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Comment Re:I knew it (Score 1) 94

I've logged hours, in one sitting, on Cardboard-based and Oculus-based VR systems. Cardboard does have a bit of a lag on some phones (performance isn't that great on my Galaxy S4, for example), but on a Pixel it's just fine. And Oculus is pretty smooth as well in both its Samsung phone-based iteration and the stand-alone PC-based hardware. By in large the motion sickness problems have been solved by a combination of high refresh rates, very sensitive positional data, and "blurring on movement".

Comment Re:Bullshit. (Score 1) 151

You've obviously never stayed at a Motel 6. Usually bedsheets, chairs, and room decorations are all consistent between build dates (or latest remodel years). I've been in three different Motel 6's within the last three weeks, all looked the same except for the teeniest details, such as the view out the window and the precise position of the air conditioning.

Comment Re:An "app"? How about DVD's (Score 0) 84

I have a 3 DVD out at a time plan, so I have no idea what you are talking about here.

But the 1/3 of the movies being out seems plausable. I can't say it's that much, at least in my queue, but there's some gaping holes that have developed due to lost discs (like in multi-disc TV show sets) and they don't get replenished. What's worse is I know Netflix sells a lot of their inventory through discount retailers under a white-label and the fact is that's even dwindled down to a slow trickle.

DVD is a dying format, unfortunately, and Netflix knows it.

Comment Re:And they wonder why (Score 1) 59

If it was only that simple. The real problem comes when you have an integrated device like a smartwatch that needs, say, a phone to effectively operate. You may not be able to run the same software you had two years ago: the OS on your phone may require you to run a particular version of, say, the "Phone" app that's been pushed to your device by the carrier and now your watch doesn't vibrate when you get a call.

So, the complaint that this bullshit needs to stop is valid. People aren't going to spend $200 on a watch very often to have it not work, and eventually some form of software rot will make it "not work" because it will require legacy applications to support the watch that aren't available or can't run.

For the record, Samsung's support of the Gear Live has been outright atrocious, so I'm not surprised that my Gear Live will be facing a time very soon where I have to replace it, not because the hardware is broken but because it has simply been stated obsolete. Fuck that, I'll go back to wearing a $10 Casio.

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