, if the military member uses the phone to access sensitive servers through some kind of VPN, steal their credentials.

Comment Re:Automated Post (Score 1) 402

It's also a question of people at the edge of the actual work being intelligent enough to handle the work needed to create the automation in the first place.

Every day in my job I see places where software problems make work much harder than it should be. We have a network monitoring product that can collect inventory/asset information as part of its regular function, but provides no means by which to search against or run reports against that information. Their DB is so huge that building your own external applets to query is a pain in the ass too. As a consequence people are stuck running around looking for assets come inventory-time and we're stuck helping when they start generating exception lists because they missed something.

It's extremely aggravating and it's something that should be fixable by the vendor, but they don't seem to have any interest in doing so.

Comment Re:Threshold (Score 1) 402

The people that own the machinery are not going to want to share though.

the best thing that can be done is to start tailoring school curriculum with these disruptive technologies in-mind, so that there are less people that would seek to go into doomed industries in the first place. Unfortunately that costs money and people don't want to be taxed to make that kind of budgeting available.

Comment Re:No headphone jack ... (Score 1) 205

I was using my Galaxy SII until it finally physically died. Like, would attempt to boot and would err that it could find components that are soldered on like the SIM card slot and WIFI.

I replaced it with a Kyocera Duraforce XD. It's not the absolute latest-greatest but it's a ruggedized phone that has replacable battery, microsd slot, headphone jack. Screen is big. There is a smaller version of this phone from Kyocera.

Comment Re:In this economy? (Score 2) 562

This sounds about right when I think back to the titles that my parents had. Stuff from the sixties was mostly on LP. Stuff from the seventies was a mix of LP and 8-track. Stuff from the very late seventies and eighties was on cassette.

Cassette was popular because it was small and because the physical media was reasonably durable compared to 8-track and its propensity to come apart at the glued seam. You could store at least half-again as many cassettes in the car for road trips. The audio quality wasn't the greatest but being able to have a dozen tapes in the glove compartment or center console to cycle through made up for it. It was also the first format that was easily portable, we had several knockoff-walkmans when I was a kid because it was an easy and cheap way to keep us entertained.

There is no reason to resurrect the cassette other than nostalgia. Having had to deal with tape decks in cars that ate tapes I have no problem stating that CD was much better, and solid state media is even better still for those stereos that accept flash media or USB media.

Comment Re:But I thought we were past the Luddite (Score 1) 88


I assume that you're intentionally begging the question to demonstrate the absurdity of the situation, but to answer the question anyway, flat-out, 3d printing does not offer the materials properties or speed and low-cost needed to mass-produce. It's simply inefficient to use 3d printing for volume, and the kinds of things that can be made are limited in scope. It's cheaper and the results are better to produce 100,000 plastic parts using a metal mold and injection process than it is to 3d print them.

Comment Re:Well better than some other startups. (Score 1) 88

Given that the plot for Mel Brooks' The Producers essentially revolves around this sort of thing and that Brooks and company didn't originally invent the idea themselves, I'm not exactly surprised that it's difficult to set up schemes with small-time investment. Even if everyone is above-board there are too many risks, and it would be prime grounds for dishonest people to defraud those who are least financially able to fight back against it.

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