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Comment Re:He was willing to speak in Israel at all? (Score 0) 609

"Nevermind that blacks under Apartheid enjoy more rights than they do in other African countries." It's funny how the same racist schlock gets recycled every time, isn't it? The reality is that Israel is a Jewish state and non-Jews don't enjoy even basic civil rights. It's illegal to marry outside of your own "kind"*, and non-Jews can't own land (because it can constitutionally only be sold to Jews).

*=Only Orthodox Jewish weddings are legal in Israel, civil marriages (like we have in the US) are not allowed, but can be recognized if performed abroad. Non-Jews can be married by by an officiant of their religion, but non-religious and mixed-religion couples can never marry due to anti-miscegenation laws. Just like Apartheid South Africa!

Comment Re:Why is he choosing sides on this at all? (Score 1) 609

Going back in history a bit (since there are very few analogous situations today), but imagine if during the 1980s the citizens of West Berlin had agreed to bring RMS there to speak at their own expense, and he made the decision to cross the Berlin Wall to speak to the supporters of the Soviet regime that had them surrounded by a wall. Now imagine an alternate history where West Berlin wasn't supported by the Western powers, the Berlin airlift never happened, and instead the West Berliners lived in horrible conditions and every month the East Germans bulldozed another West German city block to make room for houses to reward the most vehement and violent Socialists. Hopefully this gives you a bit of an idea of what this must feel like to the Palestinians. You have the right to be upset when you pay to bring someone to talk to you and he uses your money to give the same benefits to your oppressors.

Comment He was willing to speak in Israel at all? (Score -1, Troll) 609

It's disturbing to me that RMS, a person who has dedicated his life to freedom (even if its his outspoken view of it) would be willing to speak in Israel at all. Israel is the Apartheid South Africa of our modern era; a racist state erected by European colonists in order to oppress the people of the region, to allow those colonists to live a lifestyle fueled by the sweat and blood of racial minorities that are constitutionally prohibited from enjoying the fruits of their labor (or the sweat of their brow, for the Ayn Randians out there). Just like Apartheid South Africa, support for Israel is the key issue of our time that defines whether a person is willing to stand for freedom, justice, and the rule of law, or if they will bow to the status quo and support the ongoing commission of crimes against humanity.

While one could advance the argument that merely speaking at Israeli universities doesn't support the criminal actions of the Israeli government, the situation is analogous to the sports and academic boycott of Apartheid South Africa that occurred beginning in the 1960s. In order to end the system, we need to impress upon Israel their status as a pariah state, any sign of weakened resolve emboldens the terrorists in the Israeli government (which led to Israeli president Benjamin Netanyahu last week believing he could tell Obama that Israel had no plans to negotiate the end of the illegal military occupation of Palestinian territories). It would be one thing if RMS was going to be speaking specifically to anti-racist or anti-occupation elements, but I see no indication that this was the case.

Comment Re:"all we got" department (Score 3, Interesting) 244

The SpaceX Falcon 9 launch vehicle and Dragon spacecraft have already conducted successful orbital and reentry operations and will be performing resupply missions to the ISS this year. As you mentioned, there's also the Soyuz for crew exchange missions until the Dragon is man-rated, and both the European Space Agency and Japanese Space Agency will be operating unmanned resupply operations, in addition to the Russian Prospekt missions. The reality is that we're not suffering from any gap between our space transport needs and available capabilities, attempts to convince the American public otherwise are simply transparent cash-grabs by the military industrial complex (Boeing, Lockmart, and the other contractors that make most of their money building things that go boom), supported by Republican congressmen in love with pork.

Comment Re:Linksys Refurbished WRT610N-RM (Score 2, Informative) 344

This is the best idea, I have a Linksys WRT610Nv1 running the current DD-WRT firmware and it runs great. It has dual-simultaneous-N so you can have 802.11n networks on both the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands, and its routing throughput is excellent as well. You can also use its USB port as a NAS in DD-WRT and I think you can share some USB printers as well, which is cool.

