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Comment Looks Like We're Being Slashdotted and Kotaku'd... (Score 5, Informative) 121

Hey guys. Programmer from the project here. Looks like our server is being hammered so here are some links to keep you company until our sites get back up.

Our Launch Trailer - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWt2m1xtJbw
1st Mission Preview - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7yGXHQQlps

Windows Torrent - http://diaspora.fs2downloads.com/Diaspora_R1_Windows.exe.torrent
Mac Torrent - http://diaspora.fs2downloads.com/Diaspora_R1_Mac.dmg.torrent
Linux Torrent - http://diaspora.fs2downloads.com/Diaspora_R1_Linux.tar.lzma.torrent


Submission + - Microsoft announces Surface tablet, with kickstand and fold-out keyboard (extremetech.com) 7

MrSeb writes: "At its much-discussed “big unveil” this evening, Microsoft did indeed launch a tablet — but rumors that the device would showcase a Barnes & Noble partnership were misplaced. Instead, Microsoft showed a vision for a next-gen PC that combines the portability of a tablet with a minimalistic fold-out keyboard and integrated kickstand. Microsoft’s idea for the tablet (confusingly called Surface) is a device that integrates a better keyboard option than typing on the screen without adding size or weight. That’s where the new keyboard — which doubles as a screen cover — kicks in. At 3mm thick, it adds virtually nothing to the device’s size, but it opens up a world of inputs. There are two covers available — the Touch Cover (very thin) and the Type Cover (with proper, tactile keys). Microsoft is touting the device’s magnesium body, vapor-deposited construction, full PC functionality, and additional features like being the first tablet to showcase a 2×2 MIMO wireless antenna. Windows RT (ARM) and x86 versions are both in the works, with the x86 version apparently having a higher quality screen. No word on hardware specs yet; Microsoft is claiming it “rivals the best ultrabooks” and uses less power than the Core i5. I'm a little bit dubious on that front — and also dubious about how Microsoft's hardware partners will receive this new, rather competitive offering..."

Comment They bought the wrong version (Score 1) 239

The PC version of Halo 2 is still going on strong and fine since it has a corresponding dedicated server client. I hope this illustrates to console players why dedicated servers are so important when it comes to multiplayer and why PC gamers became so indignant when Modern Warfare 2 was announced to not have dedicated servers.

Comment Re:Give that man a new job (Score 5, Informative) 266

Jeff Green used to be part of 1UP's editorial team as a former video games journalist. Very frank guy, very funny guy. Even if he gets fired from EA because of this, which I doubt, there are tons of games publications needing an accomplished and insightful editor or game publishers wanting Jeff's charisma for their public/community relations.

Comment Prosecute Vanessa Hudgens (Score 1) 1044

Remember the nude photos that she took for her boyfriend and were then leaked online? Vanessa Hudgens should be prosecuted for manufacturing and distributing child pornography. If the government is going to ruin the lives of no-named teenagers, might as well be fair and go after the rich and famous.

Comment Re:Weird priorities.... (Score 1) 523

Also, WTF is a "Gaming keyboard"? Last I checked, most games are built to respond to keystrokes on a normal keyboard. As for macros, why not do it in software? If it's to foil the game's anti-cheat mechanism, wouldn't this then be considered cheating? Is WASD really that hard to use?

A lot of regular use keyboards have trouble with rollover, meaning when multiple keys are pressed, all of the keypresses do not register. Gaming keyboards usually are designed to not do that which is very important when playing games which require a lot of simultaneous keypresses.


Submission + - Soliders Bond With Bots, Take Them Fishing

HarryCaul writes: Soldiers are finding themselves becoming more and more attached to their robotic helpers. During one test of a mine clearing robot, "every time it found a mine, blew it up and lost a limb, it picked itself up and readjusted to move forward on its remaining legs, continuing to clear a path through the minefield." The man in charge halted the test, though- "He just could not stand the pathos of watching the burned, scarred and crippled machine drag itself forward on its last leg. This test, he charged, was inhumane." Sometimes the soldiers even take their metallic companions fishing. Is there more sympathy for Robot Rights than previously suspected?

Submission + - Google violating "Don't be Evil" motto?

ihuntrocks writes: "Search engine giant Google, along with several other large companies purchase their server systems from Dell. The catch: Dell doesn't do the work on them. Instead, it is contracted out to another company, which only hires temporary employees, the majority of which have no technical background whatsoever. This company also largely does not supervise these inexperienced employees, but rather leaves that task to other temporary employees (who may also have no technical knowledge). This often times leads to misconfiguration of things, like Google servers, or sometimes worse: systems leaving the warehouse completely blank. This lack of supervision and technical background allow employees to bypass the quality control checking and additional auditing on these systems and make such errors, often times with impunity when this is discovered by the company. I also believe, as an IS professional, that companies like the one contracted by Dell hurt trained and experienced IT/IS professionals by offering jobs like this to temporary employees only, for near poverty scale wages. These temporary employees are often hired at the end of the quarter, when Dell places things on sale, to meet the volume demand, and are then laid off until needed again. Are companies like Google hurting IT/IS professionals by allowing their work (perhaps unknowingly) to be done by companies like this? What do the members of the Slashdot community think should be done about this by companies like Google, if anything, and what should we, as IT/IS professionals do to preserve quality of work and competitive wages when faced with issues like this?"

Submission + - Why Closed Source Software is good

neax writes: I am talking to a group of students regarding the differences between closed and open source software, and the different business models that they use. In particular, I am wanting more information regarding Closed Source software and the business models they use and why they are good, and was wondering it you have any interesting advice or links to assist me in providing the students with all the information....and stuff that is interesting/ funny to use as examples. I am primarily interested in looking for information around why closed source is a good and viable option, rather than from the perspective of why open source is good, because this argument has been rehashed numerous times (go easy on the flamebait please!)

Submission + - Wikipedia admins go on rampage

joeszilagyi writes: After their passwords got cracked: At least four different Wikipedia administrators have had their weak passwords taken in the past 24 hours. They deleted the home page repeatedly, and one person even put Tubgirl on the "Site notice", which is a global header for all of en.wikipedia.org. How did it happen? Weak logon security measures — there is no CAPTCHA; crappy passwords, and on top of that, while there is an encrypted SSL logon page, it's hard to find. The scariest thing is that people with passwords of "password" are entrusted as sysops and administrators on one of the Top 10 websites on Earth. They even blocked Jimbo Wales repeatedly from his own website!

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