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Comment Re:making thinner and more apple only service take (Score 0) 86

Yeah, a long time ago in a galaxy far away when their hardware was actually different and performed graphic design rendering functions better and more efficiently than competing hardware. It is now the same, both chip and screen, making Apple just a style and price point difference.

Comment Re:What's so unpleasant about this imagery? (Score 1) 146

A truer measure of freedom of speech and democracy would be harder to find than the ability to criticize publicly the policies and actions of a government. I may not agree with your point of view but I will defend your right to voice it.

I was responding to Mir's sig file specifically but your comments are spot on.

Comment Re:Just not lie scheme and cheat ? (Score 1) 325

No I was actually thinking it was decent solution to the problem of having everything you ever said even in jest held against you. I personally think that you have a right to an opinion, and the right to express it unless you are speaking for your employer or as a representative of someone else, say like a politician, then you should be held accountable. I am a firm believer in the right to privacy and the right to anonymous publication.
I have been accused of being not PC before but really don't give a rats ass what most people think of me beyond my immediate family and loved ones. You've a right to express your opinion, even if it just reinforces the idea that you are a moron.

Comment What good old days (Score 1) 477

Do you honestly think there were gold old days ? I can always recall seeing a huge number of unhelpful, or worse downright incorrect responses given. The problem lies with the population growth, there were always a larger portion of a$$hats than helpful people it was just easier to filter them out with a smaller number of responses. The noob flaming is just as bad as it has always been as well. You just need to be careful who you trust. I generally find that good info comes in clusters, someone will post some decent suggestions and it will generate some corrections and refinements from others', while llama threads flame out quickly. The problem is that many of the very technical folks have gotten tired of the boards and either retired from the industry, or declined to participate often. Gone are the days when you find driver authors or system code writers browsing the tech forums for fun and entertainment. This place used to overflow with highly qualified sysadmins and engineers, not so many these days. Don't despair though there are still people out there that will help you if you are patient enough. What IS better these days is documentation availability, look around for a eBook or a manual on what you need, everyone has needed help at some point and they have sources they found that help at/from.

Comment Re: Malignant narcissist upset, news at 11. (Score 1) 760

I reserve the right to refer to anyone as anything, that is why this country is so great. You on the other hand seem to suffer greatly at the thought of my exercising my right to an opinion other than yours or to free speech. I do feel sad for you, it must be a grim world where everyone who doesn't echo your opinion is an enemy...

Comment Re:Malignant narcissist upset, news at 11. (Score 1, Informative) 760

But she is a man. Unless 'her' plumbing is functional rather than added as decorations 'she' is transgender male, not a female. I fully support 'her' choice to appear on the outside as whatever makes 'her' comfortable but cosmetics do not make gender, on either side.

Comment Re:love the subtle anti-brexit push (Score 1) 172

England (GB) is an island nation so the cost of many things has always been higher, American fast foods amongst them. For example compare the price of a BigMac in Hawaii or Alaska. I spent several contract terms there in the early 90's and found that the average citizen spent a larger portion of their income on basics like housing and food then in the US, even at that time. What I find odd is the currency based on sterling silver is falling in relation to a soft backed currency based on 'confidence'. Seems like someone is gaming the system. But I am not an economist so what do I know...

Comment You'd think (Score 1) 280

You would think that the first thing you would do after accepting the job as cyber security poster child would be to run out and make sure your shit was secure. Being a political appointee I would not expect Rudy J to do it himself, but at least hire someone competent to do a review for you.

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