Is That Sushi Hazardous To Your Health? 554

pdclarry writes "A recent study by scientists at the American Museum of Natural History and Columbia University found that a piece of tuna sushi may not be tuna at all: 'A piece of tuna sushi has the potential to be an endangered species, a fraud or a health hazard,' wrote the authors. 'All three of these cases were uncovered in this study.' The study, published in PLoS ONE examined 68 samples of tuna sushi purchased from 31 restaurants in Manhattan (New York City) and Denver, Colorado. Some of these were from endangered species, others were not as labeled, and some were not tuna at all. Of these last, five samples labeled as 'white tuna' were from a toxic fish, Escolar, which is a gempylid species banned for sale in Italy and Japan due to health concerns. 'It can cause gastrointestinal symptoms ranging from mild and rapid passage of oily yellow or orange droplets, to severe diarrhea with nausea and vomiting. The milder symptoms have been referred to as keriorrhea [i.e. flow of wax in Greek].' Fraud in sushi is not new; Slashdot also reported study on mislabeling in 2008. This new study shows that some sushi can actually make you sick. The study was also covered by Wired."

New Research Forecasts Global 6C Increase By End of Century 746

jamie writes with this snippet from the UK's Independent: "The world is now firmly on course for the worst-case scenario in terms of climate change, with average global temperatures rising by up to 6C by the end of the century, leading scientists said yesterday. ... [The study] found that there has been a 29 per cent increase in global CO2 emissions from fossil fuel between 2000 and 2008, the last year for which figures are available. On average, the researchers found, there was an annual increase in emissions of just over 3 per cent during the period, compared with an annual increase of 1 per cent between 1990 and 2000. Almost all of the increase this decade occurred after 2000 and resulted from the boom in the Chinese economy. The researchers predict a small decrease this year due to the recession, but further increases from 2010."

Facebook Photos Lead To Cancellation of Quebec Woman's Insurance 645

No. 24601 writes "A Quebec woman on long-term sick leave, due to a diagnosis of depression, lost her health benefits after her insurance provider found photos of her on Facebook smiling and looking cheerful at parties and out on the beach. Besides all the obvious questions, how did the insurance company access her locked Facebook profile?"

Ten Things Mobile Phones Will Make Obsolete 778

An anonymous reader writes " has an article examining ten things mobile phones will make obsolete, including phone booths, wristwatches and handheld games consoles. It's interesting to see how many devices have been absorbed into mobile phone technology, and it raises the question: are we better off having everything in one device? The author poignantly concludes that while it's great to have so much power at our fingertips, it does mean that some of us will rely on mobile phones for even basic mental tasks, which is great until the battery runs out." See also Isaac Asimov's The Feeling of Power.

Comment nVidia's chipset business is dead (Score 1) 186

There's no legitimate reason for nVidia to continue to make chipsets, and that's why they're exiting the market. SLI only requires nVidia chipsets due to driver and BIOS lockouts, the Intel X58 chipset proves that Crossfire and SLI can co-exist on a platform without any nVidia hardware whatsoever. In the integrated market both AMD and Intel have compelling onboard graphics that can scale well with the addition of one or two GPUs.

Now that AMD and Intel have competitive chipset offerings and nVidia doesn't need the chipset business to keep propping up GPU sales via SLI, there's no reason for them to keep fighting for a piece of a not very profitable market. If they exit the desktop/laptop/netbook chipset market with the current generation and refocus on GPU and embedded development, that improves their financial outlook.

It seems like nVidia is in a very precarious position right now, their GTX200-series GPUs are expensive and power-hungry compared to their AMD competitors, and it looks like AMD is going to execute a die-shrink to 40nm and an architecture change to DirectX11 with their new Evergreen GPUs approximately 6-9 months before nVidia makes a similar transition. This means that for about half a year, AMD is going to have significantly faster, more energy efficient GPUs that cost a fraction of what the comparable nVidia GPUs do to manufacture. nVidia needs to not run out of money before they manage to get their GPU out and capitalize on all their R&D investments.

Comment Professional services cost money (Score 5, Informative) 268

The computer was simply too infected to allow the Symantec software to install. This is not an abnormal occurrence. Symantec offered to have an engineer remotely access the system and clean it, which naturally costs money, since you're paying for a person's time to fix your computer, in addition to the license for the software. Symantec can't guarantee that your Windows installation isn't too badly damaged to allow their software to install, and they just offered an alternative to telling him to take the computer to be serviced. This is a non-story.

NSA Whistleblowers Reveal Extent of Eavesdropping 222

ma11achy was one of several readers to write about claims made by two former military intercept operators who worked for the NSA that "Despite pledges by President George W. Bush and American intelligence officials to the contrary, hundreds of US citizens overseas have been eavesdropped on as they called friends and family back home." Ars Technica has a brief report as well, and reader net_shaman adds a link to Glenn Greenwald's opinion piece on the eavesdropping at Salon.

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